Composer Coffee Break 5

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 5th session was on Mon 13th April 2020, with the wonderful Anne Dudley and John Lunn – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:


14:55:22 From Claire Batchelor : Hi 🙂
14:55:23 From Andrew Reaver : Hey there!
14:55:30 From Allan Glen : Hi guys!
14:55:30 From Myles McLeod : Hello everyone!
14:55:31 From Spencer Carson : Good morning from Canada!
14:55:34 From Tom Rackham : Hi all!
14:55:36 From Michael Langley : afternoon all!
14:55:36 From Ashton Gleckman : Hello!
14:55:37 From Lewis Amoroso : Hey guys!
14:55:39 From Patrick O’Connor : Hi folks!
14:55:43 From James Moffatt To All Panelists : Hey Everyone!
14:55:45 From Hannah Woolmer To All Panelists : Hello
14:55:48 From Allan Glen : This isn’t our first rodeo 😉
14:55:49 From Matthew Jones : Afternoon everybody!
14:55:50 From Darren Wonnacott : Hi Everyone!
14:55:54 From Tom Rackham : Looking sharp today Michael!
14:55:55 From Rich de Whittaker : greetings 👩🏼‍🚀✨
14:55:56 From Pete Catley : Hi there – newbie here – still to catch up on the previous sessions.
14:55:59 From Grégoire Vaillant To All Panelists : Hi everyone
14:56:01 From Kristen Gibson To All Panelists : Hi from Kris!
14:56:02 From Alessandro Sotgiu To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
14:56:14 From j saury To All Panelists : Hi all good morning from Sunny (disinfectant ly scented) Miami
14:56:15 From Kim Halliday : Hello hello
14:56:20 From Peter Flint : Hi all!
14:56:28 From kim Moore To All Panelists : Hello everyone x
14:56:31 From Dan Watts : Afternoon all!
14:56:43 From Francesco Marseglia : Hi everyone
14:56:45 From Owain Roberts : HELLO!
14:56:50 From Charles Spears : Hello from Florida everyone
14:56:51 From Jonathan Daglish : Hey everyone
14:56:54 From Thomas Jaermann To All Panelists : Hi from London
14:56:54 From Rob Connor : Looking very smart Mr.P
14:56:58 From Rob Knight : Afternoon all from sunny Surrey!
14:57:01 From John Altman : Can’t see any instructions!
14:57:12 From Lars Johansen : Afternoon from sunny Norway!
14:57:18 From Nick Phillips : Hello everyone
14:57:51 From Amber Jay Higgins To All Panelists : super excited to get started with the mentorship scheme thank you for the opportunity! 🙂
14:58:07 From Claire Batchelor : It’s like a costa cup, kind of
14:58:10 From Anthony White : Hi folks, a wee bit early. Great to be here! Thank you!
14:58:15 From j saury : Good morning or afternoon to all
14:58:17 From Thomas Jaermann To All Panelists : I’m having coffee and homemade banana bread
14:58:17 From Catherine Hillier : Hello all!
14:58:19 From Kim Halliday : At £8 each
14:58:23 From Lars Johansen : I feel called out with my espresso now, Michael!
14:58:26 From Lorne MacDougall : I bring a flash now!
14:58:27 From Jim McWilliam To All Panelists : afternoon everynoe!
14:58:27 From John Rushton To All Panelists : Hello all
14:58:27 From Matthew Jones : Morrisons £3 mug, makes a proper brew 😀
14:58:28 From Anton Yakshibaev To All Panelists : Hi Michael and everyone!
14:58:33 From Sonia Kiang : Good afternoon!
14:58:38 From John Rushton : Good afternoon
14:58:49 From Sascha Blank : Happy Easter and hi there!
14:58:53 From Lars Johansen : I’ll settle for that!
14:58:58 From Chris Pugh : Hi all. Happy Easter Monday!
14:59:08 From Jim McWilliam : Afternoon everyone!
14:59:13 From Jez Stephenson : Good afternoon!
14:59:14 From Dennis Tjiok : Hi everyone!
14:59:15 From Peter Flint : Good to see Mr Price all dressed up
14:59:17 From Mark Fabian : heloo
14:59:18 From Danai Kokogia To All Panelists : Hey!
