Composer Coffee Break 4

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 4th session was on Mon 6th April 2020 – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:


14:55:35 From Adam Kloc To All Panelists : Hi Michael!
14:55:36 From Benjamin Symons : Afternoon
14:55:45 From Benjamin Symons : Good to be back
14:55:45 From Andrew Reaver : Hey!
14:55:47 From Sophie Lloyd To All Panelists : Hello!
14:55:49 From Owain Llwyd : Hello!
14:55:50 From Claire Batchelor To All Panelists : Hi 🙂
14:55:50 From JOE GALUSZKA To All Panelists : Hey!
14:55:53 From Rob Knight : Afternoon everyone!
14:55:54 From Anthony White To All Panelists : Good afternoon!
14:55:54 From Joe Donaldson : Hello again!
14:55:56 From John Rushton : Good afternoon
14:56:07 From Ben Morales Frost : Hello everyone!
14:56:09 From Oli Julian : Hi everyone!
14:56:09 From Jodie Grayer : Hi all!
14:56:10 From Lewis Amoroso : Hey all!
14:56:11 From Catherine Hillier To All Panelists : hello hello!
14:56:13 From Anton Yakshibaev : hello, Michael and everyone
14:56:14 From Allan Glen : Hi everyone!
14:56:16 From Anthony White : 👍🏻
14:56:16 From Michael Langley : afternoon maestro
14:56:22 From Simon Poole To All Panelists : Hiya!
14:56:23 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists : hi all
14:56:24 From Kim Halliday : See, I can be trained!
14:56:24 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
14:56:27 From Mike Ladouceur : Afternoon! Thanks again for organising these Michael!
14:56:36 From Harriet Moss : Hello!
14:56:41 From Isaac Nurse To All Panelists : Finally, missed the last three
14:56:41 From Adri Mena : Afternoon everyone!
14:56:42 From James Hepher : Afternoon, a welcome break!
14:56:42 From George Simmonds : Hello everyone
14:56:42 From James Moffatt : Hello from Liverpool!
14:56:44 From DMITRIY Balakin : Hello There!
14:56:44 From Owain Roberts : Good afternoon all!
14:56:45 From Ellie Parker : Hey everyone!
14:56:47 From Laur Pihel To All Panelists : hi,
14:56:48 From Michael England To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
14:56:49 From Simon Woodgate To All Panelists : Good afternoon everyone 🙂
14:56:51 From Nainita Desai : Good Afternoon michael !
14:56:59 From Jo Ranger : Hey folks!
14:56:59 From Jez Stephenson : Afternoon all
14:57:01 From Marie-Anne Fischer To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
14:57:04 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers : Good afternoon, all
14:57:06 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand : Good afternoon all x
14:57:09 From Claire Batchelor : Tea 👍🏻 👍🏻
14:57:10 From Chris Pugh To All Panelists : Hi all
14:57:11 From Sophie Lloyd To All Panelists : It’s my birthday…so I have a gin and tonic!
14:57:16 From Tom Rackham : ‘Allo all!
14:57:24 From Pete Brazier : hello all and thanks for doing this Michael – is Arnie coming and any word on my tenner ?🤣🤣❤️
14:57:25 From Anton Yakshibaev : I don’t drink coffee but I got some tea
14:57:25 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : coffee 🙂
14:57:45 From David Pinching : Ive got a coffee
14:57:52 From Tony Barton To All Panelists : Hello all!
14:58:03 From Benjamin Symons : Sugar and caffeine free!!! The worst one
14:58:14 From Marie-Anne Fischer : Hello!
14:58:14 From Simon Rushby : Afternoon peeps
14:58:15 From Chris Pugh : Hi all
14:58:20 From Lorne MacDougall : Back here from Carradale, Kintyre, Scotland! Legends! 🙂
14:58:26 From Tony Barton : Hello all!
14:58:36 From Adam Kloc : Greetings from Bristol, everyone!
