Composer Coffee Break 1

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The first session was on Mon 16th March 2020 – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:57:37 From Michael Price : Hi Everyone!
14:57:45 From Nick Hill : Hi
14:57:48 From Lucy To All Panelists : hello!
14:57:48 From Michael Price : We’ll be starting at 3pm on the dot
14:57:50 From Michael Langley To All Panelists : hi there
14:57:51 From Mirela Nita To All Panelists : Hello, helloooo!!!
14:57:53 From Andrea Williams To All Panelists : Hello!
14:58:02 From Michael Price : And the wonderful Hannah Peel has volunteered to co-host with me.
14:58:15 From Trudi Flynn To All Panelists : Hello
14:58:31 From Lucy To All Panelists : Thank you for this webinar.
14:58:33 From Barney Ashworth To All Panelists : Hi!
14:58:48 From Andrew Reaver : Hey!
14:59:00 From Michael Price : Hi everyone – I can see some old friends there
14:59:02 From Michael Price : Welcome!
14:59:03 From Catherine Hillier To All Panelists : Hello!
14:59:10 From Igor Longhi To All Panelists : Hi All
14:59:14 From ashutosh sohoni : Hello!
14:59:18 From Alberto Sueri : Hi everyone!
14:59:21 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : Hey!
14:59:24 From Thomas Wanless To All Panelists : Hi everybody!
14:59:25 From Kim Halliday To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
14:59:27 From Igor Longhi To All Panelists : First time for me
14:59:41 From Mike To All Panelists : Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for this Michael!
14:59:44 From Richard Hellgren To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
14:59:47 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : Michael are you supposed to be able to hear us?!
14:59:50 From Jo Ranger To All Panelists : Hey guys!
14:59:51 From Mary-Jess Leaverland : Hello everyone! Great to see you again Michael!
14:59:59 From Amin Alian To All Panelists : hi
15:00:11 From Michael Price : And we have the amazing Segun Akinola too
15:00:20 From Stefan Henrico To All Panelists : Hi all!
15:00:33 From Amin Alian To All Panelists : how are you?
15:00:34 From Andrea Williams To All Panelists : Hahaha 😷
15:00:37 From Rob Knight To All Panelists : hi all
15:00:42 From Doug Heaton To All Panelists : Hi Michael!
15:00:46 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : hi Michael!
15:01:42 From James Hepher To All Panelists : Hello! Looking forward to listening to everyone
15:02:08 From Rob Knight : hi all
15:02:17 From Nick Holywell-Walker To All Panelists : Hello. 🙂
15:02:17 From Izzy Flynn : Hi all!
15:02:19 From Gareth Davies : Afternoon all!
15:02:23 From Wesley Wong : Hi Everyone!
15:02:24 From Jo Ranger : Ah yes, changed it to that. Hey everyone!
15:02:30 From Lucy : Hi everyone!
15:02:35 From Frans Bak To All Panelists : Hi from Denmark
15:02:38 From Giles Thornton : Hello!
15:02:45 From DOMINIC DAWSON : Hi Everyone!
15:02:46 From Sophie Lloyd : Hi everyone!
15:02:48 From Octavia Romano To All Panelists : Ok 🙂
15:02:53 From ARSEN BADERKHAN : Hi all, Hi Michael! Thanks for inviting
15:02:54 From Danai Kokogia To All Panelists : Hey all!
15:03:04 From Adri Mena : Hi all!
15:03:06 From Cecilia Muylaert To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
15:03:07 From Laura Iredale : Hi!
15:03:42 From Jesper Hansen : Hello from Denmark
15:03:58 From Mike : Ouch!
15:04:01 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : no way?????
15:04:05 From Mary-Jess Leaverland : Giddy aunt!!!
15:04:08 From Andrea Williams To All Panelists : Yikes!
15:04:09 From Giles Thornton : Jesus Christ!
15:04:11 From Grégoire Vaillant To All Panelists : Hi from france ! 🇫🇷
15:04:12 From Catherine Hillier : oh lordy!!
15:04:14 From Thomas Wanless : Oops
15:04:21 From Lucy : Google hangouts?
15:04:22 From Quentin Leonetti To All Panelists : Google Hangouts?
15:04:27 From Frans Bak To All Panelists : we can afford it together:)
15:04:39 From Quentin Leonetti To All Panelists : Zoom is expensive but it works great
15:04:55 From Stefan Henrico : Google hangouts is a good alternative to zoom
15:04:59 From Allison Dettloff : My university is planning on using Zoom so they’ve not found anything better
15:05:16 From Jonny Colgan : Hello all 🙂
15:05:16 From Quentin Leonetti : I wonder if you could do it using Discord
15:05:23 From Jo Ranger : Zoom seems to be what people are using for teaching, but not sure if it’s the best for simple chatting
15:08:22 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : the strangest and the hardest situation for all who are making films
15:09:07 From Jordan Killiard : hi all. I’m not working today, as I’m on daddy day care after one of my kids started having a temperature yesterday! Currently multitasking.
