Composer Coffee Break 6

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 6th session was on Mon 20th April 2020, with the wonderful Rachel Portman and Martin Phipps – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:58:14 From Jonathan Daglish : Hi everyone 🙂
14:58:19 From Angelo Bibita To All Panelists : Hello to everyone!
14:58:20 From Myles McLeod : Hi guys!
14:58:26 From Catherine Hillier : Hello!
14:58:27 From Billy Palmer : Hi everyone !
14:58:28 From Darryl O’Donovan : Hello there
14:58:28 From Simon Woodgate : Hi everyone 🙂
14:58:28 From Matthew Jones : Afternoon everyone
14:58:29 From Kim Halliday : Hoy hoy!
14:58:31 From Andrew T Mackay : Greetings all and thanks Michael!!
14:58:32 From Joshua Batch To All Panelists : Hello!
14:58:34 From Pete Catley : Hi all
14:58:34 From Adam Kloc : Hello everyone!
14:58:37 From Jez Stephenson : hello!
14:58:38 From gregbedford To All Panelists : Hi!
14:58:38 From Sophie Lloyd : Hey Jonathan!!
14:58:39 From Sophie Lloyd To All Panelists : Hellooooo!!
14:58:40 From Daniel Nolan : Good afternoon 🙂
14:58:41 From adam gibson To All Panelists : Hi all 🙂
14:58:41 From Nash Ngondonga : hello!
14:58:42 From James Hayes To All Panelists : Hello!
14:58:45 From Darren Wonnacott : Hey Everyone!
14:58:46 From James Moffatt : Afternoon!! Sunny day in Liverpool, UK
14:58:47 From Marie-Anne Fischer : Hello Everyone, nice to be here!
14:58:57 From Oliver Julian : HI ALL!
14:58:59 From Dan Watts : Good afternoon all!
14:59:02 From Carlina Walton : Hello everyone 🙂
14:59:02 From Ben Mowat : HI!
14:59:02 From Anthony White : Good afternoon Michael!
14:59:05 From Tom Oyster : Hello all
14:59:06 From Peter Roos : Cheers from Oakland.
14:59:07 From ian tipping : Hi Everyone!
14:59:08 From Rob Knight : Afternoon weirdo’s :-p
14:59:08 From Simon Rushby : Hello everyone
14:59:09 From Roma Yagnik : Hello!
14:59:09 From Hannah Woolmer : hello
14:59:10 From James Hayes : Done
14:59:11 From Jim McWilliam : Hi ALl
14:59:15 From Stefan Henrico : Hi all!
14:59:17 From Quentin Leonetti : Hello 🙂
14:59:19 From Daniele Falangone : Hi guys!
14:59:19 From Jamie Salisbury : Hello all….finally tuned in to one of these! Better late than never….
14:59:24 From Mitch Gardner To All Panelists : Good afternoon all! Hope everyone is safe and well.
14:59:24 From Francesco Passanisi : hi everyone
14:59:26 From Donna McKevitt : Hello!!!
14:59:27 From Sophie Lloyd : V excited!
14:59:32 From Adri Mena : Hi everyone!
14:59:37 From Matt Emery : Hi all!
14:59:39 From JOE GALUSZKA : Hi Michael, Martin, and Rachel – hope the three of you are well.
14:59:46 From Eric James : Afternoon!
14:59:52 From Stuart Peck : Hello everyone! hope all is well
14:59:54 From Jonny Colgan : Hey all! Hey Jamie!
15:00:06 From Myles McLeod : Ben Mowat you made it!
15:00:07 From Owain Llwyd : Afternoon all !
15:00:08 From adam gibson : Hi all again 🙂 now that I changed it
15:00:08 From Tim White : Afternoon guys
15:00:10 From Jamie Salisbury : Hi Jonny!
15:00:11 From Mitch Gardner : Sorry Michael, thanks for the tip! Good afternoon all! Hope everyone is safe and well.
15:00:11 From Jonny Colgan : Hey Stuart! Hope you are well!
