Composer Coffee Break 3

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 3rd session was on Mon 30th March 2020 – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:56:50 From Jim McWilliam : Afternoon, Michael.
14:57:01 From Richard Hellgren To All Panelists : Good afternoon!
14:57:02 From Simon Woodgate : Hi everyone
14:57:02 From Gerard Pastor To All Panelists : Hi from Barcelona
14:57:13 From Jodie Grayer To All Panelists : Hi all!
14:57:14 From Dan McGrath To All Panelists : HI all
14:57:15 From David McAulay To All Panelists : hi
14:57:19 From Rob Knight : Afternoon everyone!
14:57:20 From Sam Watts : Hello, everyone!
14:57:23 From Benjamin Symons : Hi everyone
14:57:28 From Dan Watts To All Panelists : Goodafternoon all!
14:57:30 From John Rushton : Good afternoon, everyone
14:57:32 From Ben Morales Frost To All Panelists : Hello all!
14:57:37 From Andre Luiz Machado To All Panelists : Hello everyone! 🙂
14:57:38 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers : Hi everyone
14:57:44 From Michael Ladouceur To All Panelists : Happy Monday!
14:57:46 From Dan McGrath : HI all
14:57:48 From Jo Ranger : Hey folks!
14:57:49 From Kim Halliday To All Panelists : Hello!
14:57:50 From Evert Van Eynde To All Panelists : Good afternoon everyone!
14:57:54 From Julian Guidetti : Hello all!
14:57:55 From Oliver Werrmann To All Panelists : Hey everybody 🙂
14:57:56 From Andrzej Ojczenasz To All Panelists : Hello! 🙂
14:58:00 From Michael Cryne : Hi everyone!
14:58:02 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : morning hehe
14:58:03 From Jim Copperthwaite : Hi Folks
14:58:05 From Lorne MacDougall To All Panelists : Hey guys from Carradale, Kintyre, Scotland! Looking forward to this again.
14:58:07 From Daniel Nolan To All Panelists : Afternoon all x
14:58:11 From David Pinching : Okey dokey
14:58:12 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : in las vegas, nv
14:58:15 From Ross Koopmans : Hi all!
14:58:19 From Jon Baker : Hello
14:58:20 From Ellie Parker : Hi everyone!
14:58:23 From Daniele Falangone To All Panelists : Hello!
14:58:45 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : 🙂
14:58:47 From Kim Halliday To All Panelists : While we’re waiting, has anyone used a service called – it’s a portal for music supervisors, broadcasters and artists?
14:58:47 From Charles Spears To All Panelists : #FortLauderdale!
14:58:56 From Peter Wilson : Hi all!
14:59:04 From Kim Halliday : Gotcha
14:59:07 From Ben Haynes To All Panelists : Hello from Derby. (I’m new.)
14:59:11 From Stuart Peck : Hello Michael, hello all!
14:59:12 From Kim Halliday : While we’re waiting, has anyone used a service called – it’s a portal for music supervisors, broadcasters and artists?
14:59:14 From Matthew Jones : Hello everyone!
14:59:14 From Aisling Brouwer : Hi everyone
14:59:18 From Anthony White To All Panelists : Hi all.
14:59:24 From Callum Hoskin : how many people r on here today?
14:59:28 From Sophie Lloyd To All Panelists : Hello!
14:59:29 From Stefan Henrico : hi all!
14:59:36 From Dan McGrath : Yes, we’re trialling DISCO at No Sheet Music
14:59:40 From Kate Simko : Hi all, looking forward to this
14:59:43 From Kim Halliday : Thanks!
14:59:45 From Benjamin Symons : First time here and I’m looking keen!!
14:59:52 From David McAulay To All Panelists : I’m a bot!
14:59:55 From Donna McKevitt To All Panelists : Hello Everyone
15:00:00 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand To All Panelists : Greetings
15:00:02 From Colin Carroll To All Panelists : Good afternoon everyone.