15:09:08 From Stefan Henrico : I’m from South Africa.. there’s a ban on travel from high risks going into effect this week.
15:09:12 From Elliot Nicklin : SA has indeed restricted UK and US flights among others
15:09:57 From James Hepher : Dammm! That chair looks comfy! Lots of theatres are closing and stopping productions as well, I’ve even seem podcasts stopping productions
15:10:45 From Jonny Colgan : Hey Hannah, how’s the atmosphere in NI? I’ve been keeping in touch with my parents in Belfast, bit concerned!
15:13:12 From Hannah Peel To All Panelists : Hi! Its weirdly cute relaxed considering EIRE has closed schools etc.. pubs close from tonight at 9pm so that might change things. Hope your parent are well
15:14:59 From James Hepher : If we’re all in the same boat, in isolation, do you think that the community might migrate to looking online rather than at events that are all being cancelled?
15:15:00 From Giles Thornton : Weekly/Monthly call would be amazing!
15:15:05 From Izzy Flynn : thank you Michael, very kind!
15:15:16 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : Greetings from Cork! (Republic of Ireland)! x
15:15:38 From Cecilia Muylaert To All Panelists : yes, a weekly/monthly call would indeed be amazing!
15:16:36 From Jo Ranger : That’s a particularly good question Catherine! Certainly curious what people think myself
15:17:27 From Kim Halliday : I’ve always been both a composer and an artist. I’m really happy to work with other musicians, but I’ve been releasing material as an artist for a long time now.
15:18:04 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : I’m dying to do an assistantship. in Ireland here there are a lot of independent gigs but when it comes to bigger scale work, I definitely wouldn’t have a clue. Willing to move country to get the experience but don’t know where to look 🙁
15:19:14 From Elliot Nicklin : The distinction between composer and artist is super interesting to me – or whether there needs to be a distinction anymore at all. Both ‘personas’ are compatible with each other now as one unified package. The ‘artist’ persona is a big draw I think now for directors looking for USPS in their composers
15:20:11 From Catherine Hillier : Thank you Michael, really appreciating this insight!
15:20:31 From Akos Lustyik : RCM is still doing that 🙂
15:20:45 From Jo Ranger : How important do people think “performing” is a part of being an artist and composer? Does an artist need to perform?
15:21:53 From Rob Knight : ad agencies and their ilk love “new” artists even if that’s under a new pseudonym 😉
15:21:56 From Helen Lynch : loving this session. hello everyone! Getting work but trying to decide whether to go to the U.K. for a masters in the area and let the work drop for a while or just try and get an internship somewhere short term before applying for a masters. I’ve a fair few music qualifications but the only scoring masters here in Ireland moved to Bulgaria!
15:22:50 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : the main and the first also just love making music)
15:23:32 From Neil Myers : With regards to your first point Michael, I agree and think communication is key but most other aspects of the industry rely equally on communication and meetings, how do you think these people will adapt from pre and production perspectives, inevitably this will have an effect for composers.
But i agree with meeting in a room, but the language barrier musicians face ironically in my opinion requires more communication, and like yourself have spent years cultivating and insisting on meetings.

There’s also an additional issue with not meeting and that is creating new contacts, and cultivating relationships, obviously social media helps but it becomes more of a number’s game.
15:23:38 From Jonny Colgan : Thanks a mill guys for your insight into this!
15:23:46 From Octavia Romano : HI!
15:23:50 From Octavia Romano : all good
15:24:16 From Paul MacAlindin : indeed
15:25:25 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : I know this story))
15:25:48 From Danai Kokogia : Helen Lynch If you’re already getting work, stick with it and look for an internship. Don’t worry too much about a masters. I got mine from RCM and it was great in terms of getting live sessions with musicians but it won’t add much in terms of your compositional abilities or networking which are, in my opinion, the most important things you need to build a career. Best of luck either way 🙂
15:28:53 From Catherine Hillier : I’m in a similar situ to Helen, considering a masters as really struggling to find experience and internships! Since leaving uni, I’ve been very active in networking at every opportunity I get, whilst working on my own music when I can but I feel my lack of experience is the reason I’m not able to make a step forward, It seems like a very frustrating cycle and can be quite deflating!
