Composer Coffee Break 7

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 7th session was on Mon 27th April 2020, with Blake Neely, Kate SImko, Tom Gray & Anna Phoebe – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:58:44 From Kusi Wey To All Panelists : Hello from Switzerland 🙂
14:58:48 From Darryl O’Donovan : hello!
14:58:48 From Greg Bedford : Hi!
14:58:52 From Andrew Reaver : Hey!
14:58:55 From Dan Watts : Happy Monday all!
14:58:57 From Robin Schlochtermeier To All Panelists : Hi!
14:58:57 From Peter Flint : Hello!
14:59:01 From Mike Ladouceur : Hey Kate!
14:59:03 From Owain Roberts : Hey people!
14:59:05 From Robin Schlochtermeier : Hello all!
14:59:09 From Owain Llwyd : Hello!
14:59:11 From ian tipping : Hello Everyone!
14:59:14 From Jayla Damaris : Good morning from Toronto!
14:59:14 From Simon Rushby : Hi folks
14:59:19 From Richard Birkin : Afternoon!
14:59:19 From Kim Halliday : Hi everyone
14:59:25 From Jonathan Vincent : Hi Michael
14:59:25 From Anthony White : Good afternoon all!
14:59:29 From Kusi Wey : already changed sorry ^^ Hi from Switzerland again
14:59:33 From Daniel Nolan : Good afternoon evryone
14:59:36 From Jez Stephenson : afternoon!
14:59:38 From Tom Rackham : Afternoon everyone!
14:59:46 From Tim White To All Panelists : Hi Guys
14:59:55 From Natalia Wierzbicka To All Panelists : Good afternoon! So excited for this 😀
14:59:59 From Carly Paradis To All Panelists : Hi all! x
15:00:00 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : hello everyone!
15:00:00 From Sheridan Tongue : Hi everyone
15:00:07 From Giles Thornton : Afternoon!
15:00:12 From Carly Paradis : Whoop!
15:00:14 From Ben Mowat : Hi there
15:00:16 From nash ngondonga : yooooo
15:00:17 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Good afternoon! So excited for this :D*
15:00:18 From Lorne MacDougall : Hey all – lovely bit of weekly routine this. 😀
15:00:26 From Jessica Henderson : Hey 🙂
15:00:28 From Tim White : Just noticed.. thanks
15:00:35 From Myles McLeod : Hola!
15:00:36 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Got ahead of myself (too excited!)
15:00:37 From Birger Clausen To All Panelists : Hello all!
15:00:42 From Stuart Peck : Good afternoon all !
15:00:56 From Andrew McCrorie-Shand : Greetings all
15:01:08 From Joe Galuszka : Afternoon Michael and all ! Hope you’re well.
15:01:14 From Andrew T Mackay : Afternoon Folks!
15:01:16 From RYAN VAIL To All Panelists : Hey
15:01:17 From Oscar Cusack To All Panelists : Hi all, delighted to be here!
15:01:25 From Esteban Cortés To All Panelists : Hi everybody!
15:01:33 From Tim White : Carly Paradis..! Yay #bigfan
15:01:33 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Hello, everyone!
15:01:37 From Esteban Cortés To All Panelists : From México =)
15:01:53 From Kusi Wey : Blake Neely – Mr. “Red John” ^^
15:02:10 From Sonia Kiang : Afternoon all 🙂
15:02:15 From Sam Fuller : hi all!
15:02:19 From Evgeny Teilor : Hi all! )
15:02:21 From Raphael Costa To All Panelists : Good morning everyone
15:02:23 From David Pinching : Good Afternoon from Melksham
15:03:22 From Charles Gaskell : Greetings from Edinburgh
15:04:36 From bourbon To All Panelists : Greetings from Russia
15:05:31 From Anthony White : Greetings from Edinburgh 🙂
15:05:37 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : interesting perspective 😀
15:05:50 From David Pinching : Sounds familiar
15:06:06 From Carlinaö Walton : who had a late career development? Like…had a job job and then at the rip ol age of 43 found their new superpower or composing?
15:06:15 From Michael Langley : afternoon, bit late
15:06:52 From Jayla Damaris : No superpower yet, but worked in the corporate world (finance, oil&gas) for the first part of my career, and now trying the hippie dippie freelance starving artist thing
15:07:01 From Carlinaö Walton : ME TOO XXXX
15:07:19 From Richard Hellgren : I was an architect in my earlier life 🙂
15:07:26 From Jayla Damaris : PS. I’m 34
15:07:31 From David Pinching : I was a …. civil servant.
15:07:32 From Carlinaö Walton : ah. still a baby
15:07:38 From Carlinaö Walton : 😉
15:07:50 From RYAN VAIL To All Panelists : if left my job in my 30’s , was a chemical engineer. Full time producer now
15:07:59 From Jayla Damaris : LOL, a baby eh? ok I’ll take it! As long as I can be a baby composer <3
15:08:08 From Andrew T Mackay : Anna!!!