15:00:03 From Catherine Grieves : Hi Kim – Re Disco – YES! It’s becoming an industry standard, so definitely worth investing
15:00:26 From Steve Clark To All Panelists : Hiya Michael – two questions for Claire, if I may.
15:00:31 From Jonny Colgan : Hello again! Hope everyone is well 🙂
15:00:43 From Kim Halliday : Thanks everyone
15:01:05 From Giles Thornton : Hey all!
15:01:10 From Simon Rushby : Hello folks 🙂
15:01:26 From Simeon Walker To All Panelists : Hey folks 🙂
15:01:29 From Jim Fowler : Hi all
15:01:29 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : disco! love it! 🙂
15:01:31 From Pete Malkin : Hi everyone
15:01:35 From Peter Flint : Hi Folks!
15:01:38 From Hitch Causon : Hi folks !
15:01:50 From Nash Plus TRBE To All Panelists : Hi all Nash here
15:01:57 From Tim White To All Panelists : Good afternoon everybody
15:02:07 From Benjamin Symons : I just jumped out my skin
15:02:18 From Kim Halliday : Everyones a critic…
15:02:20 From Michael Price :
15:02:23 From Paddy Fletcher : HI All !
15:02:31 From Jim Cornick To All Panelists : Hi everyone 🙂
15:02:46 From Steve Clark To All Panelists : My questions: the PRS appropriately launched financial help last week for writers, due to covid-19. Are the payments without strings attached or advances against future royalties? Does the launch of this scheme imply future royalty accountings will be delayed?
15:02:46 From Natalia Wierzbicka To All Panelists : Thank you, that’s really amazing initative and a very useful resource.
15:02:51 From Yiorgos To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
15:03:03 From Michael Price :
15:03:07 From Jim Sanger : Hi Everyone. Got my coffee and biscuits
15:03:28 From Rob Knight : @jimsanger pass them around :-p
15:03:49 From Jonny Colgan : @jimsanger hobnobs?
15:03:57 From Kevin Sargent : HI everyone, hope you are keeping well!
15:04:16 From David GANA To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:04:24 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : HI ! 🙂 katherine
15:04:30 From Benjamin Symons : haha
15:04:37 From Benjamin Symons : 0 doom and gloom here
15:04:48 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : HI Harriet! 🙂
15:04:49 From Ralegh Long : Hi all!
15:05:03 From Jim Sanger : Ok Rob Knight, and Jonny Colgan. Chocolate chip o.k?
15:05:04 From Benjamin Symons : wild
15:05:06 From Jenna Fentimen To All Panelists : Wahoooo!
15:05:14 From Sophie Lloyd To All Panelists : wow!
15:05:23 From Jonny Colgan : @jimsanger ideal!
15:05:28 From Myles McLeod To All Panelists : awesome!
15:05:29 From Rob Knight : Cheers @jim! 😀
15:05:34 From Adrian Leung To All Panelists : Howdy all!
15:05:39 From Jim Sanger : 🙂
15:05:51 From Dan Watts : I forgot my biscuits!
15:05:52 From Callum Hoskin : Is it sad that I’ve got this running though pro tools and have side chained the music I’m working on?
15:06:12 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : pro tools sucks! hahaha
15:06:23 From Simon Woodgate : lol Callum 🙂
15:06:25 From DIE HEXEN : Hi Everyone! Thats an amazing response to the mentoring scheme..
15:06:32 From Dan McGrath : Yes @callumhoskin very
15:06:34 From Jim Sanger : Sorry Dan 🙁
15:07:18 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : I use a fostex X 15
15:07:28 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : anyone rmemeber?
15:07:51 From Owain Roberts : Is the mannermcade mentoring scheme application still open?
15:08:14 From Sam Hulick : just to clarify for the American in the room: biscuits = cookies, right? you all are giving me an “OK” to eat cookies for breakfast? 😉 😉
15:08:20 From Tara Creme To All Panelists : I think till midnight Owain
15:08:24 From Tim White To All Panelists : I’ve got biscuits… Here you go Dan Watts //
15:08:34 From Myles McLeod To All Panelists : go for it!
