Composer Coffee Break 12

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 12th and last session was on Mon 8th June 2020, with Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury & Suvi-Eeva Äikäs – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:59:19 From Anthony White : Good afternoon all!
14:59:30 From Kevin Sargent To All Panelists : HI All!
14:59:31 From Dan Watts : Good afternoon all!
14:59:32 From Garry Judd : Hi all!!! 😀
14:59:33 From john meredith To All Panelists : Hi all.
14:59:33 From Sonia Kiang : Hello everyone 🙂
14:59:33 From Kim Halliday : Hello hello!
14:59:43 From Charlie Jefferson : Hello!
14:59:47 From Hayat Selim To All Panelists : Hello hello!
14:59:48 From Simon Woodgate : Hello everyone!
14:59:49 From Sam Fuller : Hi all!
14:59:50 From Sascha Blank To All Panelists : Hi there!
14:59:59 From Kevin Sargent : HI everyone!
15:00:02 From Giles Thornton : Good Afternoon all- Hello Michael and the rest of you! 🙂
15:00:07 From Sam Griffiths : Hey everyone!
15:00:08 From Raphael Costa : Help from LA everyone. Thank you Michael for doing this
15:00:10 From Harry Peat : Hello!
15:00:12 From Andrew T Mackay : Greetings all. Thanks again as ever for this!
15:00:21 From Dan Michaelson : Hello All!
15:00:26 From Martin Batchelar To All Panelists : Hi everyone 🙂
15:00:28 From Jonny Colgan : Hey all 🙂
15:00:29 From stuartpeck : Hello all! Hope everyone is well!
15:00:29 From Neil Bruce : HI Everyone!!
15:00:37 From Federico Coderoni To All Panelists : G’ afternoon everybody!
15:00:40 From Matt Emery To All Panelists : Hi All.
15:00:43 From greg bedford : Hi everyone 🙂
15:00:48 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Hi, everyone!
15:00:52 From Jim Sanger : Hi from Northamptonshire
15:00:57 From Christine Clavering : Hello from Lancashire
15:01:09 From Adam Kloc : Hello!
15:01:10 From remco den hollander : thx
15:01:16 From Roger Hooper : Hi, everyone!!
15:01:17 From Garry Judd : Hi from Much Hadham 😀
15:01:24 From Roger Hooper : Hi, Michael!
15:01:25 From Matt Emery : Sorry
15:01:28 From Mau Loseto : Hi everyone!
15:01:28 From Matt Emery : Changed
15:01:34 From Nayantara Bhatkal : So sad that this series will be ending soon. thank you for putting this together with so much thought, Michael. Gratitude and good wishes from India ❣️
15:01:34 From Martin Batchelar : Hi everyone!
15:01:36 From Federico Coderoni : Got it, thanks!
15:01:37 From Andrew T Mackay : a great leader!
15:01:40 From John Rushton : Good afternoon
15:01:44 From Matt Stewart-Evans : 👋
15:01:52 From David Pinching : Good Afternoon to you all
15:02:40 From Léa Dupuis To All Panelists : Hello! From Montreal ;P
15:02:42 From Ace Vaptsarov To All Panelists : Hey everyone! Pleasure to join you all! Excited for this webinar!
15:02:52 From Dan Watts : Roblox here!
15:02:53 From Richard Wilkinson : Last coffee break 😢
15:03:06 From Richard Wilkinson : Great guests to end on tho
15:03:08 From John Rushton : Hi Ds
15:03:32 From Brian Fuller : hey all! thanks for the opportunity
15:03:37 From remco den hollander : Can we mention the P-word?
15:03:47 From Sarah McQuaid To All Panelists : Sad! These have been wonderful. Thanks so much to Michael for making them happen. Hello to everyone from cloudy Cornwall!
15:03:58 From Danai Kokogia : Hey everyone!
15:05:08 From Natalia Wierzbicka : It was so useful to have a mentor during this time! So grateful for the opportunity! Thank you so much for putting this together! 🙂
15:07:24 From Charles Gaskell : was that
15:07:30 From David Pinching : Looking forward to the Christmas Party
15:07:40 From Dan Watts : Utterly loved being a mentor. I’d happily do it all again! I’ll also be keeping in touch with my mentee.
15:07:53 From Harriet Moss :
15:08:10 From Charles Gaskell : Thanks Harriet!
15:08:30 From John Rushton : Thanks Harriet 🙂
15:08:38 From Andrew T Mackay : thanks Harriet
15:08:39 From Richard Wilkinson : Next one should be sponsored by Mentos
15:09:37 From Richard Wilkinson : Annihilation soundtrack was ACE
15:09:46 From Adam Kloc : Suvi! Hey!