15:29:40 From Mary-Jess Leaverland : Yes get a dog!! They are the best!!
15:29:41 From Nick Holywell-Walker : I’m with you, I need a studio dog.
15:29:51 From Nick Hill : Studio cats 😉
15:29:55 From Dimitri Chatzigiannakis : Hannah I was in that position as well! But i do have 2 dogs and 3 cats 🙂
15:30:07 From Laura Iredale : Danai, that’s really good to hear as I considered doing a masters following my music degree but decided on doing course at Abbey Road Institute instead – to focus on production quality of my music and have found it maybe more impactful and industry specific!
15:30:28 From Dimitri Chatzigiannakis : Greetings from Greece guys!!!!!
15:30:33 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : I’ve a studio cat. also a teacher so she only likes to hear students play piano rather than guitar or violin :p would love to get a studio dog.
15:30:33 From Thomas George To All Panelists : I have no studio dog 🙁 just my Star Wars collection haha
15:30:56 From Sophie Lloyd : Hi Michael, got to head off, pretty tight schedule! This has been such a great opportunity to be part of, I’ve learnt a lot of valuable points already – thank you so much! Looking forward to catching up soon 🙂
15:31:49 From Danai Kokogia : Catherine do consider a masters if you need to get some experience, it’ll be really useful for you. Helen mentioned she was getting work which I think is amazing and she should keep the projects flowing rather than stop working and start a degree. It really depends on the situation. But of course, I’m no pro myself so take my words with a pinch of salt 🙂
15:32:52 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : greetings dimitri! and thanks Danai – I was considering applying to RCM but the audition process looks a little odd. I’ve a friend in NFTS too. thanks for the advice and words of encouragement. @catherine it’s rough but speak to loads of indie filmmakers who want to enter into festivals. it helps because they all talk to each other!! I was thinking thinkspace for a masters but they seem very specific to a certain area of media.
15:32:55 From Danai Kokogia : Laura, I wish I’d done the same!
15:33:08 From Joao Goncalves To All Panelists : Is IMDB super essencial? I have worked on a few productions that weren’t added to IMDB (I’m from Portugal, Madeira Islands and living in Belfast).
15:34:43 From Kim Halliday : Have you had any success in getting involved in productions earlier? I’ve tried to do that with mixed success (to say the least) but I wonder if anyone has managed it?
15:34:44 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : good choice Michael!
15:34:51 From Catherine Hillier : Thank you Danai, really helpful advice! I’ve got a few open days booked up so definitely going to see what’s out there! Also, I think doing a course now whilst I’m still used to studying may be a good idea! Thanks so much 🙂
15:36:21 From Danai Kokogia : Best of luck Catherine!
15:36:31 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : Good to know about family. a summer course I was on last year, every person running it was either single or divorced.
15:38:32 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : @segun I heard that too. He stops work at 5 and makes time for family. I’m beginning to make a schedule because working through the night takes its toll on the body.
15:39:48 From Lucy : this is a great webinar
15:40:04 From Tommaso Ermolli To All Panelists : Tommaso from Italy, here 🙂
15:40:11 From Tommaso Ermolli To All Panelists : Thanks Michael for this!!
15:40:20 From Jayla Damaris To All Panelists : Yes Lucy! I’m looking forward to the recording as well
15:40:23 From Jim Lane To All Panelists : Greetings from Northern Virginia, thank you for doing this
15:44:27 From Barney Ashworth : Lovely! Thank You!
15:51:13 From Giles Thornton : This has been an invaluable webinar- fantastic!!
15:52:01 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : Very generous of you, Hannah! 😄
15:53:11 From Michael Langley : yay!!!
15:53:23 From Mirela Nita To All Panelists : Thank you so much for this webinar. It was absolutely brilliant & I look forward to more of this!
15:53:30 From Hannah Peel To All Panelists : Here is the email for any music you think is suitable on the Night Tracks Radio 3 show. Please do check out the show first to see if your music fits for nocturnal listening 😉
15:53:37 From Hannah Peel To All Panelists :
15:53:47 From Mike : I have to fly. Thanks so much to the three of you, this has been very interesting, and I’d certainly be interested in the ‘collaborator group’ idea.
15:54:18 From Rob Knight To All Panelists : happy to throw in some cash Michael if it’s helps this being funded..if we all contributed a couple of pounds we can cover the costs!