15:08:38 From Simon Woodgate : Yes, but skip your normal pancakes?
15:08:47 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : I had steak t bone for breakfast yesterday
15:08:47 From Jim Sanger : biscuits are cookies yes 🙂
15:09:07 From Sam Hulick : pancakes be damned! waffles rule
15:09:33 From Richard Lightman : Claire, GEMA has pledged 40million Euros. Why hasn’t PRS told us how much they are pledging? Richard Lightman – Council of Music Makers, UK Music Copyright Committee, University of Kent and PRS member.
15:09:44 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : I’ll have a pancakes on my maple syrup ty 🙂
15:12:52 From David McAulay : Good news about a solid April Dist.
15:15:31 From Steve Clark To All Panelists : Claire – as part of PRS’ internal modelling, are you expecting a downturn in overseas royalties over the next 12 months, due to covid-19 challenges?
15:15:44 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : me 🙂
15:16:06 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists :
15:16:59 From Rob Knight : There was a part in the PRS email today that if you have music used in Japan then make sure you are registered with Soundmouse…
15:17:34 From David McAulay : Where do you find out that linking up of mis matched meta data?
15:18:39 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : I embed metadata and no one can read it!
15:19:04 From Dan McGrath :
15:19:06 From Sam Watts : Tony Barton is great. Really knowledgable and helpful.
15:19:14 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : that’s a lot of wasting time for 50 tunes
15:19:27 From Natalia Wierzbicka To All Panelists : I feel like a lot of young composers are often unaware of their Royalties Rights, unless they happen to come across the resources in the first place. This should probably be considered to be put forward towards being featured as a part of modules at music institutions. A lot of fellow artists I worked with often had no knowledge of how the system works, and their rights as well as performers rights or no knowledge at all about this way of earning income. Personally I am very keen on helping to spread the word and knowledge about this.
15:19:41 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : I hope you all get paid! 🙂 YOU deserve it!
15:21:35 From Kevin Sargent : Great to have such an open dialogue with PRS. Much appreciated, Claire
15:21:48 From Gerard Pastor To All Panelists : Nice to see that you talk good about PRS. In Spain we have a big trouble with SGAE and now we are lucky to have some new good private companies.
15:21:59 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : thanks Claire
15:22:04 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : great job!
15:22:06 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : 😛
15:22:08 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : opps
15:22:09 From Aniss Belkadi : Hey, thank you for taking the time of doing this. Cheers from Paris !
15:22:10 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : 🙂
15:22:41 From Simon Lowdon To All Panelists : Thank you Claire! I’ll be joining PRS.
15:23:58 From Aneek Thapar To All Panelists : lol
15:24:02 From Myles McLeod To All Panelists : April 13th I think Killing Eve
15:24:15 From Aneek Thapar To All Panelists : Hi all, great to be here.
15:25:56 From Matt Harvey To All Panelists : Will publishers/supervisors struggle with the downturn in licensing fees from production shutdowns?
15:29:53 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : Katherine, your mix level (vocal) is much higher that Bob’s
15:30:13 From Lane Schreck To All Panelists : my amp clipped and shut down
15:32:23 From Jazzy Jazz : may i ask a question?
15:33:48 From Jim McWilliam : as people who naturally self isolate, I’m hopeful.
15:33:59 From Benjamin Symons : I know I’m diversifying I just wrapped up on my last feature and my next project is postponed so I have no income coming but have set up a Patreon and am writing music to calm and relax people. I think that could be a way to go
15:34:01 From Lane Schreck : ahhhh
15:34:03 From Lane Schreck : got it
15:34:04 From Lane Schreck : ty
15:34:07 From Lane Schreck : 🙂
15:34:14 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Sorry, I am reposting again haha! 🙂 “I feel like a lot of young composers are often unaware of their Royalties Rights, unless they happen to come across the resources in the first place. This should probably be considered to be put forward towards being featured as a part of modules at music institutions. A lot of fellow artists I worked with often had no knowledge of how the system works, and their rights as well as performers rights or no knowledge at all about this way of earning income. Personally I am very keen on helping to spread the word and knowledge about this.”