14:59:19 From Jo Ranger : Hey folks!
14:59:20 From Michael England : Jacket on..!!
14:59:21 From Adri Mena : Hi everyone!
14:59:25 From Ellie Parker : Hey guys! Happy Easter
14:59:40 From Will Lyons To All Panelists : Hello!
15:00:11 From Adrian Leung : Howdy folks! Hope you’re having a nice Easter
15:00:19 From Dan Watts : PJs. Standard freelance attire!
15:00:41 From Stuart Peck : Hello all, hope all is well!
15:00:43 From Tim White : Good afternoon to one and all
15:00:45 From Alessandro Sotgiu : Good to catch up with all of you guys
15:00:48 From Andrew T Mackay : Hi Folks!
15:00:51 From Miriam Sternlicht To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:00:51 From Jo Ranger : Could make nice acoustic panelling those pictures
15:00:56 From Jack McKenzie To All Panelists : Hey everyone!
15:00:59 From JOE GALUSZKA : Hi all!
15:01:10 From Raphael Costa To All Panelists : Hello guys. Good morning from LA
15:01:12 From Andrea Possee To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:01:16 From Adriano Aponte : Hi all
15:01:24 From James Hepher : Hello Everyone
15:01:27 From Vlada Kupriyanova To All Panelists : Hi
15:01:30 From Mathias Bjørnskov To All Panelists : Hello!! Any other Danes here? 🙂
15:01:37 From Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:01:39 From Stuart Peck : Looking swish today Michael!
15:01:43 From Jonny Colgan To All Panelists : looking smart!
15:02:30 From Claire Batchelor : So grateful for this Harriet!
15:03:05 From Tim White : I’ve sent my confirmation back.. yippee!
15:03:40 From Chris Loxham To All Panelists : was that 3pm Thursday sorry?
15:04:10 From Giles Thornton : Hello!
15:04:33 From Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres : thanks for organising the scheme! x
15:04:36 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand : Thanks for all your work on this Harriet
15:04:43 From Mathias Bjørnskov To All Panelists : Is it possible to find some info in writing somewhere about this whole mentor/mentee thing? My internet is kinda bad today, so I’m missing some words
15:04:50 From Trifon Koutsourelis To All Panelists : Hello !
15:04:52 From James Hepher : You’re the best! Thank you all for putting this together
15:04:54 From Nick Phillips : Thanks Harriet. Sounds great
15:05:00 From Giles Thornton : Thank you for this!
15:05:02 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : Looking smart Michael!
15:05:06 From Jonny Colgan To All Panelists : Thanks a mill for all your hard work Harriet!
15:05:09 From John Rushton : Thank you!
15:05:14 From Amber Jay Higgins : looking forward to getting started with the mentorship scheme thank you!
15:05:37 From Rob Knight : Thanks Harriet and everyone..cant wait!
15:05:38 From Helen Lynch : Not late this time! I have my tea and scones with jam today.
15:05:39 From Alessandro Mastroianni To All Panelists : Thank you so much! I’m so looking forward to this
15:06:58 From Raphael Costa To All Panelists : Hi Harriet. Let me know if you still in need of mentors. I’d love to help.
15:07:08 From Richard Hellgren : hahaha
15:07:09 From Jim Sanger : I’ve cracked open an easter egg to celebrate
15:08:18 From Helen Lynch : @amber I missed the first 5 mins. what was said about the mentorship scheme?
15:08:39 From Rich Broome To All Panelists : Michael have you been delivering Milk Tray this morning? (one for the oldies there)
15:08:56 From Helen Lynch : Agree, John. I had an original deadline of this Friday for a film and now it’s indefinite. I don’t like not having a deadline!
15:09:44 From Yasmine Latkowski To All Panelists : That’s a really good point about deadlines. It’s all loose in all of my lines of work and it’s confusing for kids, adults, everyone x
15:11:02 From Richard Wilkinson : Suggestions from the player too – more freedom in creativity when it’s happening realtime
15:11:24 From Richard Wilkinson : (Of course, the fact we can do so much of this remotely is still amazing)
15:12:23 From Amber Jay Higgins : Hi Helen! Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be introduced to our mentor/mentee via email. Following that Wednesday there will be a special zoom meeting for tips on the scheme and Thursday we meet our mentor/mentee for the first time virtually. I think all details will be confirmed via email soon 🙂
15:12:54 From Adriano Aponte : The Last Kingdom – One of my favorite soundtrack in the last few years
15:13:17 From Peter Flint : Huge fan of Eivor!