15:54:34 From Michael Price : Here is the email for any music you think is suitable on the Night Tracks Radio 3 show. Please do check out the show first to see if your music fits for nocturnal listening ;-)
15:54:46 From Barney Ashworth : As a ‘wellness’ book. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Superb and very easy read, especially helpful for mental wellbeing when performing live
15:56:48 From Joao Goncalves To All Panelists : No way! I’m also in NI
15:58:01 From Pete Brazier : this was great michael
15:58:09 From Giles Thornton : Thats amazing- thank you all! 🙂
15:58:13 From Victor Hugo Fumagalli To All Panelists : Thanks a lot for this Michael, Segun and Hannah. unfortunately for me time to go. again thanks a lot very nice to hear from you. best wishes
15:58:23 From Stefan Henrico : Really enjoyed this, thanks so much!
15:58:23 From Nick Skachkov To All Panelists : it was good to see you!
15:58:24 From Kim Halliday : @hallidayk
15:58:29 From Lars Johansen : @iwarhead
15:58:32 From Simon Poole : @SimonPooleMusic
15:58:32 From Quentin Leonetti :
15:58:33 From Jayla Damaris To All Panelists : thank you for your time and expertise! So valueable!
15:58:33 From Kim Halliday : @unpleasantvilleuk
15:58:34 From Jo Ranger : This was great thanks! @thejoranger
15:58:35 From Jonny Colgan : This has been so good. Thanks again!
15:58:37 From Octavia Romano : @octaviaromano
15:58:39 From ARSEN BADERKHAN :
15:58:40 From Jakob Lindhagen : Thank you so much for this – really enjoyed it!
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15:58:42 From Tom Gray : @mrtomgray for your sins
15:58:43 From Andrew Reaver : @andredcv
15:58:43 From Neil Myers :
15:58:50 From Peter Roos To All Panelists : I have to run to another call … thanks very much for hosting this. Looking forward to another call. Cheers, Peter.
15:58:50 From Thomas George To All Panelists : thanks so much everybody. @tlatwuk on Twitter and also Insta cheers!
15:58:52 From Dimitri Chatzigiannakis :
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15:58:56 From Andrea Williams : Thanks all, great webinar!
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15:59:05 From Michael Langley : thanks so much Michael, really enjoyed it… it was like therapy!
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15:59:27 From Peter Roos To All Panelists : Cheers from sunny CA … see you next time.
15:59:32 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : thanks everyone. this was fun!
15:59:35 From Michael Langley :
15:59:37 From Honor 10 Lite To All Panelists : Thank you, Michael! Thank you, people!
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15:59:44 From Zara Nunn : @zaranunn thanks so much everyone. An hour really well spent. Would love to join another one. Cheers.
15:59:46 From David Gana To All Panelists : Thanks a lot!!
15:59:46 From Andy Jenkinson To All Panelists : Thanks all. Very interesting.
15:59:48 From Gareth Davies : I’m at
15:59:50 From Jonny Colgan : @jcolgan_ Would be lovely to connect and keep this community going 🙂
15:59:52 From Leila Mussayeva : Thank you so much!
15:59:54 From Gareth Davies : @garethsounds on the socials
15:59:57 From Catherine Hillier : this has been wonderful! thank you all! @catherine_hillier
15:59:59 From Jordan Killiard : Thanks all! @killiard on twitter. Looking forward to the next one.
15:59:59 From Andrew Reaver : Thank you for this seminar!
16:00:01 From Kim Halliday : Thank you !
16:00:02 From Neil Myers : Thanks guys!
16:00:03 From Wesley Wong : Thank you!
16:00:05 From Octavia Romano : thanks!!
16:00:05 From Adriano Aponte : Thanks a lot for this Michael @adriano.aponte
16:00:06 From Thomas Wanless : Woo thanks!
16:00:06 From Elliot Nicklin : Thanks so much gang, this is invaluable. Be well one and all and look after each other.
16:00:08 From Tom Kinsella : Thanks everyone!
16:00:09 From Pete Brazier : defo do a fb group for people in this webinar each time as the text is flying past ! x
16:00:10 From Akos Lustyik : Thank you all!
16:00:10 From Gareth Davies : Thanks for a great session
16:00:10 From Rob Knight To All Panelists : thanks everyone!
16:00:10 From Barney Ashworth : Thank You!
16:00:10 From Grégoire Vaillant : Thank you !
16:00:12 From ARSEN BADERKHAN : Thank you 🙂
16:00:12 From Adri Mena : Thank u guys!
16:00:13 From Wesley Wong : See you soon!
16:00:14 From Vlada Kupriyanova To All Panelists : Thank you ). Cheers
16:00:14 From Dimitri Chatzigiannakis : bb
16:00:14 From James Hepher : Thank you so much. it has been so hopeful!
16:00:15 From Tom Gray : Thanks all. Lovely, thoughtful humans all.