15:10:13 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : Harriett and Michael, you’ve made this period of confinement and utter stress one of the most constructive and interesting i’ve had in years. Thank you!
15:11:18 From Aneek Thapar : Hey Geoff! What’re you using for the vocal fx across the Devs score?
15:22:53 From Doug Heaton : Moi Suvi – terveisiä Suomesta!
15:24:06 From Richard Wilkinson : kudos
15:24:07 From Simon Woodgate : Bravo!
15:24:14 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : LIKE
15:24:17 From John Rushton : Thats great to hear
15:24:32 From Charlie Jefferson : Nice one.
15:24:38 From Adam Kloc : Great!
15:25:15 From Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres : Sending love from Old Market Suvi ! x
15:25:20 From John Rushton : Hehe
15:25:30 From Charles Gaskell : why do some large corporations not want you to credit others where appropriate? Why does it matter to them?
15:25:59 From David Pinching : Is this a financial consideration?
15:28:01 From Richard Wilkinson : Loved that choice & score
15:30:17 From Simon Woodgate : The more confident a composer is in their own ability, the more likely they are to give proper credit to collaborators…
15:35:43 From Kim Halliday : Amen to that…
15:36:12 From remco den hollander : Great advice, like the Mogwai soundtracks, i love them…
15:42:14 From John Rushton : haha
15:42:29 From Carolyn Wall : Gallery view! Top right hand corner!
15:42:44 From John Rushton : This is a really interesting and essential topic
15:43:36 From Charles Gaskell : I’ve worked in Tesco’s and fully agree
15:44:58 From john meredith : Interesting topic this..rarely discussed!
15:47:26 From Ian Williams : What about that Invada question?
15:47:30 From Charles Gaskell : specially with the three main protagonists in the room at the same time
15:47:39 From Elliot Nicklin : I imagine the connections made from the assisting route present amazing knock-on opportunities which I think are so worth the cost of any “delayed freedoms” in your compositional practice to do things on your own terms, and that’s outside of what can be learned from composing under established people too. Again subjective though
15:48:43 From Charlie Jefferson : #BrokenRecord campaign is great. Fair shares of steaming revenues need to be addressed.
15:49:02 From Charlie Jefferson : #FixStreaming too.
15:49:23 From Léa Dupuis : It’s difficult. I’m just starting my music business and it’s difficult to find work… Honestly, if someone approches my for a « work-for-hire » or something like that, I can’t honestly say that I would say no. Because I had 1 scoring contract in 1 year…
15:49:33 From Kevin Sargent : It’s not always ‘doing the job’. It’s ‘getting the job’ …
15:50:06 From Anthony White : An interesting point.
15:50:11 From Elliot Nicklin : Non-musical working class family in a small town, feels like the odds are against you hugely, but there are ways!
15:50:29 From Andrew T Mackay : I had an assistant working with me in India who was so essential. I was offered a series but I put hi forward which he got and i ‘exec produced the score’ which meant i made a few calls from the coffee shop. He did a fabulous job .
15:50:30 From Ace Vaptsarov : Going to Space? Oh my god! Thanks for the great insight – love this topic!
15:50:31 From Aneek Thapar : Speaking of going on the web and finding ‘the plugin they used’. What’re you using for the vocal fx across the Devs score?
15:50:57 From remco den hollander : I still need my dayjob to pay for the production of my albums/soundtracks.
15:51:04 From Léa Dupuis : Yeah me too 😉
15:51:35 From Stefan Henrico : This is some real real talk 🙂
15:51:37 From Léa Dupuis : I have to work 70 hours a week (35 as medical secretary). That’s the reality. 😉
15:52:28 From Victoria Wijeratne : Do you all think there should be a stronger union more specifically for media composers?
15:52:48 From remco den hollander : Very true Leja, music sometimes more feels like a curse then a love..
15:53:11 From Izzy Flynn : Fucking classic
15:53:48 From Hayat Selim : Exactly. I think everyone starting off in the field unless supported by someone had/has to take a side job at some point even while still in college…we all need to be open to that for a while until there is enough freelance work coming in. There is no space for pride there or feeling above certain side jobs
15:54:06 From Elliot Nicklin : Hearing that some pros I respect hugely have a day job too is hugely validating for my own work. Respect to those folks
15:54:20 From Kevin Sargent : Marry wisely! 😉
15:55:11 From Léa Dupuis : Another subject we don’t talk enough about… 🙁
15:55:32 From Charlie Jefferson : Thanks for putting that in there Michael 🙂
15:55:44 From Jonny Colgan : Excellent question Charlie
15:55:50 From remco den hollander : Christian Henson has some nice video about keeping you healthy
15:56:15 From Léa Dupuis : Thanks for the information 🙂
15:56:23 From Izzy Flynn : What teams do you support?