15:13:40 From Nicolaj Nielsen : how do you sign up for the mentor scheme? I missed all the previous hangouts, because a shark ate the internet cable going to Vietnam (not joking!)
15:13:57 From Mary-Jess Leaverland : John, I was so thrilled to see that you would be on here today! So wonderful to see you and hear you and great to see that you are safe and well too! Xx
15:14:08 From Yasmine Latkowski : Thanks Amber, I missed that bit too, was there any mention of times of meetings as I’m booking students in 🙂 xx
15:15:44 From Amber Jay Higgins : I think harriet said 3pm for the Wednesday zoom meeting but I can’t be sure! 🙂
15:16:32 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : Thanks amber. I’ve to let them know if I can do it or not as this week is absolutely mental from this evening onward.
15:16:53 From Mike Ladouceur : Info for the mentorship scheme is in the notes from previous week’s chats, The link should be somewhere in the notes on Michael’s site. It may be closed now though unfortunately as it seems to have all been organised.
15:17:25 From Nicolaj Nielsen : damn, missed the boat again….
15:18:23 From Izzy Flynn : old, male and dead! yes haha
15:18:25 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : omg Anne. I feel the same way from time to time.
15:18:26 From Claire Batchelor : Old, male and dead lol
15:18:36 From Amara Falk : I’ve felt that way too! It took a while for me to call myself a composer!
15:18:43 From Jayla : Nicolaj missed it with you 🙁
15:19:03 From j saury : Nearly dead!
15:19:31 From Mike Martin To All Panelists : What are some of the core skills that you think are required to don the title of ‘composer’?
15:19:49 From John Altman To All Panelists : I think I’m getting the hang of this – great to see/hear you all
15:20:58 From Grégoire Vaillant To All Panelists : Do you guys have any compositional routines / habits ? Where do you usually start ? Any favorite techniques (hexachords / Counterpoint ?…) Thank you
15:22:13 From Stuart Russell To All Panelists : I very much found the contemporary classical scene to be as John Lunn described but with added snobbery
15:25:06 From Andrew T Mackay : Glad you were assertive and stuck to your guns. Fabulous piece of music
15:27:23 From Ashton Gleckman : The staccado strings are the train! So brilliant.
15:28:59 From Giles Thornton : So what time is the zoom chat on the mentorship scheme on Wednesday? 🙂
15:30:02 From Dan Watts : They’re all at 3pm, I believe.
15:30:17 From Giles Thornton : Great! 🙂
15:30:32 From Rich de Whittaker : fab ✨thankyou
15:31:00 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers To All Panelists : Yeah, I haven’t seen a FB event or received an email with a Zoom link for the Wednesday training for the mentorship scheme
15:33:07 From Richard Wilkinson : Improvising = composition
15:33:11 From Richard Wilkinson : Just a bit messier
15:34:06 From Dan Watts : That’s how I write. I throw stuff at it until something sticks.
15:34:37 From Peter Flint : Trying to work through it on paper always leads to disaster in my experience aha
15:35:29 From Richard Wilkinson : Yeah -I find sketching on paper great for themes and orchestration, but the actual work of getting the music out comes from improv on piano
15:35:30 From Izzy Flynn : John lunn- thank you, great to hear about your process
15:35:55 From Stuart Russell To All Panelists : Same, because I think you need to get the feel of it and reacting to it is the best place to start IMO
15:35:56 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand : And we end up really appreciating a great picture editor in all this
15:36:43 From Peter Flint : Yeah I think it’s good to write the themes down, but always best to find them through improvising
15:37:17 From Simeon Walker : Really interesting insights, thank you
15:37:20 From Ashton Gleckman : I’ve got to run, but please thank John and Anne for being here. Amazing composers and really appreciate these videos, Michael. Sending all my best to everyone!
15:37:25 From Ellie Parker : Brilliant points!