15:00:20 From Natasha Sofla To All Panelists : Hello! 🙂
15:00:20 From Joshua Batch : Hope we’re all keeping well
15:00:21 From Ben Mowat : Hi Joe G
15:00:23 From Darcy Lewis : Staying up late in Tokyo for this one, thanks all!
15:00:28 From Sophie Lloyd : Professional chatter – I wish that was a thing!!
15:00:29 From Callum Hoskin : don’t start yet need to grab a coffee
15:00:29 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand : GOOD AFTERNOON X
15:00:34 From Andre Luiz Machado To All Panelists : Good afternoon, everyone!
15:00:40 From Carlina Walton : (I have DIY-ers from the underworld banging on walls next to me – pls confirm this isn’t being picked up on the audio here)
15:00:40 From Jim Copperthwaite : Hi Folks
15:00:43 From Stuart Peck : Hey Jonny, all good! How’s things?
15:00:51 From Michael Langley : afternoon all
15:00:55 From John Rushton To All Panelists : Good afternoon all
15:01:03 From John Rushton : Good afternoon all
15:01:03 From Giles Thornton : Afternoon all!
15:01:07 From anthon : Good afternoon Michael and everybody
15:01:09 From Michael Price :
15:01:13 From Richard Wilkinson : Good idea 🙂
15:01:31 From Tom Grau Baena : Good morning from Argentina!
15:01:34 From Andrea Possee : Hi everyone!
15:01:36 From Ellie Parker : Hey everyone!
15:01:38 From Anthony White : Good afternoon all 🙂
15:01:40 From David Pinching : Tech room
15:01:42 From Myles McLeod : tech talk room yes
15:01:43 From Mark Fabian To All Panelists : heloo
15:01:45 From Richard Wilkinson : Eg recipes…
15:02:24 From Dan Watts : Those pasties did look good though Rich!
15:02:47 From Richard Wilkinson : 🥐
15:02:53 From Helen Lynch : hi, all. waiting on cupcakes to bake whilst watching!
15:03:20 From Carlina Walton : Hello Martin. 🙂
15:03:41 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Nice to be here again. FYI – audio is sounding a bit more boomy today- didn’t remember it being boomy last time ( in same room I think ? )
15:04:26 From Richard Wilkinson : Chocolat is a phenomenal score. Love it
15:04:33 From Giles Thornton : I would murder a pasty right now!!
15:05:11 From Mitch Gardner : Recently had the privilege to have had Rachel’s music to Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit as a temp. Wonderful work.
15:06:13 From Simon Rushby : Rachel’s music for The Duchess is an A Level Music set work!
15:06:28 From Dima Danov : cannot stop myself from admiring aloud of music for ‘War and Peace’! It is an absolute delight!
15:06:44 From Jonny Colgan : Too right Dima!
15:07:05 From Diana Dymol To All Panelists : Yeah, me too))
15:07:38 From Rob Knight : Be authentic…don’t be a marketing bore!! 🙂
15:09:15 From Andrew Dickenson To All Panelists : Hello to Rachel. I would like to ask if there are any older works due out in reissue/expansion in the near future? Thanks.
15:09:26 From Carlina Walton : omg. amazing true fact
15:09:43 From Myles McLeod : What made him such a good godfather? haha
15:13:22 From Adiescar Chase To All Panelists : Amen!
15:14:54 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : Hello from sunny East Lothian (In Scotland nr Edinburgh!)
15:16:04 From Ellis Coopey : University of Manchester! Woop,woop!
15:18:06 From Ellis Coopey : Martin music for The Crown was fantastic 🙂
15:18:13 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : This is great to hear. I also came to composing after drama degree and scoring for plays . Didn’t realise Martin and Rachel had done that.
15:18:33 From Donna McKevitt : Love the crown score
15:19:12 From Richard Wilkinson : Yeah – there’s a nice restrained melancholy which suits the characters well. Lots of repressed emotions there!
15:19:20 From Angelo Bibita To All Panelists : I love the Crown score too! So right on every single scene!