15:08:18 From Robert Thomas : /me waves
15:08:57 From Carlinaö Walton : 😀
15:09:08 From Carlinaö Walton : YEY
15:09:11 From Myles McLeod : wooo
15:09:14 From Andrew Asemokai To All Panelists : Good morning from Texas!
15:09:16 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : yay! love an F bomb
15:09:21 From Alexandra hamilton-ayres : haha yes Anna <3
15:09:33 From Joe Galuszka : Brilliant!
15:09:43 From Myles McLeod : Yes, exactly
15:09:44 From Blake Neely : Woohoo Texas, Andrew!
15:10:11 From Andrew Asemokai To All Panelists : I had to come support another fellow Texas composer!
15:10:26 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : Ramstein is politics too 😉
15:10:41 From Carlinaö Walton : I remember seeing her play violin plugged into an amp, rocking a grunge violin sound on TV. She was AWESOME
15:11:14 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Amazing to hear this Anna! <3
15:11:30 From Natalia Wierzbicka : I can really relate and it is so reassuring to hear your experience!
15:11:40 From Simon Woodgate : Hello everyone!
15:11:48 From Alev Lenz : hi !!!!
15:11:56 From Donna McKevitt : Looking very smart today michael
15:11:58 From RYAN VAIL : Great Anna
15:12:00 From Jasmine Rodgers : hi everyone!
15:12:11 From Carlinaö Walton : yes. Amen.
15:12:29 From Steven Faile : Hi all – thank you all for your time today! 🙂
15:12:48 From George Webster : hello guys. thanks for getting this together. very inspiring
15:13:15 From Kusi Wey : Michael Kamen – his music is awesome ^^
15:13:30 From Richard Wilkinson : LOVE Kamen’s Bond score
15:13:50 From Kusi Wey : Die Hard With A Vengeance is my alltime favorite… my entry into film scores
15:13:57 From Jonny Colgan : Hey Ryan Vail. Repping NI here too 🙂
15:14:08 From Carlinaö Walton : splutter. “Little” .?/
15:14:18 From Dan Watts : LOVE Metallic S&M!
15:14:22 From RYAN VAIL : NI in the house
15:14:54 From Carlinaö Walton : hi NI
15:15:20 From RYAN VAIL : lol 🙂
15:15:40 From Kusi Wey : 😀
15:16:22 From Fran O’Hanlon To All Panelists : That’s amazing
15:16:31 From Andrew T Mackay : great story
15:17:15 From Jayla Damaris : Love it!! laughing out loud here
15:19:07 From RYAN VAIL : Hey Carly
15:19:22 From Frances Shelley To All Panelists : so fascinating hearing how you all got where you are !
15:19:34 From RYAN VAIL : Hi Sheridan
15:20:11 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : it’s amazing how each artist/composer has their own unique story of how they got into this filed.. There is no standard “recipe” of how to get into composing for media, film, tv etc
15:20:46 From Noviur Rahman To All Panelists : love these sessions!
15:21:33 From Carly Paradis : Hey Ryan! x
15:22:20 From Sheridan Tongue : Hi Ryan, good to see you here. Welcome NI
15:22:47 From RYAN VAIL : Im thinking there’s more Ni folk here than London lol
15:23:06 From RYAN VAIL : Carly is NI in my books lol
15:23:09 From Carlinaö Walton : (a-hem, Midlands)
15:23:20 From Jonny Colgan To All Panelists : Sheridan and I repping NI from London! (Hi Sheridan)
15:24:10 From Carlinaö Walton : yes. music is a narrative. you were right first time
15:24:35 From Garry Judd : Ello all 😀
15:25:13 From Charles Gaskell : ooo, inspiration – adding individual beats here and there
15:25:30 From Alev Lenz : hi Carly hi Sheridan :)!
15:25:31 From RYAN VAIL : wow
15:25:35 From Simon Woodgate : Were they the CDs Roland made? lol
15:25:54 From Anna Phoebe : Hello friends!! haha no heckling 🙂
15:26:14 From Donna McKevitt : Hi Kate x
15:26:33 From Roger Hooper : Hi, Simon; what Roland CDs are you asking about? I used to sell them in the 90s.
15:26:33 From Carlinaö Walton : lol
15:26:36 From Richard Hellgren : haha
15:26:46 From Sheridan Tongue : Hey Alev x 🙂
15:26:54 From Kate Simko : Hi Donna! x
15:26:57 From RYAN VAIL : Alev Lenz your spitfire plugin is class
15:27:20 From Simon Woodgate : -Roger – Steven and I have mutual friend, Roland Clarke, who used to master and press CDs for both of us, — way – way back…
15:27:50 From Roger Hooper : Simon; got it! I’m always thinking about gear, past or present!
15:28:04 From Fran O’Hanlon To All Panelists : haha!
15:28:06 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : hahahaha!
15:28:09 From Jonny Colgan To All Panelists : Well this took an unexpected turn
15:28:13 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : see? Ramstein is politics..
