Composer Coffee Break 10

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 10th session was on Mon 25th May 2020, with Oli Julian, Jon Opstad & Amelia Warner – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:57:57 From Anthony White : Good afternoon Michael et al!
14:57:57 From Archie Wingate : Morning…Afternoon everyone
14:58:09 From Dan Watts : Happy bank holiday all!
14:58:10 From Benjamin McMillan : Hello!
14:58:14 From Sarah McQuaid : Afternoon!
14:58:19 From Rich de Whittaker : g morning
14:58:23 From Catherine Hillier : Hello everyone!
14:58:24 From Jim Fowler : Hi all
14:58:30 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn To All Panelists : Hi
14:58:30 From Charlie Jefferson : Hello 🙂
14:58:33 From Carolyn Wall : Good afternoon all!
14:58:33 From Mau Loseto : Hi everybody!
14:58:34 From Remco den Hollander To All Panelists : Hi from Holland
14:58:41 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : Hello!
14:58:49 From Remco den Hollander : great
14:59:04 From Matthew Jones : Hello everyone!
14:59:12 From Owain Roberts : Hello everyone! What a beaut of a day!
14:59:21 From Matthew Jones : Fantastic day Owain
14:59:30 From Udit Prakash To All Panelists : hello
14:59:34 From Jayla Damaris To All Panelists : Good morning from Toronto 🙂 It’s sunny and warm here too!
14:59:36 From Aditya N. : Hello everyone 🙂
14:59:36 From Ben Mowat : Hi there
14:59:37 From Richard Causon To All Panelists : Hi all!
14:59:41 From Matthew Jones : Curtains closed, locked away in the dark lol
14:59:42 From Francesco La Porta To All Panelists : Hello there!
14:59:42 From Will Lyons : Hello!
14:59:46 From David Pinching : Hello
14:59:47 From Megan Cunnington : hello 🙂
14:59:57 From Jayla Damaris : Good morning from Toronto 🙂 It’s sunny and warm here too!
14:59:59 From Szandra : Hello Everyone 🙂
15:00:01 From Anna Neale : hello!
15:00:07 From Katy Jackson : hi all! 🙂
15:00:08 From Sonia Kiang : Hello Michael! Hello everyone!
15:00:27 From Xenia Horne : Hello from Norwich
15:00:29 From Anna Neale : I miss Toronto!
15:00:34 From Carolyn Wall : I like your teddy!
15:00:42 From Nayantara Bhatkal To All Panelists : Good evening from warm Bombay! Great to be here 🙂
15:00:42 From Anna Neale : Woking isn’t as glamorous…😂
15:01:03 From Matthew Jones : Still neatly folded 😀
15:01:04 From Helen Lynch : Afternoon all, from sunny Cork! 🙂
15:01:08 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Hello everyone!
15:01:08 From Katy Jackson : hehe good thanks
15:01:12 From Izzy Flynn : Hey Michael! hope you’re well!
15:01:12 From Simon Poole : The Floordrobe
15:01:13 From Anthony White : Hi @Xenia Horne 👋🏻
15:01:16 From stuartpeck : Hello everyone!
15:01:21 From Matthew Jones : Hahaha, floordrobe
15:01:24 From DIE HEXEN : Hello again from Belfast!
15:01:30 From Xenia Horne : 👌
15:01:33 From James Hepher : Made it!
15:01:37 From Sarah McQuaid : Yes, the teddy is very cute.
15:01:42 From Peter Flint : Hi all from Leicester
15:01:43 From Tales Manfrinato : Hello from São Paulo – Brazil
15:01:46 From Rosemary Armstrong : Hi everyone from Scotland..
15:02:02 From Sarah McQuaid : And hello to everyone from sunny West Cornwall …
15:02:05 From Peter Flint : Good to see someone looking after the pile of laundry
15:02:05 From Xenia Horne : bom dia Tales
15:02:09 From Raphael Costa To All Panelists : Good morning everyone. Here from LA
15:02:11 From Nicholas Escobar : Hello everyone from Philadelphia!
15:02:13 From Matthew Jones : Ooooh Cornwall would be good right about now!
15:02:14 From Alok Kotian To All Panelists : Hello everyone, from India
15:02:20 From Richard Causon : Hi all, now to attendees too!
15:02:21 From Dominique Charpentier : hello from Provence!
15:02:21 From Doug Heaton : Greetings all – happy Monday!