15:38:30 From Thomas Hewitt Jones : Yes wonderful to hear these perspectives – thank you so much both!
15:41:29 From Anthony White : Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspectives and musical journey’s John, Anne.
15:41:34 From Charles Gaskell : Not old enough for a lifetime award though 😉
15:42:00 From Nicolaj Nielsen : question to all panelists: advice for someone starting out in their early 40s? I’ve been a professional musician (viola) all my life, and worked many years in various orchestras. was creatively frustrated, wanted write and create instead. Now I make my living making sample libraries, which I enjoy, but I really want to write for a living. I guess that I currently live in Vietnam makes it complicated, then again maybe not, I’m the only western composer in the entire country.
15:46:03 From Stefano Della Casa To All Panelists : la chiave e’ nella pippa
15:47:52 From Nick Phillips : Art of Noise – Amazing!
15:49:43 From Rob Knight : Moments of Love is a work of pure genius 🙂
15:50:17 From Izzy Flynn : YAY!!!!!! beer stop!!!!
15:50:21 From Izzy Flynn : good lass!!!
15:50:22 From Raphael Costa To All Panelists : cheers
15:50:23 From Stefan Henrico : 😀
15:50:24 From Simon Poole : Leffe Blonde?
15:50:28 From John Rushton : very nice!
15:50:29 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers To All Panelists : cheers!
15:50:30 From Laura Iredale : So good!
15:50:32 From Chris Pugh : Yes!!
15:50:32 From James Moffatt : BRILLIANT!
15:50:32 From j saury : Cheers
15:50:33 From Chris Skipper : Classic
15:50:34 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : Jealous…
15:50:35 From Dan Watts : John wins!
15:50:36 From Alessandro Sotgiu : Cheers haha!
15:50:38 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : I would like to ask a question to all the panelists (if there’s time to answer it 🙂 ) : Would you encourrage a composer living in Europe to move to UK in order to pursue a career in film/tv music? Do you believe Brexit will negatively or positively affect the collaboration between composers and directors who live in UK and in EU?
15:50:38 From Jonny Colgan To All Panelists : I gotta get me one of those!
15:50:39 From Stuart Peck : Cheers!
15:50:39 From Dima Danov To All Panelists : Cheers 🙂
15:50:43 From Jim Sanger : Ha
15:50:45 From Richard Wilkinson : The only answer to “I don’t know what I am” is a nice, cold beer
15:50:48 From Nikki & Joe Davison To All Panelists : jealous!
15:51:07 From Izzy Flynn : haha true Richard!
15:52:50 From Rich Broome : Always time
15:53:06 From Rich Broome : …..for more trumpets
15:53:25 From Helen Lynch : Up for the chats if anyone’s on Twitter. Bank holiday here in Ireland today. Happy quarantine everyone and see you next webinar!
15:53:42 From Richard Wilkinson : Very diplomatic
15:55:44 From Richard Hellgren : Great insights thanks!!
15:55:53 From Anna Neale To All Panelists : The mid-career advice was very useful.
15:57:53 From Jonny Colgan To All Panelists : Try a different beer everyday
15:58:07 From Jonny Colgan : Try a different beer everyday
15:58:08 From Anna Neale : Slippery (expensive) slope that Modular one…
15:58:25 From Jo Ranger : Anna – and yet so enticing…
15:58:26 From Nick Phillips : Very true!
15:58:28 From Dan Watts : I could spend months on that wall!
15:58:42 From Anna Neale : I’m putting myself through Ableton…argh. New skills!
15:58:44 From Anthony White : Thank you for time, Anna, Michael and John!
15:58:44 From John Rushton : Thanks, Michael, Anne and Jon. Great insights and advice
15:58:45 From Helen Lynch : everyone download the mini moog app. great fun and can be linked to your DAW.
15:58:54 From Samuel Hollywood-Summers To All Panelists : Absolutely, huge thanks.
15:58:57 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Thank you, Michael, Anne and Jon!!
15:58:57 From Anna Neale : Thanks Micheal, John and Anne. Fab chat!
15:58:58 From Richard Wilkinson : Thanks for giving us your time, all!
15:59:01 From Alessandro Sotgiu : Thank you everyone
15:59:04 From Kevin Sargent To All Panelists : Thanks so much for your insights, panellists!