15:34:31 From Aneek Thapar : Hi all, great to be here. Long term self isolator here, don’t think I’m alone! Lol
15:34:51 From Lane Schreck : cute
15:34:53 From Lane Schreck : good job
15:34:55 From Lane Schreck : 🙂
15:35:09 From Josh Phillips To All Panelists : hello all. very interesting. I’ll check in another time. stay safe.
15:35:18 From Lane Schreck : I made 54cents so far
15:35:21 From Izzy Flynn : where do we apply?
15:35:23 From Lane Schreck : better than nothing
15:35:25 From David McAulay : Is there a link to apply?
15:35:26 From Lane Schreck : 🙂
15:35:36 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers : Is the Wednesday deadline for mentors, mentees or both?
15:36:03 From Jodie Grayer : I applied last Monday but haven’t had an email. Do we receive a confirmation email?
15:36:08 From Benjamin Symons : I felt that and went for mentor anyway haha
15:36:08 From Aneek Thapar : Yes please talk more about imposter syndrome!
15:36:26 From Jenna Fentimen : Sign up here!
15:36:30 From Lewis Amoroso : @Natalia WierzBicka – That would be great!
15:36:33 From Tara Creme To All Panelists : Interesting that lots of us felt the same about mentor/mentee!
15:36:44 From Julian Guidetti : I went for both!
15:36:56 From Kevin Sargent : Impostor Syndrome is essential!
15:37:18 From Benjamin Symons : It is Kevin. Also important to learn to not let it control you
15:37:20 From Sheridan Tongue : Thank you Michael, Claire, Catherine and Harriet. Lovely to see you guys and a great discussion! x
15:37:23 From Kim Halliday : Do you want Mentors to have more than one Mentee? I’m up for that (I’m not doing much else!)
15:38:04 From Robert Thomas : with mentoring it might be good to have an “other” field in the media area you work in for unusual niche people ( like me 😉 )
15:38:07 From Simeon Walker : So great
15:38:15 From Izzy Flynn : I would love a mentor!
15:38:21 From Dan McGrath : @Natalia @Lewis It’s something we were looking to tackle at The Ivors Academy with ‘Rights 101 / Idiots guide to…’ type assets…
15:38:28 From Myles McLeod : Brilliant, really excited for this to get up and running
15:38:31 From Kevin Sargent : I’d still love a mentor!
15:38:31 From Jazzy Jazz To All Panelists : i would love to have a mentor 🙂
15:38:52 From Lane Schreck : gotta go
15:38:57 From Lane Schreck : good luck making money
15:39:21 From Benjamin Symons : Yeah id be happy to have a mentor and also be a mentor haha
15:39:34 From Simon Lowdon : I think the mentor scheme is a fantastic idea. Well done all for setting it up!
15:39:45 From DIE HEXEN : @Natalia I’d like to chat more about that if I could have your email?
15:39:52 From Aniss Belkadi : Looking forward for the mentor/mentee notification, sounds like a great scheme !
15:40:36 From Simon Woodgate : can you be both??? Lol
15:40:49 From Lewis Amoroso : @Dan – A link to that would be great!
15:41:04 From Amber Jay Higgins : Is this mentor scheme open for songwriters who are just starting out and haven’t written for tv or film before but would like to start to? Thanks, Amber 🙂
15:41:12 From Richard Wilkinson : Committing to a certain amount of time (per week) is always tricky – especially given fluctuating work. But I’d be happy to sign up as a mentor with that caveat! Will check it out after this ☕️
15:41:15 From Natalia Wierzbicka : @Dan, it would be great to open up the conversation.
15:41:20 From Jim Copperthwaite : I’m willing to be a mentor, but there’s a lot that I would still like to learn…. I’ve 20+ years as a professional composer but I’d be a happy mentor AND mentee!