15:02:26 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : Hello, from Spain
15:02:31 From Raphael Costa : Hello everyone from LA
15:02:31 From Sarah McQuaid : It’s rather nice. Provence sounds nice, too …
15:02:36 From Ethan Jeffrey : Hey everyone!
15:02:36 From Izzy Flynn : tell a joke!
15:02:37 From Michelle Wilson To All Panelists : hello from Washington DC!
15:02:40 From Xenia Horne : Bonjour Dominique
15:02:40 From Lorna Mccorkell : Hi from sunny Belfast 🙂
15:02:42 From Tales Manfrinato : Xenia! Alguém falando português. Cheers
15:02:43 From Matthew Jones : London is sunny, bright and humid. Could do with the countryside!
15:02:45 From Doug Heaton : In that case hi from Finland!
15:02:46 From Remco den Hollander : hi from antarctica
15:02:46 From DIE HEXEN : Hi from MARS!
15:02:52 From Rich de Whittaker : hi from Bermuda again
15:02:57 From Christine Clavering : hi from Lancashire
15:02:58 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : Another flynn
15:03:11 From Udit Prakash To All Panelists : Hello from India
15:03:44 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : Hi from Lewisham
15:03:59 From Udit Prakash : sure!
15:04:17 From Udit Prakash : Hello from India
15:05:34 From Dan Watts : Big up the Yorkshire massive!
15:05:54 From John Rushton : Ayup all
15:05:59 From Simon Woodgate : HI all
15:06:02 From Xenia Horne : my daughter is in Sheffield too.. fantastic city
15:06:39 From Darryl O’Donovan To All Panelists : Hello there
15:07:20 From Danai Kokogia To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:07:29 From Danai Kokogia : Hi everyone!
15:07:33 From Richard Wilkinson : HS2 will make Manc, B’ham etc even more viable
15:07:52 From Richard Wilkinson : Nice weekend to be living in Brighton tho 😀
15:08:10 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : What events do you recommend
15:08:29 From Vikki Flawith To All Panelists : hi everyone from west coast of Canada <3
15:09:21 From Vikki Flawith : hi everyone from west coast of Canada <3
15:09:22 From Anna Neale : doesn’t matter where you are, they still find you…😬
15:09:50 From Anna Neale : not even the sound proof door is working in my house…😭
15:10:31 From Charles Gaskell : is it brick-built?
15:10:50 From Helen Lynch : I just got my own space in the house. feels weird not commuting I’ve to force myself to sit still sometimes. Decking it out at the moment 🙂
15:11:22 From Anna Neale : yes, can sympathise with the forcing yourself to sit
15:11:43 From Udit Prakash : hi
15:12:21 From Jianguo Wan To All Panelists : Hi everyone, Jianguo is here,glad to see you, Im film composer,conductor
15:12:37 From Catherine Hillier : hahaha that is fantastic!
15:12:38 From Remco den Hollander : terrible mother, hahahaha
15:12:49 From Ethan Jeffrey : amazing haha!
15:12:59 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : Millie is looking beautiful
15:13:21 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : Congratulated her for her amazing work!
15:13:35 From Helen Lynch : @anna totally 🙂 Sitting in it for the first time today. it was my instrumental teaching room so it hit me a while ago that it’s now becoming a studio.
15:14:19 From Mark Ayres : 🙂 !!
15:15:07 From Udit Prakash : 🙂
15:15:13 From Charles Gaskell : writing uncomplicated music with pen and paper can be a challenge
15:15:13 From Anna Neale : it’s an amazing feeling @Helen, but also an open invite to procrastinate more…!!
15:16:06 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : @anna I’ve my DAW open next to me so being on zoom on the iPad I feel a little guilty of it haha 🙂
15:16:07 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : This is for Amelia Warner. If she could be congratulated for her wonderful work, it would be great. I have listened to several of her interviews, and I was wondering if she could explain in more detail what her work consists of. Regarding her EPs, is she the one who writes the scores for all the instruments that are playing in her tracks (cello, piano, saxophone)? How is the recording process? Does she attend and the musicians play her scores? Thanks in advance. 😊
15:16:23 From John Rushton : Moved from the loft to the Garden. Felt a little odd at first but really love it now having my studio space separate from the house.
15:18:38 From Sarah McQuaid : It’s a lovely green.