15:56:50 From Ian Williams : I used to run a recording workshop for people with mental health problems – music is such a good way to help people out. Check out Keychanges on Twitter – they do great work on this in London.
15:56:53 From Rich de Whittaker : humour is essential… keeping things in perspective 🎶✨
15:57:01 From Richard Wilkinson : You guys smashed it though, on Devs
15:57:07 From Elliot Nicklin : Paid off though let’s be fair. Absolute cracker
15:58:51 From Ace Vaptsarov : Hey Geoff and Ben! Thank you so much for the fantastic insight! I’d love to hear more about your process coming up with themes/sounds/ideas for a movie or tv series – how often do you write based on script or idea? Do you think a lot on the concept and how to tie it to the music, or do you dive in and start experiment? How much do you expand ideas outside of picture, in terms of suites?
15:59:12 From Kevin Sargent : So true!
15:59:13 From John Rushton : Totally agree, lots of pressure on yourself
15:59:36 From Rich de Whittaker : true…I’m bonkers
15:59:40 From Kevin Sargent : We take a hobby and turn it into a job
15:59:46 From Richard Wilkinson : If you run too much you’ll knacker your legs – I can relate to doing the same with the creative bits of your brain
15:59:48 From Izzy Flynn : legends
15:59:50 From Anthony White : I feel that collaboration opportunities have increased over the past few months too.
15:59:58 From Charlie Jefferson : Haha! Thanks for such honest and open answers 🙂
15:59:59 From John Rushton : Thanks Ben, Suvi, Geoff and Michael – excellent talk
16:00:08 From Kevin Sargent : Yes, adored DEVS
16:00:24 From john meredith : Get your finger out for the 4th Portishead album 🙂 xxx
16:00:24 From John Rushton : Totally agree, Michael – thanks all
16:00:24 From Ace Vaptsarov : Hey Geoff and Ben! Thank you so much for the fantastic insight! I’d love to hear more about your process coming up with themes/sounds/ideas for a movie or tv series – how often do you write based on script or idea? Do you think a lot on the concept and how to tie it to the music, or do you dive in and start experiment? How much do you expand ideas outside of picture, in terms of suites?
16:00:28 From Dani Howard : Thank you so much!
16:00:29 From Izzy Flynn : Thank you very much all guys
16:00:32 From Izzy Flynn : And gal
16:00:36 From Kevin Sargent : Thanks All!
16:00:41 From Léa Dupuis : Thanks you all! 🙂
16:00:42 From Sharon Gitau To All Panelists : Thank you all for a fantastic talk on a good range of subjects.
16:00:45 From Lorne MacDougall : Yay! 🙂 Thank you!!
16:00:56 From Giles Thornton : Thank you all!
16:01:40 From Rob Connor : Who is the artist beginning with M that @Geoff has mentioned a couple of times?
16:01:40 From Andrea Williams : “Have high standards, but try to hold them a little more loosely” – too much perfectionism can really stifle creativity
16:01:52 From Hayat Selim : Totally agree about mental health and perfection/passion for the field…it almost seems impossible for both to exist together. Takes a lot of practice, almost as much as learning the craft itself to find that balance and the most efficient way to be productive yet healthy
16:02:15 From Ian Williams : @Rob Connor – Mica Levi
16:02:40 From Rob Connor : Many thanks @Ian 🙏
16:03:18 From stuartpeck : @Rob Connor – You have to check out ‘Under The Skin’ also Jackie
16:03:36 From Jim Sanger : What was that trumpet like sound in Devs?
16:04:16 From Rob Connor : @Stuart on Apple Music now 😊🙏
16:04:52 From Jonny Colgan : Jim that was Jan Garbarek improvising over a plainchant recorded by the Hilliard ensemble in 1994
16:06:50 From Jim Sanger : Thanks Jonny Colgan 🙂
16:07:27 From Jonny Colgan : Looked it up just this morning actually Jim, found this article:
16:07:36 From Elliot Nicklin : Such a better approach than episodic. That connective tissue is what makes it so effective
16:08:19 From Jim Sanger : Brilliant, cheers. I’ll have a read
16:08:38 From Ace Vaptsarov : Incredible! Thanks!
16:08:45 From Anthony White : Thank you all for your time today!
16:09:01 From Charlie Jefferson : These have been wonderful. Thank you all so much
16:09:06 From Roger Hooper : Thank you for doing these, Michael!
16:09:08 From stuartpeck : PUB!