14:58:36 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists : watch a Arnie mate x
14:58:37 From Andrew T Mackay To All Panelists : Greetings from West Ealing
14:58:41 From Adrian Leung : Howdy folks!
14:58:45 From Nick Foster To All Panelists : hello everyone !
14:58:52 From Chris Pugh : Hi Lorne McDougall from Chris Pugh
14:58:52 From Doug Heaton To All Panelists : Greetings all!
14:58:57 From Aurelien Rubod To All Panelists : Hi everyone
14:59:00 From Laura Iredale To All Panelists : Hi 🙂
14:59:01 From Fernando Cabrera To All Panelists : Greetings from Spain everyone!
14:59:01 From Simon Woodgate To All Panelists : Can’t you see more than one person a the same time?
14:59:04 From Rich de Whittaker : greetings
14:59:13 From Matthew Justin To All Panelists : I don’t see the option to turn my mic and camera on and off. Is that the same for the rest of you?
14:59:38 From Benjamin Symons : hahahaa
14:59:44 From Benjamin Symons : This is going to be great
14:59:45 From Jemma Jeffery : Good afternoon!
14:59:46 From Daniele Falangone : Hello guys!
15:00:02 From Kim Halliday : Animal will do it for meat!
15:00:09 From Chris Cozens : Talking of muppets – morning.
15:00:16 From Myles McLeod : Dan’s in and banter begins
15:00:29 From Adam Kloc : What about my boy Beaker then?!
15:00:29 From kim Moore To All Panelists : hello all!
15:00:31 From Simeon Walker : Hey folks
15:00:42 From Giles Thornton : Hello all!! 🙂
15:00:44 From Peter Flint : You get one of the old hecklers from the balcony
15:00:45 From Alex Kozobolis To All Panelists : muppet dean gaffney – I think that’s the name of the band that forms in the aftermath of this group
15:00:53 From Tim White : Good afternoon, again!
15:01:03 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : Hi all!
15:01:05 From Jayla Damaris To All Panelists : Hello from Toronto!
15:01:10 From Dmitry Selipanov To All Panelists : Cheers from Moscow 🙂
15:01:16 From Richard Hellgren To All Panelists : Good Afternoon!
15:01:27 From Roger Goula : Hi everyone!
15:01:39 From Jonathan Daglish : Hi all! 🙂
15:01:47 From Evgeny Teilor To All Panelists : Hi everyone! )
15:01:47 From Jim Cornick : Hello!
15:01:53 From Katy Jackson : hello all 🙂
15:01:54 From Harry Peat : Afternoon all!
15:01:54 From Paul Dunphy : Hello my lovelies x
15:01:54 From Marcus Hedges : Hey everyone
15:01:59 From Dan Watts : Afternoon all!
15:01:59 From Jayla Damaris : Hello from Toronto!
15:02:02 From Adriano Aponte : Hello everybody
15:02:04 From Matthew Justin : I don’t see the option to turn my mic and camera on and off. Is that the same for the rest of you?
15:02:07 From Natasha Sofla : Hello!
15:02:09 From Matt Emery : Heya!
15:02:18 From Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch : Hi everyone!
15:02:20 From Will Lyons : Hello!
15:02:25 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : Hello! everyone!
15:02:26 From Richard Lightman : Hi Everyone.
15:02:27 From Ryan Majoris : Thanks for hosting!!
15:02:28 From Matthew Justin : Perfect – I can remain looking bad, haha
15:02:29 From Andy Jenkinson : Good afternoon all.
15:02:42 From Giovanni Rotondo : Hi everyone!
15:02:55 From Dominique Charpentier To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:03:10 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists : I missed the mentoring but would love to be involved
15:03:26 From Andrew T Mackay : is that closed now in terms of applying?
