Composer Coffee Break 11

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 11th session was on Mon 1st June 2020, with Anoushka Shankar & Nitin Sawhney – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

00:37:36 Darryl O’Donovan: Hello there
00:37:45 Matthew Jones: Hello everyone!
00:37:49 Anthony White: Good afternoon all! 🙂
00:37:56 Dan Watts: Hello everyone!
00:37:56 Neil Bruce: Hi everyone!!
00:37:59 Jonny Colgan: Hello all 🙂
00:38:01 Douglas Heaton: Greetings all!
00:38:02 Kim Halliday: HI everyone
00:38:02 Raphael Costa: Good morning everyone from LA
00:38:06 Sam Fuller: Hi all!
00:38:06 Simon Woodgate: hi everyone
00:38:14 Darryl O’Donovan: the three-view is nice
00:38:15 ian tipping: Hi fromHertfordshire!
00:38:15 Darcy Lewis: Hello from Tokyo!
00:38:22 Aditya N.: Hello from Bombay!
00:38:27 David Pinching: hello from Wiltshire
00:38:38 Alok Kotian: Hello from Mumbai!
00:38:56 Simon Woodgate: sunny Sussex here 🙂
00:38:57 Simon Rushby: Hi from Crawley 🙂
00:39:00 Alev Lenz: hehehe
00:39:02 Alev Lenz: I am
00:39:04 Dani Howard: Hi from Mallorca 🙂
00:39:09 Peter Flint: Hi All!
00:39:17 Dani Howard: Haha – got stuck here!
00:39:32 Richard Causon: Hi all !
00:39:32 Segun Olowu: Hi from Tropical South London
00:39:41 Owain Roberts: Greetings from sunny Hackney
00:39:41 Lewis Amoroso: Hello from Brighton….Hove actually 😉
00:39:45 Adam Szklenar: Hi all, SE London is here too
00:39:49 Matthew Jones: Definitely sunny Segun and Owain!
00:39:51 Jonny Colgan: Hi from Costa del Peckham
00:39:52 Xenia Horne: Hello from arid Norwich
00:39:57 Matthew Jones: North London here
00:40:05 Peter Flint: No more laundry in the background Michael 🙁
00:40:23 Matthew Jones: Lewis!
00:40:25 ben mowat: Hello Nitin, Anoushka, Micheal and all 🙂
00:40:27 Matthew Jones: 😀
00:41:32 Lewis Amoroso: Haha hey Mathew! 🙂
00:41:58 Giles Thornton: Hello all!
00:43:07 John Rushton: Good afternoon all
00:44:02 Charles Gaskell: Greetings all!
00:45:20 Joel Pike: I’ll second that having four!
00:45:47 Charles Gaskell: @Peter Flint – that’s the reason he had to move to his studio
00:51:07 ian tipping: As someone who makes most of his living from playing at weddings, I feel your pain people. The uncertainty is what kills ya….!
00:54:02 Xenia Horne: Hello Ian, same here, harping on resonated here 😊
00:56:29 ian tipping: @Xenia Horne – postponement on postponement, hey?
00:57:32 Xenia Horne: shifting sands of uncertainty……
00:58:13 Alev Lenz: I’m going to cry !! yes I’m here .. 🙂
00:58:55 Dan Watts: “It’s not the music but what it’s trying to say.” Anouskha summing up writing to picture in a nutshell!
01:04:26 Jonny Colgan: Whoa
01:05:08 Sanjeev Bhaskar: Always, always have someone nearby that knows calculus.
01:09:23 Aditya N.: Definitely one of the most inspiring scores I’ve ever heard. Also one of the reasons I got interested in scoring to picture. 🙂
01:10:38 kim Moore: what was the name of the film again?
01:11:16 kim Moore: I love improvising with dance…
01:11:41 Nainita Desai: pather panchali
01:12:12 kim Moore: Thank you Nainita!
01:12:35 Xenia Horne: love this discussion around’s such a rich area
01:15:27 kim Moore: That’s incredible!
01:16:25 Charles Gaskell: I wonder if only a debut director would dare do that
01:16:44 ben mowat: amazing!
01:16:54 Joel Pike: Would love to do that process, sounds so genuine, is it still used by directors today?