15:41:21 From Benjamin Symons : Amber I think you should sign up
15:41:22 From Tara Creme To All Panelists : Both would be good yes – being mentored by someone more experience while being a mentor to someone less experienced…
15:42:22 From Kevin Sargent : Dynamic
15:42:23 From Jazzy Jazz To All Panelists : i have a question that when filmmakers ask me how much do i charge i tell them that i charge something dollar per minute of music and after wards they ask how much i will charge for a whole 90 minute movie so sometimes its tough to tell them as they dont know sometimes what they want. sometimes they have low budget and they end up using stock library music. how can we deal with this problem?
15:43:28 From Sam Watts : I’ve done it for 15 years and I still have imposter syndrome.
15:43:38 From Anthony White : I am currently a music student at University, would I still be able to be part of the Mentorship Scheme?
15:43:40 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers : I know that, personally, I’d appreciate the mentorship of someone who has recently broken into the industry.
15:43:41 From frances shelley To All Panelists : Great Harriet – peer to peer is equally good. In ARTS Anonymous (amazing 12 step programme for Artists Recovering Through the 12 Steps) we have Arts Buddies – same sort of thing
15:43:57 From Amber Jay Higgins : Thanks Benjamin! 🙂
15:44:06 From Michael Price : Composer Wellbeing Collective
15:44:17 From Rob Northcott : I’ve only been doing this 5 years or so, but recently did a talk to postgrad uni students and realised how much I’d acquired in those years that the students weren’t being taught as part of their music composition course. As much as I’d love to be mentored myself I recognise I can be at least a little useful 🙂
15:45:30 From Simeon Walker : #Yorkshire
15:45:31 From John Rushton : Yes, imposter syndrome – I’ve signed up to be a mentor but it took me 3 attempts at opening to form and closing it before actually submitting it
15:45:41 From Jim Copperthwaite : COME ON YORKSHIRE
15:45:42 From frances shelley To All Panelists : Imposter syndrome ! bugged me my whole life !
15:46:07 From Richard Wilkinson : Yes! Started in Rochdale – great Brass Band culture but bugger all otherwise in terms of media/telly/game stuff
15:46:12 From Kevin Sargent : Rob Northcott – absolutely. So much of what we take for granted after a few years is a revelation to the uninitated
15:46:13 From Callum Hoskin : is there a way to apply for peer to peer mentorship?
15:46:24 From Rich de Whittaker : I’m mental,does that count? 🤓
15:46:56 From Richard Wilkinson : The ‘manage’ a trois?
15:47:04 From Yasmine Latkowski To All Panelists : Hi, can library composers become mentors?
15:47:18 From Myles McLeod : naughty
15:47:22 From Sam Watts : The mentage a trois?
15:47:24 From Peter Flint : Join the polycule
15:47:38 From Anthony White : Rob N, I agree with your latter point regarding University students.
15:47:44 From Benjamin Symons : When will mentors be notified?
15:48:04 From Izzy Flynn : savage game!!!
15:48:07 From Dan McGrath : Awful game…
15:48:09 From Aniss Belkadi : Hahahaha
15:48:18 From Ben Morales Frost : Never play it with your in-laws
15:49:12 From Adrian Leung : WOOP!
15:49:19 From Anthony White : The Monday conversations are great – thank you all!
15:49:20 From Daniel Nolan : thanks
15:49:38 From Giles Thornton : These sessions are great- thank you!!!
15:49:41 From Myles McLeod : Cheers!
15:49:50 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand : good grief, when is Wednesday?
15:49:56 From Richard Hellgren : do you get a confirmation of applying?
15:50:05 From Myles McLeod : I didn’t
15:50:05 From Richard Wilkinson : Wednesday… what a concept
15:50:16 From Sam Watts : Wednesday is the day after Sunday, right?
15:50:29 From Dan McGrath : Next Wednesday is the 91st of Juvember
15:50:43 From Jonny Colgan : The 11teenth of Smarch
15:50:47 From Michael Ladouceur : Where is this link to register? I’d love to be a mentor, perhaps someone could post the link here?
15:51:00 From Kim Halliday : I have to go, so thanks everyone, see you next week.