15:18:39 From Archie Wingate : 👌
15:18:42 From Andrew Joy : bit too dark
15:18:49 From Richard Wilkinson : I’ve got a grey-green studio and I love it
15:18:52 From Richard Wilkinson : Plenty of plants
15:18:56 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : depends on the direction the room is facing. 🙂
15:18:57 From Matthew Jones : Farrow and Ball, always the way. It’s a nice green 😀
15:19:03 From David Pinching : Need some good lighting
15:19:34 From David Pinching : Mood lighting
15:20:41 From Vikki Flawith : I need a lava lamp for my studio 😛
15:21:27 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : Pick me 🙂
15:21:27 From Udit Prakash : I am in love with these smart philips light bulbs
15:21:28 From Peter Flint : Lava lamps are the best!
15:22:06 From Anna Neale : same here with piano, guitars all fine…piano needs someone who can play it really well!
15:22:18 From Richard Wilkinson : My studio is covered with hue lamps. Love ‘em! Great for getting into different mood-spaces
15:24:17 From Alex Kozobolis : [ oh my gosh … Slow Moving Millie – used to love Beasts .. haven’t heard it for yeaaaars , must re-listen ]
15:26:43 From Xenia Horne : love the honesty and truth here !
15:34:04 From James Hepher : I’m glad it’s not just me!
15:34:19 From Anna Neale : yep me too, I’m a story teller
15:34:32 From Christine Clavering : love My Sanctuary from Mary Shelley
15:35:03 From Xenia Horne : ditto..a modern minstrel with my Harps!
15:35:21 From Rosemary Armstrong : Perhaps I now need to listen to the story the next time I meditate to Mum’s list…thanks Amelia.
15:36:46 From Anthony White : I really love this storytelling aspect!
15:36:52 From Emília Ramos To All Panelists : Amelia, do you have any work ahead of you? Or new EP?
15:37:07 From Ian Williams : If you come from the artist background you pretty much need to promote yourself and have a social media presence because you’re promoting your music, which is bound up in your own presence.
15:37:32 From Remco den Hollander : 2 questions: I’m on the library site Artlist, my first solo album is coming out this fall, did 3 short films that haven’t came out yet. But what is the best to get out there to potential clients, and where can i find new. Or is it good to make own music to scenes from familiar films?
15:37:48 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : Question to everyone
15:37:55 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : How did you find your first screen job?
15:38:01 From Eleanor Westgarth-Flynn : Through libraries?
15:39:09 From Xenia Horne : Eleanor my only screen work has been through recommendation to date…ie colleagues thinking of me
15:39:19 From Richard Wilkinson : And 90% arguments
15:40:04 From Dan Watts : @Richard Oh no it isn’t!
15:40:08 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : This one is for Millie, I have seen some of your posts on instagram, and you share some beautiful landscapes. You get inspiration from that to write your music?
15:40:12 From Richard Wilkinson : 😀
15:40:32 From David Pinching : :o)
15:43:29 From Catherine Hillier : Thinking of applying for a masters at NFTS…
15:44:01 From Matthew Jones : If we had out masters from a different place that isn’t NFTS, what’s our chance of becoming an assistant? After a year of emails, nothing as of yet
15:44:26 From Helen Lynch : @catherine I’m thinking of moving to the U.K. to do the same 😀
15:47:15 From Ilse Hendriksen To All Panelists : When will your EP be released, Millie?
15:47:27 From Helen Lynch : Wayhay! Go Ireland :p hehe. not biased, you understand.
15:47:44 From Helen Lynch : I went to windmill for college 🙂
15:47:56 From Jonny Colgan : Windmill is a great spot!
15:48:02 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : ha ha! Totally understandable…😉
15:48:21 From Anna Neale : ha ha! Totally understandable…😉
15:49:07 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : can’t wait for your new EP Amelia
15:49:19 From Catherine Hillier : @helen oh awesome! 🙂
15:50:13 From Rosemary Armstrong : You’ve got to follow your passion…
15:51:04 From Tom Kilworth To All Panelists : do you guys have any advice for those taking part in the Westworld scoring competition?
15:51:41 From Charles Gaskell : Do people know of ex-composers that gave up when they had kids and needed the comfort of a regular income?
15:52:22 From Tom Kilworth : (to all now)
15:52:25 From Tom Kilworth : do you guys have any advice for those taking part in the Westworld scoring competition?