15:20:56 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : So true, Michael
15:21:20 From Ellis Coopey : Yeah, works in such sympathy with the cinematography style as well. Really well done!
15:21:25 From carly paradis : PHIPPS!!!
15:21:39 From carly paradis : 🙂
15:21:58 From Richard Wilkinson : Hi Carly! You should join in the next one 😀
15:22:15 From Robert Thomas : paradis!
15:22:57 From carly paradis : I did number chat numero dos 🙂
15:23:09 From Dan Watts : New Detective drama idea. Fish & Phipps!
15:23:17 From Garry Judd : Hi all!!!
15:23:25 From Richard Wilkinson : Oh crap – I missed the first half of that one . Will catch up after
15:23:34 From carly paradis : Hi Rob T.!
15:23:49 From Nainita Desai : Phipppppps and Portmannnn !!!!! x
15:24:47 From Carlina Walton : yes. this is how I write. the piano is the sketch pad.
15:24:48 From carly paradis : Hey Gary! It’s a composer partay , and these peeps are legends 🙂
15:24:59 From Carlina Walton : do you “hear” the instrument parts playing the melody lines?
15:25:08 From Izzy Flynn : LOVE that analogy
15:25:24 From Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch To All Panelists : Hi Carly!
15:25:34 From Garry Judd : Hi Carly…Certainly is and they are!!! 😀
15:25:41 From Anthony White : This is fascinating thank you Rachel!
15:25:43 From Michael England : Does Rachel orchestrate, before sending to programmers?
15:26:03 From Michael England : OK, she’s answered that..!
15:26:09 From Myles McLeod : lol she heard you
15:26:15 From Michael England : 🙂
15:26:30 From Carlina Walton : what is a short score orchestration?
15:26:31 From Myles McLeod : :p
15:26:44 From Jodie Grayer : What’s short score?
15:26:56 From Richard Wilkinson : Condensed orchestration sketch
15:27:08 From Richard Wilkinson : 90% of the information of a full score, but less spelled out
15:27:38 From Simon Rushby : A short score orchestration is likely to be a piano score (treble and bass clef lines) with instruments indicated, or it might be 3 or 4 staves
15:27:38 From Charles Gaskell : How do you go about finding programmers?
15:27:39 From Carlina Walton : is that something a program / software does or is it a recgonised format e.g. celli, violins, brass?
15:27:49 From Carlina Walton : ah ok
15:27:52 From Mitch Gardner : Short score is usually 3-4 staves. Whenever I short score I use 4, 1 strings, 1 brass, 1 winds and 1 piano
15:27:54 From Sophie Lloyd : Orchestral sketch with chords and lines mapped out, then passages labelled with strings/ wind etc
15:28:02 From Joshua Batch : Glad to hear someone else’s piano skills aren’t top notch, haha! Makes me feel a little better!
15:28:12 From Charles Gaskell : Carlina, normally done by the composer
15:28:16 From Andrea Possee : Me too Joshua!
15:28:40 From Donna McKevitt : template?
15:29:11 From Giles Thornton : Very interesting about Martin’s/Rachels process! Coming from a more classical/jazz background, this gives me hope ha!
15:29:23 From Jodie Grayer : Thank you!
15:29:29 From Sarah Rimkus : Donna: “Template” = “temp track” I’m guessing?
15:29:54 From Anthony White : @Donna he is probably referring to the template that he uses on his DAW
15:29:56 From Donna McKevitt : Of course! Thanks
15:29:57 From Jon Baker To All Panelists : Donna, lots of composers have all their usual instruments pre-loaded into tracks in their DAW and saved as a template, it’s quicker but lends to using the same sounds
15:30:03 From Simon Woodgate : Template is a starting point in your DAW – like all the instruments in place that you normally use
15:30:04 From Dan Watts : Template is a set of instruments in a DAW ready to go. Usually a ‘fake’ orchestra but can be synths/samplers etc.
15:30:05 From Carlina Walton : DAW?
15:30:13 From Joshua Batch : Digital Audio Workstation
15:30:16 From Carlina Walton : ty
15:30:17 From Sarah Rimkus : Ah thanks Dan/Anthony!