15:51:23 From Adrian Leung :
15:51:28 From Sam Watts :
15:51:45 From Michael Ladouceur : Thank you!
15:52:06 From Harriet Moss : There it is! Sign up by noon UK time on Wednesday 1st April
15:52:08 From Izzy Flynn : what are the full abeam of everyone that spoke today please?
15:52:27 From Jodie Grayer : I have been using Slated to find other projects. check it out if you haven’t already!
15:52:28 From Izzy Flynn : what are the full names of everyone that spoke today please?
15:52:48 From Richard Wilkinson : Videogames also!
15:53:18 From Kevin Sargent : Promote yourself as an artist as much as a composer for hire
15:54:13 From Sam Watts : Debbie Wiseman says write for at least 20 minutes a day. Even if it’s only knocking together a short piece for piano, it keeps up your skill.
15:54:39 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers : To Izzy: Michael Price, Catherine Grieves, Harriet Moss and Claire Jarvis
15:54:45 From Sam Watts : That’s a really great point Kevin!
15:54:54 From Kevin Sargent : Absolutely Sam. I started writing a saxophone concerto a couple of years and I noticed how much I’d improved in articulacy when I next got a scoring gig
15:55:09 From Izzy Flynn : thank you!!!
15:56:01 From Amber Jay Higgins : Just a question for Catherine…I have some demos/songs that have an interesting sound that I think you might be interested in. Is it possible to send you some of my work? Thanks, Amber 🙂
15:56:13 From Jonny Colgan : Just started working on a Sax concerto yesterday Kevin!
15:56:22 From DIE HEXEN : Any Composer on here who could give me some advice re getting more games work? I’ve some experience and my sound really fits this world. I’m mainly scoring film, doc and animation. My email is Thanks!
15:56:24 From Kevin Sargent : Ha! Race ya!
15:56:33 From Kevin Sargent : @Jonny
15:56:50 From Ralegh Long To All Panelists : These are great points, just keep making music. Doesn’t have to be great every time, just go to the well everyday!
15:57:20 From Sam Watts : I’ve been writing a symphony for about 10 years. Turns out they’re not that easy to do…
15:57:26 From Jonny Colgan : Ha @Kevin, slow and steady!
15:58:14 From Myles McLeod : And that’s why I’m writing an EP yay! Struggle to write music without image though!
15:58:30 From Kevin Sargent : Well said Harriet!
15:58:34 From Simeon Walker : YES, Harriet! Very important point
15:58:35 From David Pinching : Thank you
15:58:41 From David McAulay : Well said – got brain fog right now!
15:58:44 From Aneek Thapar : PJ’s approved! wooo!
15:58:44 From Kevin Sargent : This is not a linear career path
15:58:45 From Sam Watts : So it’s okay that I’ve plowed through two Tomb Raider games, then?!
15:58:57 From frances shelley To All Panelists : Great all – ! so nice
15:59:00 From Colin Carroll To All Panelists : Thanks again Michael
15:59:01 From Daisy Coole : Absolutely right. Thank you Harriet! Be kind to yourselves, everyone
15:59:02 From Daniel Nolan : Thanks all
15:59:03 From Jim Copperthwaite : Thanks Michael and all panelists. Great stuff.
15:59:03 From Tom Rackham : Thanks all – another great session!
15:59:04 From Aniss Belkadi : Thank you very much for your time !
15:59:09 From Rob Knight : I find the isolation hard to keep the motivation…when I mingle the more I get motivated.
15:59:12 From Christian Henson : Amazingly well done meet back next week!
15:59:13 From David McAulay : Enjoyed that thank you.
15:59:13 From Nikki Davison : Thank you, wise people!
15:59:14 From Amber Jay Higgins : Thank you very much! Found this so helpful 🙂
15:59:14 From Joseph Lawrenson : Thanks guys!!
15:59:16 From Sam Watts : Thanks everyone. Really great again.
15:59:17 From Tara Creme To All Panelists : That’s a nice point Harriet. Thanks very much Michael and all
15:59:18 From Adrian Leung : Thanks for your time!