15:03:31 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists : maybe David can finish training me ?(!) Arnie 😃🤣🇬🇧❤️🎶
15:03:36 From Myles McLeod : I think so
15:03:41 From Adam Kloc : Brackets and everything haha
15:03:42 From Mauricio Loseto : Hi everyone, thank you Michael for organising this one more week
15:03:50 From Rob Knight : It can’t be as corrupt as the World Cup surely :-p
15:04:00 From Marcus Hedges : oh noooo
15:04:00 From Chris Cozens : 3m in and you’re already talking about getting balls out…
15:04:04 From Marcus Hedges : gutted I missed out on that
15:04:27 From Stefan Henrico : hi all!
15:05:07 From Rob Knight : LOL!!
15:05:11 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : It’s a very nice spare room Micheal…
15:05:14 From Richard Wilkinson : Revenge showers
15:05:14 From Andrew T Mackay : ha ha ha
15:05:30 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : hahaha you jokers
15:05:35 From Myles McLeod : banter
15:05:38 From Rich de Whittaker : cc21
15:05:45 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : Shouldn’t the spare room be the place where you display all the posters advertising your work? Or is that just me…lol
15:06:42 From Laura Iredale To All Panelists : Please mentor me, need some lessons in stand up…
15:06:42 From Tony Lewis : I mean how else was this going to go?
15:06:47 From Dan Watts : I’ve got some Toffee Crumbles!
15:06:50 From Jim McWilliam : like the original midget gems
15:06:55 From Claire Batchelor : fruit pastille lolly 👍🏻
15:07:01 From Richard Wilkinson : This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve missed in lockdown 🙂
15:07:16 From Benjamin Symons : HAHAHAH
15:07:19 From Chloe Pemberton To All Panelists : hey Dan, from Dad
15:07:21 From Tom Rackham : Brilliant.
15:07:26 From Giles Thornton : That joke was classic!!
15:07:27 From Richard Wilkinson : Fruit pastille lolly was the wrong way round – there was only a tiny bit of the nicest flavour
15:07:32 From Richard Wilkinson : Stupid lemon at the bottom
15:07:41 From Adam Kloc : That’s the mentorship I’d like to have, just throwing tomatoes on the floor haha
15:08:18 From Nick Holywell-Walker : I’m doing a mix as I listen as I have to hit a deadline , hopefully nobody’s audio gets through 🙂 Especially this mix.
15:08:25 From Nikiforos Chrysoloras To All Panelists : Hello everyone! @Dan, it’s Nikiforos (from Prague & Tenerife). Nice ‘seeing’ you again!
15:08:36 From Nick Holywell-Walker : If you hear Shakuhachi, let me know .
15:08:41 From Toby Pitman To All Panelists : hello lads!
15:08:44 From Richard Wilkinson : Good luck Nick!
15:09:42 From Jodie Grayer : That was my uni!
15:09:51 From Fenton Hutson To All Panelists : Hi guys, would love it if you could answer this 🙂
15:09:54 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Can anyone advice an older composer like myself how to get out of this game and avoid getting any projects. I’m enjoying gardening.
15:09:59 From Fenton Hutson To All Panelists : I’ve been hired to write a 4-hour pastiche orchestral adaptive music score for a video game. As it is a small studio I am writing the music, orchestrating it and producing all the parts – I’ve written for orchestra and have had my music played before but only ever in a concert hall setting. As this is my first video game, is there any advice you can give me on how I should prepare for this task? Especially in making the music adaptive?
15:10:44 From Claire Batchelor : I’ll look after those projects Nick 🙂
15:10:49 From Richard Wilkinson : NFTS seems a v good bet for those starting out
15:10:55 From Michael Price : (If you’re typing a message, make sure you’ve got “All Panellists and attendees” set just above where you type)
15:10:57 From Anna Neale : You can come and do my garden if you like Nick and I’ll cover those projects for you…
15:11:34 From Pete Brazier : thrilled to have been in your life thru all of this David … Danny , the young Americans … oh if simon cowell hasn’t signed me I would have stayed with ya buddy x
15:11:40 From Pete Brazier : legend x
15:11:50 From Anna Neale : Don’t ask (nicely), don’t get. Good motto for the music industry.