15:30:23 From Sarah Rimkus : I learned something new 🙂
15:30:23 From Joshua Batch : Cubase, Logic and things like that 🙂
15:30:33 From Dan Watts : Digital Audio Workstation. Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.
15:30:38 From Yaman Palak To All Panelists : Donna, I think here he means software instruments (orchestra, synths, etc.,) already set up in the Digital work station, Logic, Protools
15:30:40 From Martin Phipps : templates are a list of instruments that loads with your start up page in whatever programme you’re usung
15:30:43 From Anthony White : 👍🏻
15:30:46 From Carlina Walton : I heard of pro tools and sibelius
15:30:47 From Charles Gaskell : Welcome to the rabbit hole Sarah
15:31:07 From Joshua Batch : Pro Tools is more of a DAW and Sibelius works like a writing programme
15:31:10 From Charles Gaskell : and V=Carlina
15:31:18 From Darcy Lewis : Sibelius I slightly different, notation program rather than DAW
15:31:20 From Sarah Rimkus : Thank you Charles! I don’t do film at all so this is very educational for me
15:31:23 From Joshua Batch : At least, from what I remember!
15:31:24 From Carlina Walton : (totally relate to Rachel. Piano and manuscript paper)
15:31:47 From Darcy Lewis : I envy the ability Carolina, wish I was much stronger in that area
15:31:54 From Darcy Lewis : Carlina*
15:31:59 From Anthony White : @Joshua which DAW do you use?
15:32:13 From Joshua Batch : @Anthony Logic Pro X
15:32:21 From Donna McKevitt : Pre idea sleepless nights…. really bad in advertising
15:32:21 From Simon Woodgate : logic
15:32:26 From Carlina Walton : had music theory fed to me for breakfast. wish I had the tools to write it out quicker
15:32:28 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : Logic Pro X
15:32:40 From Anthony White : @Joshua, Simon same.
15:32:41 From Joshua Batch : Trying to learn Abelton at the moment…I regret it highly, haha
15:32:55 From Joshua Batch : *ableton
15:33:08 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : Hello everyone 🙂 I have a question about the process of demonstrating your sketches to the director or producers etc. When you usually write on a piano, how do you present your sketches? Do you try to make them sound as good and as complete as possible before presenting them?
15:33:24 From Richard Wilkinson : Always need to mockup
15:33:28 From Richard Wilkinson : Unless you’re JW 🙂
15:33:40 From Carlina Walton : “Mock up” – means to have a sound sample of a 20 seconds ish?
15:33:44 From Yaman Palak : I’m using Ableton. I like it, but yea for Kontakt libraries it has a few issues
15:33:50 From Richard Wilkinson : No – demo up the whole thing
15:34:05 From Carlina Walton : I have much tolearn
15:34:11 From Richard Wilkinson : They need to be able to put the cue to picture and see/hear it in situ
15:34:21 From Joshua Batch : Mock up may lean more toward virtual instruments
15:34:37 From James Hepher : and if you’re John Williams you hire an orchestra for your mockups, because he can
15:34:43 From Joshua Batch : Hahaha
15:34:48 From Angelo Bibita To All Panelists : ahhahahahh
15:34:57 From Myles McLeod : he doesn’t need a mockup he just turns up
15:35:12 From Natalia Wierzbicka : It is evident that if you wanna write for media, knowledge pf DAW is a must. No matter how well you write, you have to know how to present your music. It has been a hard lesson for me also, as I come from the more classical & traditional approach! Midi programming is like learning a new instrument essentially!
15:35:38 From Ellis Coopey : Does that still apply when you’re just starting out?
15:35:49 From Richard Wilkinson : Pretty much, yeah
15:35:50 From Darcy Lewis : I think even more so when you start out
15:35:58 From Joshua Batch : Reaper is a free DAW (I believe) so if you’re looking to start a new one it’s worth looking into that.