15:52:51 From Simon Woodgate To All Panelists : I took two years off when my son was born
15:53:00 From Darryl O’Donovan : Do it for yourself, so that you get something out of it even if you don’t win
15:53:12 From Tom Kilworth : For sure 👍
15:53:12 From Darryl O’Donovan : Whether it’s portfolio piece, or learning something new
15:53:14 From Simon Woodgate : I took two years off when my son was born
15:53:39 From Xenia Horne : my kids are now grown up but I managed to build gigs to keep income coming in and Tenby
15:53:39 From Charles Gaskell : @Tom, pick and listen to 10 entries at random (3000+ to chose from!) and do the opposite
15:53:42 From DIE HEXEN : Hey @Tom Kilworth The genre change is a bit confusing, did not think Wagner went with the original….What do you think?
15:53:51 From Tom Kilworth : On the kids front, I have three under 6 years old and it’s hard, but manageable
15:54:04 From Xenia Horne : oops then more theatre work and touring
15:54:27 From David Pinching : Agreeing with Charles G
15:54:28 From Tom Kilworth : yeah, the Wagner music did not fit to my ear. I had to visit the wiki for the genre moment
15:54:33 From Charles Gaskell : @Darryl, good advice!
15:55:43 From Matthew Jones : Congratulations!
15:55:45 From DIE HEXEN : @Tom Kilworth The idea was clever but the picture and edit did not work with it. It’s veering on comedy? Very confusing lol
15:56:00 From Carolyn Wall : We Hunt the ???
15:56:06 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : I can’t wait to hear Millie’s new EP! she posted a little snippet some months ago and I was totally AMAZED!
15:56:19 From Charles Gaskell : The interesting thing about the Wagner is that the music only hit two hit points really
15:56:41 From Anthony White : We Hunt Together, I think @Carolyn
15:56:42 From Matthew Jones : The Wagner moment was very strange
15:56:49 From Matthew Jones : Didn’t fit at all
15:56:52 From Sebastian Szwarc : I love film music too <3 but nowadays so many tunes sound similar to each other 🙁
15:56:59 From Carolyn Wall : Thanks @Anthony
15:57:11 From Darryl O’Donovan : the fact that Wagner doesn’t work that well makes it a lot easier to rescore… If it was perfect we’d be screwed
15:57:16 From Anthony White : 👍🏻
15:57:34 From Catherine Hillier : You have out that so well Amelia
15:57:35 From James Hepher : @Sebastain Szwarc Blame temp scores…
15:57:35 From Sarah McQuaid : I’ve been a full-time musician & songwriter since my kids were 2 and 4, and they’re 15 and 16 (going on 17) now – mind you it helps that my husband is an artist (visual that is) so he’s home to look after them when I’m away on tour. Yes, we’re broke and couldn’t manage without tax credits, but I’ve actually been able to spend a lot more time with my kids than I would have done if I’d had a “real job”. Also totally agree with what Amelia has just said about wanting to set example for her daughters of doing something she’s passionate about. I’ve always felt that as well.
15:57:38 From Brenda Lopes To All Panelists : Amelia’s work is pure perfection!
15:57:45 From Simon Poole : @Charles Wes Montgomery
15:58:07 From Sebastian Szwarc : Wagner music could be suitable for either Iron Sky or Hydra movies ;d
15:58:12 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : How she felt winning the IMFCA Breakthrough Composer of the Year after just two Film scores. That’s definitely amazing
15:58:14 From Anna Neale : Amen Amelia!
15:58:26 From Sebastian Szwarc : Amelia you have wonderfull smile 🙂
15:58:35 From Matthew Jones : 33, no kids, but no career after 5 years of pitching and networking
15:58:35 From Xenia Horne : really interesting chats..I have enjoyed today so much ..Sarah I wholeheartedly agree, my kids were surrounded by music from gestation onward !
15:58:46 From Tom Kilworth : great point, Amelia
15:58:56 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : Thanks, everyone 🙂
15:59:01 From Sarah McQuaid : @Xenia – excellent! And likewise re having enjoyed today.
15:59:10 From Sarah McQuaid : Thanks so much everyone both on panel and in chat!\
15:59:12 From Richard Wilkinson : Great point re. role mode/inspiration/visibility stuff
15:59:17 From Charles Gaskell : @Simon – ta!
15:59:31 From Sebastian Szwarc : @matthew so you are LINC – little income no career 😉
15:59:31 From Helen Lynch : Thanks, everyone 🙂 Great chat as always.