15:11:57 From Nick Holywell-Walker : I’m half joking as I’ve probably just lost this year’s work! Gardening chops coming together nicely though.
15:12:20 From Anna Neale : Oh Nick! Honestly feel for you there. All my radio work has gone on hold. 🙁
15:13:28 From Claire Batchelor : We will have tip top gardens though 🙂
15:15:08 From Anna Neale : This is very true. Network, network, network.
15:15:38 From David Pinching : Agree with Anna there.
15:15:44 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Networking increases the chance of those breaking opportunities.
15:16:18 From Giles Thornton : Network is the basis of business I feel!
15:16:59 From Lars Johansen : You have to put the work into your own chops to make your own luck as it were, be at the right place at the right time, and when you are, and then make sure you’re the right person.
15:17:00 From Anna Neale : Building relationships from networking also important. It’s not just about collecting business cards.
15:17:00 From Richard Wilkinson : Also treat every gig as if it could be the one to get you noticed and work as hard as you can- I’ve found the smaller stuff has often led to bigger stuff
15:18:40 From Rob Knight : Thats the Stranger Thing vibe..they were writing music and the dir heard them and wanted them to write for the show..
15:18:47 From Myles McLeod : I think the healthiest business relationships are definitely the ones where you have a friendship going for sure
15:20:17 From Aurelien Rubod : that’s so insightful, thank you
15:20:34 From Catherine Hillier : This is so so helpful! Thank you guys!
15:20:46 From Kevin Sargent : That;s a great analogy, Dan
15:21:03 From Anthony White : These metaphors are brilliant, thank you Dan!
15:21:10 From Richard Wilkinson : Beyond Meat burger 😀
15:21:19 From Doug Heaton To All Panelists : Hans burgers..
15:21:23 From Dan Watts : Agreed Kevin. Brilliant analogy, Dan!
15:21:26 From Nick Skachkov Skachkov To All Panelists : come to visit Russia! Michael already did)
15:21:27 From Richard Wilkinson : 🍔
15:21:34 From Stu Kennedy To All Panelists : what about sausage rolls?
15:22:09 From Richard Wilkinson : Also, you get known for doing the cool stuff rather than the hamburger stuff, and people hire you for that sound instead
15:22:17 From Jodie Grayer : sonic signature!
15:24:40 From Fenton Hutson : The Stargate score is still one of your best David!!
15:25:23 From Anna Neale : Love is the most important thing in music. What keeps you going!
15:26:09 From Pete Brazier : mr greedy Audio were fun days on pop songs David
15:26:17 From Myles McLeod : love Good Omens such cheeky score
15:27:13 From Dominique Charpentier To All Panelists : How do you find a agent?
15:27:22 From Jayla Damaris : Good Omens opening theme is brilliant, especially if you don’t have formal training, David
15:28:26 From Stu Kennedy To All Panelists : How do you balance work/family/sanity? And what have you learned over the years?
15:28:40 From Tom Gray : You’re all sounding terrifyingly reasonable.
15:28:53 From paul englishby : Loved that, David A.
15:29:10 From Tom Gray : Brilliant insights. x
15:29:43 From Aurelien Rubod : haha
15:30:59 From Elliot Nicklin To All Panelists : It’s interesting as these mistakes or shortcuts from those artists with power are included, then become canonical, and are then more valid with each inevitable reuse
15:31:29 From Michael Price : (If you’re typing a message, make sure you’ve got “All Panellists and attendees” set just above where you type)
15:31:37 From Richard Wilkinson : Spotting, conforms, navigating around dramatic beats etc are unfamiliar to most ‘artist-turned-composer’ types
15:31:37 From Anna Neale : One of the best yet Micheal. Some great insights and advice.
15:31:54 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : tell us!!!