15:36:00 From Mark Fabian To All Panelists : Its very hard to write for a story you don’t believe in imo
15:36:04 From Richard Wilkinson : The music needs to work on a timeline – hitting beats, anticipating moments, etc
15:36:09 From Anthony White : It is almost another language @Natalia, I am still learning.
15:36:09 From Carlina Walton : I can imagine. Is midi programming something they teach you or is it something you pick up once you have bought the software or the DAW
15:36:10 From Mark Fabian To All Panelists : but obviously money is money
15:36:24 From Richard Wilkinson : So the director/producer needs to hear how the music plays against all the dramatic beats
15:36:30 From Joanna Karselis : Reaper isn’t free but there is a lengthy trial and it’s very affordable compared to most DAWs.
15:36:42 From Joshua Batch : Thanks Joanna!
15:36:45 From Ellis Coopey : There’s this perception that when you’re just starting out , that you have to take every job even if you don’t believe in it
15:36:51 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : Some good tutorials on youtube – especially for Logic
15:37:11 From Anthony White : I could definitely recommend Reaper as a starting point 🙂
15:37:35 From Richard Wilkinson : Still using Logic for composing, but Reaper is fantastic and I use it loads for sound design, Would recommend
15:37:55 From Donna McKevitt : @carlina you’ll pick it up once you’ve bought one and there are loads of tutorials online. I had a hotline to apple support when I began 10 years ago!!
15:37:59 From carly paradis : I’m next door to Martoin…
15:38:01 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Thanks to technology there are many resources on midi programming nowadays. It just takes time (you gotta spend hours just figuring it out for yourself, and then use resources to craft your skills further!
15:38:04 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : music tech help guy on youtube – is helpful
15:38:07 From Joanna Karselis : Reaper is definitely more than just a starting point! I score everything in it, its capabilities are incredible. Highly recommended!
15:38:15 From Mitch Gardner : Logic Pro X is currently free for 90 days, just a heads up too 🙂
15:38:17 From Anthony White : @Richard, agreed.
15:38:58 From Natalia Wierzbicka : It literally is like taking up an instrument! Nobody can be great at midi programming straight away! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself!) resources are out there, which is a good place to start!
15:39:00 From Jonny Colgan : Carly you should walk in to Martin’s studio with a beer like John Lunn had delivered last week!
15:39:01 From Darcy Lewis : Yes, check out the 90 day free trial on logic. It is a very friendly DAW to get started on. Clean, organised and good tutorials and help
15:39:52 From carly paradis : Or a really loud TRUMPET 🙂
15:39:57 From Martin Phipps : come over carly. Lager please
15:40:07 From Jonny Colgan : Haha
15:40:19 From Joshua Batch : Ha!
15:40:33 From Dan Watts : Trumpet Lager? Not heard of that brand. 🙂
15:40:35 From carly paradis : Got any 2 meter pint glasses?
15:40:36 From Helen Lynch : Same here, Michael. always the feeling that you want to re-write/ adjust something after you haven’t heard it in a while.
15:40:52 From Myles McLeod : well I live off listening to soundtrack albums
15:41:06 From Myles McLeod : it’s my escape route
15:41:21 From Helen Lynch : Same here, myles!
15:41:23 From James Hepher : Do you not do an Soundtrack Album version of the scores?
15:41:25 From Yaman Palak : Yea
15:41:35 From Mitch Gardner : Love me some 4’33
15:41:41 From Anthony White : Haha
15:41:43 From Yaman Palak : Mitch hahah
15:41:55 From Donna McKevitt : Me too
15:42:14 From kim Moore : How often is there a close collaboration between sound designer and composer on projects? In my experience in theatre, that’s essential to an overall quality and clarity in aesthetic…the chernobyl music is a great example of that, where Hildur Guðnadóttir and Chris Watson collaborated a lot on making sure the sound design was incorporated into the score etc…personally I would quite happily listen to a track by chris watson it’s music to my ears!
15:42:21 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : Sorry to repeat, i think the question was lost in the chat: I have a question about the process of demonstrating your sketches to the director or producers etc. when you have to pitch for a gig. What is the best way to present your demos? Do you try to make them sound as good and as complete as possible before presenting them? I happen to know someone who paid for mastering his “demos” in order to pitch for a gig and I was wondering if someone should go through all that process to make a good impression.