16:09:08 From Jim Sanger : Thanks everyone, especially Michael for all of these
16:09:09 From Charles Gaskell : clap clap clap!
16:09:10 From john meredith : Thanks for doing!
16:09:10 From Rich de Whittaker : sooo appreciate this 🍻✨
16:09:11 From Sarah McQuaid To All Panelists : Thank you so much Michael and all the contributors! It’s been great!
16:09:15 From Andrea Williams : Thanks for all these sessions Michael, they’ve been wonderful!
16:09:15 From Sharon Gitau : Yes, it’s been an amazing series Michael! Thank you soooo much!
16:09:16 From Adam Kloc : Yes! Haha
16:09:17 From Jakob Lindhagen : Thank you so much for these weeks, Michael and everyone! <3
16:09:19 From Raphael Costa : thank you all. Thank you Michael for all the amazing Composer Breakfast
16:09:19 From Richard Wilkinson : The Michael Parkinson of Zoom
16:09:20 From Mau Loseto : Thanks so much Michael!! It’s been incredible
16:09:21 From Anthony White : Thank you for these webinars Michael!
16:09:23 From Richard Wilkinson : Thanks Michael!
16:09:24 From Dan Michaelson : This has been amazing, huge thanks to everyone involved.
16:09:24 From Simon Woodgate To All Panelists : how about a monthly revisit Michael???
16:09:25 From remco den hollander : thx Michael!!
16:09:27 From Izzy Flynn : Yeah amazing Michael and all composers and organisers involved 🙂 !! Thank you all so much!!!
16:09:31 From Anthony White : 👏🏻👏🏻
16:09:36 From Brian Fuller To All Panelists : Thanks everybody!!
16:09:36 From Dan Watts : This has been AMAZING! Thank you Michael, and thanks to ALL the guests. Pub o’clock! #facepint
16:09:38 From Jonny Colgan : Huge thanks to Michael. Amazing contribution to a very grateful community
16:09:40 From Adam Kloc : Thank you so much Michael! Thanks Ben, Geoff and Suvi!
16:09:42 From Robert Thomas : Thanks everyone for organising!
16:09:42 From John Rushton : Thanks again all – absolutely great chat
16:09:43 From Dani Howard : Yes thanks so much Michael for all of these!
16:09:43 From Jimmy Gian : Thank you so much for this!!
16:09:52 From Joel Mills To All Panelists : Very interesting to join today. Thank you!
16:10:01 From Sarah Playford : Thank you Michael and all involved!!
16:10:08 From Sascha Blank : Thank you so much Michael!
16:10:11 From Matt Emery : Thanks Michael and all guests, and Harriet and Manners too 🙂
16:10:11 From Ian Williams : It’s great seeing these people who have been just names turn into flesh and blood. Great stuff!
16:10:12 From Hayat Selim : Thank you Michael and everyone! This was great!
16:10:14 From Cathy Mulloy : Michael, they’ve been amazing!
16:10:15 From Andy Fosberry : Thanks so much Michael, thanks *everyone*!
16:10:18 From Aditya Narayan To All Panelists : Thank you Geoff, Ben, Suvi and Michael!
16:10:22 From Roger Hooper : Thank you, Ben, Geoff and Suvi for doing this today!
16:10:22 From Sam Fuller : Huge thank you Michael
16:10:23 From Natalia Wierzbicka : This has been tremendous, thank you!
16:10:23 From Léa Dupuis : Thank you!
16:10:23 From Joanna Karselis : Thanks so much everyone, super appreciated
16:10:36 From Nico Dalla Vecchia To All Panelists : Amazing, thank you all. Ciao!
16:10:36 From Garry Judd : thanks all XXX
16:10:37 From Harry Peat : These have been amazing, thanks Michael.
16:10:44 From Adam Szklenar : thank you all!
16:10:47 From Rich de Whittaker : 🍻🎶✨
16:10:48 From Richard Wilkinson : Let’s do a wrap party in London in a few weeks
16:10:51 From Richard Wilkinson : hopefully…
16:11:07 From David Pinching : Great stuff everybody, much appreciated.
16:11:08 From Gerry Rogerson To All Panelists : Sorry to have missed earlier episodes. Great stuff, thanks!!
16:11:10 From Daniel Nolan : Thank you so much for the insights x
16:11:11 From Oliver Vessey : 🙂
16:11:12 From Richard Wilkinson : Thanks all ! x
16:11:13 From Elliot Nicklin : End of an era! Cheers folks
16:11:13 From Izzy Flynn : 🙂
16:11:14 From Anné Kulonen : Great chat! Thanks all!
16:11:15 From Danai Kokogia : This has been amazing, thank you!