15:59:36 From DIE HEXEN : Totally agree with you re the Wagner choice! Very strange and kinda funny especially when he pulls that face in the car lol @Charles Gaskell @Matthew Jones @Darryl O’Donovan @sebastian Szwarc
15:59:45 From Vikki Flawith : excellent chat, thanks so much, great start to my week (as it’s 7am my time on Monday)
15:59:54 From Carolyn Wall : Cheers everyone – very much enjoyed. 🙂
15:59:58 From Anthony White : An inspiring conversation, thank you Oli, Amelia and Jon!
16:00:01 From Rosemary Armstrong : Thanks everyone – this has been so interesting listening to all 3 of you and hearing what makes you do what you do..We all need to be true to ourself..
16:00:04 From Darryl O’Donovan : Thank you all!
16:00:06 From Jayla Damaris : I’m childfree by choice, and I totally love seeing all the artists in here who are parents and living their passions and their art. Great inspiration and example for your peers and the next generation 😀
16:00:11 From Ben Mowat : thanks guys!
16:00:13 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : Thank you!!!!
16:00:14 From Remco den Hollander : thx
16:00:16 From Sebastian Szwarc : Thank you for inspiring conversation! 🙂
16:00:16 From Dani Howard : Thanks so much!
16:00:18 From Anna Neale : Nice one Michael
16:00:19 From Rich de Whittaker : tadaaa…cheers
16:00:20 From Tom Kilworth : Thanks all!
16:00:21 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : thank you all
16:00:23 From Catherine Hillier : so SO insightful, thank you so much!
16:00:25 From Lorna Mccorkell : Thank you so much. That was so very interesting 🙂
16:00:26 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : Amelia you are great
16:00:29 From Anna Neale : and co! very interesting.
16:00:31 From Dominique Charpentier : merci Michael!
16:00:34 From Giovanni Tria : Thank you everyone for the great chat ❤️
16:00:39 From Alok Kotian : Thank you!
16:00:39 From Jayla Damaris : Thank you to all of you for your time and advice!
16:00:48 From Dan Watts : Brilliant insights as usual. Thanks all!
16:00:52 From Narendra Kumar J To All Panelists : 🙏👍
16:00:54 From Nayantara Bhatkal : thank you for all the inspiration and insight!
16:00:59 From Aditya N. : Thanks everyone!
16:01:01 From DIE HEXEN : Thanks everyone! Wonderful chat. Hi mentor @Jon Opstad!
16:01:11 From Rose Pereira To All Panelists : Amelia Warner I love your music
16:02:04 From Matthew Jones : Thank you all, very uplifting to hear all of your opinions.
16:03:09 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : A big thank you!
16:03:09 From kim Moore To All Panelists : Thank you everyone, so inspiring…
16:03:15 From Richard Wilkinson : Lego bond!
16:03:17 From Rosemary Armstrong : Oh Millie I love your thinking – so true. Trust your instinct..
16:03:31 From Simon Woodgate To All Panelists : Lego? Jon! Now you mention Lego?
16:03:32 From John Rushton : Oh yes – Watched some of that yesterday – very cool
16:03:37 From Richard Wilkinson : That stuff is so brilliantly done. I wish I had room for that much Lego
16:04:01 From David Pinching : Great stuff. Thanks
16:04:11 From John Rushton : Thanks all
16:04:16 From Charlie Jefferson : Thanks so much 🙂
16:04:19 From Fayna Déniz To All Panelists : Great conference. Thank you everyone !
16:04:23 From Simon Woodgate : Thanks everyone
16:04:29 From Catherine Hillier : So sad 🙁 🙁
16:04:30 From Vera Santos To All Panelists : Thais só much
16:04:31 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Thank you all for doing this!
16:04:37 From Giovanni Tria To All Panelists : thank you Michael!
16:04:39 From Xenia Horne : absolutely true ..connections are crucial for wellbeing 👌
16:04:40 From Brenda Lopes : thankssss
16:04:48 From Ethan Jeffrey : Thanks everyone!
16:04:58 From Jonny Colgan : Thanks all! Take care
16:04:59 From DIE HEXEN : Thank you so much!
16:05:01 From Peter Flint : Bye all!
16:05:04 From kim Moore To All Panelists : bye!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:05:05 From John Rushton : Bye all, thanks again
16:05:05 From Sebastian Szwarc : Bye!
16:05:08 From Natasha Sofla To All Panelists : Bye!