15:42:42 From Ellis Coopey : I can only really listen to pop when writing.
15:43:02 From John Rushton To All Panelists : Hi Martin and Rachel, I work in library and am looking to get into some commissioned work. I’m very familiar with the library way of working but what would you suggest I could do in order to develop skills of composing for a commission. Thank you, John
15:43:03 From Richard Wilkinson : Goldberg variations
15:43:05 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : I always collaborate with the sound designer when I am composing for theatre. I love what they can do
15:43:12 From Ellis Coopey : Something that is an easy bop
15:43:17 From Jim McWilliam : I love a sine wave
15:43:19 From patrick peeters To All Panelists : Happy to have found my passion as filmmusicfan to collect and listen to filmmusic CD’s.
15:43:37 From DIE HEXEN : Oh I love to collect soundtrack albums. I bought the soundtrack to Midsommar and Monos recently.
15:43:37 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : Yes Kim Moore! Chernobyl is an amazing listen
15:43:38 From Peter Flint : Whale song
15:43:52 From Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres : It’s the film in music form. Love OSTs. I can’t stop listening to everything and anything haha.
15:44:11 From Dan Watts : My kids screaming. (not by choice)
15:44:27 From Joshua Batch : Devs is superb.
15:44:37 From Donna McKevitt : i wrote a soundtrack to whales with whales recently
15:44:45 From Richard Wilkinson : The Bristol chaps! I’ve heard Devs is great
15:44:50 From Simon Woodgate : Before home media took off, the only way to re experience Star Wars or any other big movie was to listen to the soundtrack.
15:45:03 From Anthony White : That is fascinating @Donna!
15:45:16 From Simon Woodgate : or wait for boxing day TV!
15:45:16 From Rich de Whittaker : Peter Gabriel’s ‘Last Temptation of Christ’ took soundtracks that much further…
15:45:17 From Nina Humphreys To All Panelists : HI everyone. Yes top marks for DEVs and it’s score!
15:45:19 From Peter Flint : I’m jealous @Donna I absolutely love Whale song!
15:45:24 From Nina Humphreys To All Panelists : score!!
15:46:03 From Donna McKevitt : @Peter… you should have a try, its a very inspiring sound world
15:46:36 From Jonny Colgan : That Hans fella is a chancer
15:47:04 From Joshua Batch : Yeah, Hans. It’s ok to say no every now and again, haha.
15:47:13 From Carlina Walton : change of direction – when your composition is not quite hitting the result. How easy is it to let go>
15:47:40 From Peter Flint : @Donna Yeah working in that kind of sound world is really my ideal project
15:48:35 From Anthony White : @Doona how did you record the whale song??
15:48:40 From David Pinching : That’s a great way to work though
15:48:43 From Charles Gaskell : Writing NOT to picture seems to be quite a thing these days
15:48:55 From Aramis Silvereke : Thats a dream job! Congrats!
15:48:59 From Dan Watts : I’ve done several projects like that and I have to say it’s a very rewarding way to work!
15:50:09 From John Altman To All Panelists : Fascinating chat and very familiar!\
15:50:27 From Donna McKevitt : @anthony I’m not much of a swimmer let alone deep sea diver so I found some online!!
15:50:40 From Simon Woodgate : Imagine if they temped the actors?
15:50:46 From Charles Gaskell : ha ha
15:50:53 From Myles McLeod : oh jesus
15:50:59 From Richard Wilkinson : With previz they kind of do!