15:31:57 From Elliot Nicklin : It’s interesting as these mistakes or shortcuts from those artists with power are included, then become canonical, and are then more valid with each inevitable reuse
15:32:00 From Nick Skachkov Skachkov : come to visit Russia! Michael already did)
15:32:26 From Richard Wilkinson : Exactly! This is my bugbear with lots of scores
15:32:41 From Rich de Whittaker : absolutely Dan
15:32:41 From Dominique Charpentier : How do you find an agent?
15:32:54 From Claire Batchelor : Funny how they want a name because they’re risk averse, when in fact using an experienced composer might be less of a risk
15:33:13 From Richard Lightman To All Panelists : You talk about sonic palettes. Do both of you tend to keep to one palette of sounds or textures per film?
15:33:53 From Marcus Hedges : Interested to know when the right time to get an agent is…
15:34:13 From Alex Kozobolis To All Panelists : I got 99 problems and a boiler is all of them
15:34:13 From Paul Dunphy : You joke, but Jay Z gave me a really good quote on my plastering last week
15:34:21 From Richard Wilkinson : Marcus – I’d say it’s when you land a project that is too big to negotiate yourself alone
15:34:28 From Rob Northcott : Is Jay-Z writing Dan’s metaphors?
15:34:45 From Richard Wilkinson : Barry the Boiler Guy’s latest album is a banger, to be fair…
15:35:10 From Tom Gray : There have always been artist soundtracks. Miles Davis, Paul Simon, Ravi Shankar, Isaac Hayes, Vangelis, Ry Cooder
15:35:12 From James Hepher : Bazza the Boiler Guy Westcountry rap album
15:35:56 From Tom Gray : Randy Newman, Quincy Jones, Sonny Rollins.
15:36:23 From Jayla Damaris : Mica Levi, Trent Reznor
15:37:30 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : hildur gudnadottir
15:38:15 From James Hepher : I think it all depends on the artist, if they’re not too proud to get help. Think of the Tron score with daft punk who got Joe trapaneze in to help them make it a film score
15:38:33 From Richard Wilkinson : Or the Reznor/Ross collabs
15:38:55 From Richard Wilkinson : Atticus, not Jonathan
15:39:21 From Jayla Damaris : Tron Daft Punk score was amazing, didn’t know about the Trapaneze assistance. Will look into that
15:39:33 From Anna Neale : Good on you David.
15:40:06 From Marcus Hedges : Rich – interesting, I always thought of an agent as someone who helps find work. But I guess you make a great point
15:40:11 From James Hepher : Yeah it help define him as a big time composer, he was the go to guy to collaborate with artists for film scores
15:40:25 From Sebastian Szwarc To All Panelists : Dum dum pam parampam pam pam pam ( singing Sherlock score)
15:40:28 From Richard Wilkinson : Never expect an agent to get you work!
15:40:35 From Elliot Nicklin : The ephemeral nature of anything social-media-driven is really disheartening. The effort involved too in this endless drive for “content’ (yuck) takes time away from the actual craft too. Without a team of people behind you it can feel like you’re failing to tired water let alone swim with the current
15:41:06 From Marcus Hedges : @Rich – noted 😉
15:41:10 From Isaac Nurse : Joseph Trapanese also worked with M83 on Oblivion
15:41:29 From Kevin Sargent : In my experience, agents find you …
15:41:38 From Rob Knight : I have worked on three short films, all through Twitter!
15:41:41 From Myles McLeod : You need to have a natural affinity towards scoring films, it’s a talent in itself, being able to read and seamlessly meld the music to the film. Not every recording artist will be able to read film in that way, as Dan said, it takes years to master.Problem is directors will look to hire composers that have big names to draw more attention to their films and recording artists have the biggest of names.
15:42:01 From Jonny Colgan : Agents find you just like in the Matrix
15:42:11 From Claire Batchelor : lol Jonny
15:42:25 From Marcus Hedges : haha making note of that, Jonny
15:42:31 From Jemma Jeffery : Thank you for answering my question! 🙂
15:42:34 From Tom Gray : Hard agree Dan.