15:59:18 From Kevin Sargent : Great to be with you all. Thanks everyone!
15:59:19 From Anthony White : Thank you ALL for your time!
15:59:20 From Richard Hellgren : Thank you!
15:59:21 From Simon Lowdon : Very well said Harriet. Important not to put too much pressure on yourself.
15:59:26 From Rich de Whittaker : cheers
15:59:28 From Ellie Parker : Thank you! Brilliant conversation x
15:59:28 From Oliver Vessey : Cheers all, see you next time.
15:59:29 From Jim McWilliam : Thanks everyone and to Michael for setting all of this up.
15:59:29 From Julian Guidetti : Thanks so much for this!
15:59:30 From Rob Knight : Well said @simon
15:59:33 From Jim Sanger : Thanks Michael and everyone, see you next week 🙂
15:59:35 From Dan Watts : Great chat everyone. Thank you all!
15:59:37 From Simeon Walker : Thanks everyone!
15:59:38 From Grégoire Vaillant : Thanks a lot Michael for all this !
15:59:40 From Andy Jenkinson : Thanks all.
15:59:41 From Simon Rushby : Thank you everybody and stay safe 🙂
15:59:41 From Hannah Peel To All Panelists : Amazing chat, Thank you all for this!
15:59:41 From Peter Flint : Great stuff, thanks for putting this on!
15:59:41 From Eric James : Great chat. Thank you!
15:59:44 From Liz Lane To All Panelists : Rob Knight – I get that… this is really helpful, thank you all
15:59:46 From Jonny Colgan : Thanks again Michael for hosting. Take care everyone!
15:59:47 From Kevin Sargent : Be kind to yourselves and keep working, keep your chops up.
15:59:48 From Myles McLeod : Thanks everyone in chat and all panelists!
15:59:48 From Garry Judd To All Panelists : 🙏🏼❤️❤️
15:59:50 From Lewis Amoroso : Thanks all!!
15:59:51 From Jon Baker : Thanks everyone!
15:59:53 From Simon Lowdon : Thank you all – amazing, valuable experience! Until next time.
15:59:53 From DIE HEXEN : Thanks Michael, everyone… x
15:59:54 From Laura Iredale : THANKS
15:59:54 From Jodie Grayer : Thanks all!
15:59:56 From Ben Haynes : Thank you, everyone! This has been really helpful.
15:59:56 From Richard Wilkinson : 👏🏼
15:59:56 From Rob Knight : thanks to everyone for sparing the time in these crazy days
15:59:58 From Aniss Belkadi : Thanks everyone, great chat !! ;))
15:59:59 From Mauricio Loseto : Thank you very much!!!
16:00:00 From Dan McGrath : Cheers all
16:00:01 From Christian Henson : bye1
16:00:01 From John Rushton : Thanks to all 🙂
16:00:01 From Ross Koopmans : Thanks so much that was amazing!
16:00:01 From Paddy Fletcher : Thanks very much!
16:00:01 From Izzy Flynn : thank you all!!!!
16:00:01 From Simon Woodgate : Thanks everyone, very useful 🙂
16:00:03 From Hitch Causon : Great stuff, thanks Mike and everyone !
16:00:05 From Stuart Peck : thank you for your time everyone!
16:00:05 From Jez Stephenson : Thank you all
16:00:05 From Lorne MacDougall : Thank you thank you thank you!!
16:00:11 From Aramis Silvereke : Thank you everyone! Great info!
16:00:12 From Peter Flint : Bye everyone, stay home!
16:00:13 From Ben Morales Frost : Thanks and good bye!
16:00:14 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers : Thanks everyone
16:00:14 From Michael Ladouceur : Thanks everyone!
16:00:14 From Rob Knight : Stay well everyone
16:00:14 From Izzy Flynn : *insert wave!
16:00:17 From Colin Carroll To All Panelists : Thanks everyone appreciate what you are doing.
16:00:17 From Pete Malkin To All Panelists : Thanks all!
16:00:17 From Joe Alexander : 👍 cheers