01:17:01 Xenia Horne: that would be an incredible opportunity
01:17:02 Anthony White: It is intriguing to hear how music is learnt and played in different cultures!
01:19:05 Jonny Colgan: This is truly fascinating
01:19:13 Dan Watts: Utterly fascinating!
01:21:39 Xenia Horne: I wholly resonate with this click conversation…harp has some parallels with sitar in terms of the ebb and flow of sounds
01:23:30 Alev Lenz: yes very understate I agree 😉
01:25:42 Anoushka Shankar: Charlie I LOVE that!!! Hi Amberly!
01:27:40 Charlie Jefferson: I can’t see your comment Ross but hello to Amberly too! x
01:28:07 Richard Wilkinson: Great point
01:29:03 Jas Degun: Great, Nitin and Anoushka you are both so articulate! Fascinating insights into Indian classical music – so proud to have you guys representing and explaining the music form so eloquently
01:29:33 Darcy Lewis: I find what Jacob collier does subdividing each beat into crazy numbers of division very interesting, I think similar idea
01:30:39 Simon Rushby: I really loved Anoushka’s work with Karsh Kale – I guess that must have been an ‘out of comfort zone’ thing, combining Indian Classical music and improv with programmed beats and loops?!
01:30:57 Anoushka Shankar: Yes Darcy! He’s amazing
01:33:57 Richard Wilkinson: Sometimes those challenges can really surprise you in a good way with the end result
01:35:15 Anthony White: This webinar has been really inspiring!
01:35:34 Octavia Romano: YES
01:35:51 ben mowat: Yes very inspiring and lots of great ideas, re-awakening of the imagination! Thanks guys!!
01:35:55 Xenia Horne: Totally agree, the point about permissions is so relevant
01:36:14 Richard Wilkinson: I feel like Michael should have made these worse so we’re not sad when they end, but this has been fantastic. Great guests and brilliant insight
01:36:36 kim Moore: This has been so inspiring! Thank you thank you x
01:36:38 Carolyn Wall: Thanks so much for this folks – so fascinating and inspiring & really connected for me. Thanks for all you have shared.
01:36:44 Natalia Wierzbicka: This has been incredible and very refreshing!
01:37:15 Dan Watts: Amazing chat today. I’m feeling hugely inspired! Thank you all!
01:37:23 Giovanni Tria: Very expiring talk. Thank you everyone!
01:37:32 Robert Thomas: fantastic insights into amazing musical rabbit holes thank you all !
01:37:32 Matthew Jones: Thank you both and thank you Michael. Looking forward to next weeks seminar!
01:37:43 John Rushton: Thank you Anoushka and Nitin – Really fascinating discussion. Take care all
01:37:53 Xenia Horne: Thank you for hosting, Michael and to these wonderful artists
01:37:54 Charlie Jefferson: Thanks so much for such a wonderful, inspiring discussion!
01:38:07 Joel Pike: Thank you so much Anoushka and Nitin – fascinating and very inspiring, I’ve taken loads from this. Thank you Michael for giving me a break from parenting and making this happen!
01:38:30 Octavia Romano: Thank you!!!
01:38:34 Dani Howard: Thank you so much!
01:38:36 Charles Gaskell: Thanks Michael, for making this such a wonderful hour’s chat and asking such thoughtful questions – and to Anoushka and Nitin for their answers
01:38:37 ben mowat: Thanks all
01:38:41 Darryl O’Donovan: Thanks everyone!
01:38:43 Sarah: Thank you
01:38:43 Richard Wilkinson: ENCORE
01:38:49 John Rushton: Thanks again
01:38:50 ian tipping: Really loved this – thank you to all of you.
01:38:52 Anthony White: Thank you all and take care, keep safe and well!
01:39:03 Aditya N.: Thank you for the inspiration and insights Anoushka, Nitin, and Michael! 🙂
01:39:04 Sarah Playford: Thank you! Inspiring chat!
01:39:05 Richard Wilkinson: Thanks again to all – wonderful to have these every week
01:39:11 Jonny Colgan: Wonderful chat, very grateful to have been inspired so
01:39:24 Darcy Lewis: Absolutely amazing, thanks for your time guys and the great initiative this is Michael!
01:39:28 Simon Woodgate: thanks all
01:39:28 Charles Gaskell: Be kind! +1