15:42:44 From kim Moore : Dan i totally agree…I work mostly in theatre/dance score..but there is a similar thing if you come into that with no experience of narrative and storytelling and music…
15:42:49 From Rich de Whittaker : vangelis
15:42:53 From Andrew T Mackay : that’s a very good point Dan. Being an artists helps bring awareness but I was a film composer first
15:43:16 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists :
15:43:29 From Pete Brazier :
15:43:29 From Giles Thornton : Well Said Dan!!
15:43:47 From Aramis Silvereke : I agree!
15:43:57 From James Hepher : Isn’t that why we become film composers because we don’t care about being in the spotlight…?
15:44:06 From Jayla Damaris : James, yes
15:44:24 From Myles McLeod : yeah i like the incognito fame
15:44:35 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists : this guys astonishing David – could we write something together with him ?
15:44:38 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists :
15:44:59 From James Hepher : Let’s all invite collaboration on social media!!
15:45:00 From Claire Batchelor : “Good work is the most powerful thing you can do” quote of the day
15:45:00 From Tom Rackham : Totally beautiful ethos about envy.
15:45:03 From Anthony White : So true Dan.
15:45:04 From Vincent Webb : Hear hear!
15:45:09 From Andrew T Mackay : what a brilliant mindset. Don’t try and sell envy
15:45:15 From Andrew T Mackay : wonderful
15:45:16 From Stu Kennedy : Amen!
15:45:17 From Pete Brazier To All Panelists : it a charity release for Lyme disease
15:45:19 From Marcus Hedges : exactly, Dan!!
15:45:23 From Richard Wilkinson : Hear, hear
15:45:25 From Lillie Harris : yeah that’s a really great approach to have to social media/online presence
15:45:25 From Giles Thornton : Very Insightful Dan!
15:45:31 From Daisy Chute To All Panelists : well said 🙂
15:45:32 From Jayla Damaris : Thank you!
15:45:33 From Peter Flint : Yeah I think that there’s a difference of mindset in those who “write music for films” and those who “want to be a film composer”
15:45:52 From kim Moore : Thanks Dan…staying curious always…sharing process…
15:47:14 From James Hepher : David’s got three blocks of buildings like Hans!
15:47:41 From Tom Gray : I only disagreed with the point that seeking artists to do soundtracks is a transient thing. It has always gone on. Buying into ‘cool’ is as old as pop culture. Speaking as a vaguely successful screen composer who never got a job because of his former life as an artist – because we were never cool – it’s a moot point.
15:49:35 From Richard Wilkinson : And conforms…
15:49:46 From Claire Batchelor : I thought you were very cool! 🙂
15:49:52 From Claire Batchelor : (Tom)
15:50:09 From Tom Gray : x
15:50:22 From Anthony White : How would you start/initiate the networking process in linking with filmmakers for film composing projects Dan, Michael, David?
15:50:34 From Dan Watts : The speed that they can edit a film has definitely shortened the amount of time to score it!
15:52:52 From Dan Watts : That’s an excellent point David!
15:53:10 From Giles Thornton : Fantastic, insightful point David! 🙂
15:53:15 From Kevin Sargent : Vertical thought is so important
15:53:16 From Charles Spears To All Panelists : 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
15:53:27 From Sam Fuller : Ive got my biggest project to date coming out this year. Is there anything i could do to maximise the future work I could get off the back of the job?
15:53:28 From Richard Wilkinson : Writing without click and then mapping tempo to it is a tricky habit to get into. Great point
15:53:35 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : I so much agree with that comment about the click track..
15:53:38 From Simon Woodgate : I did my last film with no metronome – was the best experience
15:54:00 From Jayla Damaris : oh wow, this describes my blacks as a contemporary composer trying to write for film! 1: click track and 2. writing horizontally. Thank you David, will keep in mind as to how to adjust my process
15:54:07 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : Still trying to find a way to get inspired without that tic tic tic tic
15:54:09 From Jayla Damaris : block*
15:54:34 From Stu Kennedy : all my best writing is without click … but it can be a nightmare to retrofit with tempo map
15:54:46 From DIE HEXEN : I never use a metronome to have a full emotional response to the picture.