15:51:05 From Simon Woodgate : “We’ve put Deniro in here, but do your own thing”
15:51:13 From Giles Thornton : Animation…
15:51:30 From Charles Gaskell : They sort of do that with some Indegogo pitches
15:51:49 From Charles Gaskell : “this is the mood of the film”
15:51:54 From Charles Gaskell : “honest”
15:54:06 From Joshua Batch : Brilliant point
15:54:40 From James Hayes : As some who composes using almost entirely MIDI, I’m interested in your views on the limitations of composing in this way and when and how to surpass this and start using real instruments
15:55:19 From Richard Wilkinson : Playing an instrument will *always* make you a better musician and composer
15:55:44 From Richard Wilkinson : It’s not stopped a lot of people, of course, but I’d absolutely recommend it
15:55:53 From Donna McKevitt : Absolutely rachel
15:55:58 From Zinovia Arvanitidi To All Panelists : @Rachel Portman <3
15:56:39 From James Hayes : I play, I just don’t have access to recording as many instruments as I would like 🙂
15:56:41 From Charles Gaskell : Absolutely agree with Richard. You don’t even need to be able to play the instrument well enough to be in public
15:56:43 From Yaman Palak : Thanks for this!
15:57:08 From carly paradis : LOTS OF BAFTAS
15:57:10 From Myles McLeod : boommm
15:57:13 From Joshua Batch : Crikey
15:57:16 From Mitch Gardner : We get it Michael, they’re better than me 🙁
15:57:31 From Martin Phipps : wheres my beer carly?
15:57:45 From Richard Wilkinson : 🍺
15:57:45 From Joshua Batch : Well, my wife makes me a cup of tea for a well done so….yeah.
15:58:05 From Dani Howard : How long did you have to keep it a secret before it was officially announced?
15:58:07 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : Thanks for this 🙂
15:58:19 From carly paradis : I don’t want to intrude your talk
15:58:26 From Carlina Walton : “does it wear off?” (???)
15:58:28 From Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres : HA
15:58:33 From John Rushton : Haha!
15:58:37 From Yaman Palak : hahah
15:58:37 From Anthony White : Haha!
15:58:42 From Mitch Gardner : hahahaha!
15:58:42 From David Pinching : Good point
15:59:35 From Yaman Palak : So funny
15:59:36 From James Hepher : especially when carly doesn’t bring beer
15:59:38 From carly paradis : I don’t have beer but I have some good vanilla and lemon jam
15:59:52 From anna phoebe To All Panelists : “I don’t have beer but I have some good vanilla and lemon jam” ???
15:59:58 From JOE GALUSZKA : Thanks Michael, Martin and Rachel – very informative!
15:59:58 From kim Moore : Very inspiring…thank you everyone!
16:00:00 From anna phoebe To All Panelists : love you Carly
16:00:01 From Martin Phipps : i’ll take that
16:00:03 From Ben Mowat : Tahnks
16:00:05 From Andrea Possee : Thank you so much! Xx
16:00:06 From Samantha Geary Jones : Thank you, Rachel, Martin, and Michael, for spending an hour with us, it’s been amazing!
16:00:06 From Mitch Gardner : Thank you Michael. Rachel and Martin!
16:00:06 From Ben Mowat : Thanks all
16:00:07 From John Rushton : Thanks to all, very interesting
16:00:08 From Anthony White : Thank you all for your time Michael, Martin and Rachel! Much appreciated, and inspirational!
16:00:08 From Joshua Batch : Thanks all!
16:00:08 From Rob Knight : Thanks everyone.
16:00:09 From Michael Price :
16:00:11 From Sarah Lynch To All Panelists : Thank you so much!
16:00:12 From Dan Watts : More brilliant insights! Thanks all.
16:00:15 From Donna McKevitt : Thank you x
16:00:17 From Peter Flint : I didn’t know an hour could be so short!
16:00:17 From Laura Iredale : Such a great session. Thanks so much everyone!
16:00:18 From Laura Forrest-Hay To All Panelists : Thank you – inspiring
16:00:18 From Anné Kulonen : Thanks so much all, great session!
16:00:20 From Sarah Lynch To All Panelists : So insightful.
16:00:24 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : Thank you!!
16:00:24 From Richard Wilkinson : Thanks all. Great hour as always
16:00:25 From Owain Roberts : Fascinating stuff. Thanks so much!
16:00:25 From Vlada Kupriyanova To All Panelists : Thanks 🙂
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