15:59:06 From Jim Sanger : Thanks Michael, Anne, John and everyone. See you later
15:59:08 From Jonathan Daglish : Thank you Michael, Anne and John! Very interesting. 🙂
15:59:09 From Rob Knight : Brilliant ..thanks so much everyone..fantastic
15:59:12 From Catherine Hillier : Thank you so much Michael, Anne and John, fantastic!
15:59:12 From Anné Kulonen : Thank you all, a great session!
15:59:13 From Rich de Whittaker : thanks so much,stay safe everyone ⚡️✨
15:59:17 From Jack Williams : Is there a waiting list for people who couldn’t get it?
15:59:17 From JOE GALUSZKA : Thanks Michael, John and Anne!
15:59:18 From Owain Llwyd : Really fantastic chat ! Thanks
15:59:19 From Daniel Nolan : Thank you so much, one of the best ones yet x
15:59:20 From Scott Hallgren To All Panelists : Fantastic, all – many thanks!
15:59:23 From Anna Neale : Childcare permitting! I know that one!
15:59:25 From Garry Judd To All Panelists : thanks all!!! XXX
15:59:29 From Wesley Wong To All Panelists : Thank you Everyone!
15:59:30 From Andrew T Mackay : Thanks so much folks. truly enlightening
15:59:30 From Spencer Carson : Thanks to all of you!
15:59:31 From Izzy Flynn : thanks Anne and John! legends!
15:59:33 From Dani Howard To All Panelists : Thanks so much!
15:59:34 From Nicolaj Nielsen To All Panelists : thanks everyone!
15:59:34 From Nikki & Joe Davison To All Panelists : Thanks everyone!!
15:59:34 From James Hepher : Thanks Everyone!!!
15:59:34 From Chris Pugh : Thanks to the panel. All the best.
15:59:35 From Vlada Kupriyanova To All Panelists : Thanks.☺
15:59:35 From Ellie Parker : Thank you so much everyone! Great questions, Great conversation! Take Care all X
15:59:37 From Marcus Hedges : thanks Anne and John!!
15:59:38 From Rich Broome : Thanks all
15:59:38 From Dan Watts : Thank you, Anne, John and Michael! Wonderful insights from all.
15:59:39 From Patrick O’Connor : thanks all!
15:59:39 From Wesley Wong To All Panelists : Appreciate the sharing so much!
15:59:40 From j saury : Thank y’all
15:59:40 From Adriano Aponte : Thanks a lot – it was absolutely lovely
15:59:40 From Myles McLeod : Cheers Michael, John and Anne!
15:59:41 From Giles Thornton : Thank you all! 🙂
15:59:41 From Matt Emery : Cheers all!
15:59:42 From Matthew Jones : Thanks to all of you. Have a creative week!
15:59:42 From Laura Iredale : Thanks everyone
15:59:45 From Richard Wilkinson : Cheers!
15:59:46 From Andrea Possee To All Panelists : Thank you that was great.
15:59:46 From Justine Barker To All Panelists : Thank you and cheers!
15:59:48 From Simeon Walker : Cheers!
15:59:51 From Nick Phillips : Thank Anne John and Michael. That was great!
15:59:51 From Jim McWilliam : Thanks all!
15:59:53 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : Thank you very much for this lovely meeting once again! It’s wonderful to watch and hear you every monday 🙂
15:59:54 From Sascha Blank : Cheers!
15:59:54 From Jonny Colgan : Cheers indeed!
15:59:54 From Aurelien Rubod To All Panelists : cheers
15:59:57 From Jakob Lindhagen To All Panelists : Cheers!
15:59:58 From Marcus Hedges : nice one, Michael!
16:00:00 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Thank you. Insightful as ever. You’re making me feel less isolated and crazy as each webinar happens.
16:00:03 From Pete Catley : Superb chat: Thanks John, Anne & Michael – Fascinating!!!
16:00:03 From Jordan Killiard To All Panelists : Thanks all!
16:00:10 From Dennis Tjiok : Thank you so much!
16:00:10 From Claire Batchelor : Thank youuuu
16:00:13 From Peter Flint : Thank you very much!
16:00:14 From Adrian Leung : Cheers!