15:54:49 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : exactly Stu!
15:54:50 From Richard Wilkinson : John Powell’s tempo maps are similarly spiky
15:55:17 From Arran Johnson : Admittedly my, a lot of my undergrad and masters work was written exactly like that in order to get it down quicker
15:55:44 From Sam Fuller To All Panelists : Ive got my biggest project to date coming out this year. Is there anything i could do to maximise the future work I could get off the back of the job?
15:55:53 From Stu Kennedy : excellent point about re-edits with complex tempo maps
15:56:12 From Fenton Hutson : How do you never use a metronome if you are recording with a group of musicians?
15:56:24 From kim Moore : This is so useful, coming from theatre work mostly, it has to be reactive and be able to change according to the performance every night…which is a different set up challenges…when i’ve done film work i’ve taken this into it and tried to find ways that it the edit shifts it’s not the whole music being needed to be re written and recorded…it’s hard for it to have that liveness or not being slave to a click…
15:56:26 From Kevin Sargent : ‘Pragmatic’?
15:56:30 From Helen Lynch : Wrote last short film score without a click simply because logic is a pain for tempo changing. It relies on markers mapping out the hits before you even start. Turned out great, though. I visually laid it out like a game score; every scene was its own block and each block visually descended on the screen so I could easily find the cue.
15:56:31 From Richard Wilkinson : Can we run this for another hour Michael?
15:56:41 From Jonny Colgan : All this hamburger talk is making me hungry
15:56:46 From Jayla Damaris : Seconding that Richard!
15:56:46 From Simon Woodgate : Fenton – you conduct them!
15:56:57 From Paul Dunphy : Yeah, this needs a part two. This is excellent.
15:57:02 From Giles Thornton : This is an amazing episode!
15:57:05 From Paul Dunphy : Thirding, Richard!
15:57:21 From kim Moore : Yes thinking about it like music for games…too it needs to be able to shift and change too…that’s useful…
15:57:31 From Chris Cozens : Fenton – there’s a system of clicks and streamers called Auricle that works well.
15:57:35 From George Simmonds : Dan’s exposing his slaughter house based in abbey road
15:57:55 From Fenton Hutson : Simon and Chris – thanks! Seems so obvious and will check out Auricle!
15:58:00 From Stu Kennedy : VAngelis is now too fat to leave his house without a crane … I feel like I can really relate to his plight in this current climate
15:58:07 From Jayla Damaris : Will also check out Auricle, thanks!
15:58:08 From Andrew T Mackay : can this chat go on forever please?
15:58:10 From Jonny Colgan : Lol Stu
15:58:17 From Tony Barton : This is fascinating
15:58:23 From Sebastian Szwarc : I can read notes a bit, but cannot play in it my mind seeing just notes 🙁
15:59:19 From Sebastian Szwarc : Stu – Have Vangelis composed anything recently?
15:59:44 From Daniel Pemberton To All Panelists : Vangelis fans – some exciting film score news coming from him soon FYI
15:59:54 From Anthony White : This is such an insightful episode, thank you gents!
16:00:04 From Stephen Tallamy : Thanks gents for a great chat
16:00:37 From Richard Wilkinson : Gladiator
16:00:53 From Lars Johansen : A beautiful mind
16:00:54 From Jim McWilliam : as an orchestrator I work with a lot of moving clicks. Can be troublesome but worth it.
16:01:24 From Kevin Sargent : Thanks so much, everyone. Great chat
16:01:35 From Jayla Damaris : This chat finished too soon! Thank you all for your time and expertise, so very helpful!
16:01:37 From Anna Neale : Second Kevin there
16:01:39 From Allan Glen : Thanks guys. This has been such a great insight. Maybe not mopping toilets! Ha
16:01:39 From Pete Brazier : forever the fool David 😃
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