15:28:35 From Jonny Colgan : Well this took an unexpected turn
15:28:38 From Jessica Henderson : hahahahaha
15:28:40 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : lol
15:28:40 From Simon Woodgate : lol
15:28:40 From Carlinaö Walton : hehe
15:28:43 From Carlinaö Walton : hehe
15:28:45 From RYAN VAIL : lol defs a recurring theme here
15:28:47 From Carly Paradis : So many peeps 🙂
15:29:15 From Jayla Damaris : Carly, big fan! Great seeing you here 🙂
15:29:20 From Dan Watts : This is brilliant. And you though Dan and David we’re a handful, Michael! 🙂
15:30:07 From Richard Wilkinson : Tom made some good points in the Ivors rights talk
15:30:44 From Richard Wilkinson : Which Michael and Anna were at!
15:31:23 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : Indeed Kate
15:31:29 From Mathew Tucker To All Panelists : How do you start a project if the ‘muse’ isn’t there?
15:31:30 From Carly Paradis : Thanks Jayla you too 🙂
15:31:31 From Carlinaö Walton : yep
15:31:37 From Roger Hooper : Yes, write every day!
15:31:45 From Simon Woodgate : – Roger <Michael not Steven! wrong Price, lol, up late watching Gangs of London…
15:32:07 From Izzy Flynn : nice words thanks
15:33:07 From RYAN VAIL : very smart
15:33:40 From Alev Lenz : oh yes so agree!
15:33:47 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : definitely!
15:33:50 From Nikki & Joe Davison : absolutely!
15:33:51 From Alexandra hamilton-ayres : Y E S
15:34:00 From Dan Watts : That’s a great point!
15:34:08 From Richard Wilkinson : Paul (Spitfire) Thompson and Jake Jackson are doing a big ‘remote orchestra’ experiment at the mo – looks v interesting
15:34:16 From Scott Hallgren To All Panelists : A friend in LA is doing this; has been asked to use iZotope RX7 on everything…
15:34:18 From Catherine Hillier : Definitely agree with that! Exploring and experimenting with sound is amazing
15:34:25 From Lorne MacDougall : Thats an exciting point!
15:34:36 From Charles Gaskell : Agree with Blake – let’s embrace the new constraints
15:34:42 From Carlinaö Walton : a luxury – a place to be in your music w/o interruption!
15:35:22 From Jessica Henderson : I love Anna’s studio <3
15:35:25 From Jessica Henderson : so pretty
15:35:30 From Anthony White : Thats a great point! The idea of momentum both in creating music and moving music forward is great!
15:35:34 From Kusi Wey : sorry need to go – was wonderful and very interesting – hope to join you another time ^^ wish you a good evening/night/morning/day
15:36:01 From Charles Gaskell : I’m trying to work out how we can have musicians playing together whilst embracing the inevitable lag
15:36:18 From Richard Wilkinson : Charles – try audiomovers or Jamkazam
15:36:24 From Richard Wilkinson : Both almost realtime
15:36:35 From Jasmine Rodgers : excellent work Tom btw!
15:36:42 From Richard Wilkinson : Use zoom etc for video and one of those two for audio
15:36:50 From Jayla Damaris : Charles, would love to hear/see that
15:36:51 From Giles Thornton : Excellent!
15:37:17 From Nikki & Joe Davison : Interesting idea Charles – how to creatively go with the lag!
15:37:42 From Catherine Hillier : This time I’ve found, has encouraged me to be the most productive with my music that i’ve been in 2 years! I’m making connections with so many new people and chatting about doing projects as well as wanting to do some solo stuff! It has given me the time to not worry about having to ‘be somewhere’ or procrastinate, but actually get on with what I want to do!
15:38:19 From Jayla Damaris : @Richard Wilkinson, could you elaborate on what you mean by spitfire, Paul Thompson, Jake Jackson doing a remote orchestra at “the mo” ?
15:38:25 From Charles Gaskell : Richard, that’s trying to minimise it – like Blake’s comment about the engineers trying to make it sound like everyone is “in the same room” – I’m talking about actively embracing lag, maybe even exploiting it
15:38:38 From Richard Wilkinson : @Jayla – I think it’s on Paul’s Youtube channel
15:38:44 From RYAN VAIL : ohh gawd did not realise that
15:38:49 From Jayla Damaris : @Richard, thank you
15:40:02 From Charles Gaskell : is DSP “digital service providers”?
15:40:05 From Carly Paradis : YOU GO TOM! BOOM
15:40:16 From RYAN VAIL : Yeah youtube spotify etc
15:40:24 From RYAN VAIL : apple music
15:40:38 From James Moffatt : Digital streaming platforms?
15:40:42 From Jayla Damaris : link for those who you are interested
15:40:53 From Charles Gaskell : @James – makes more sense
15:41:46 From David Pinching : Thanks Jayla re: lockdown recording
15:42:33 From Jayla Damaris : @David, you’re welcome. Should have included: “BBC remote orchestra recording”
15:43:17 From Noviur Rahman To All Panelists : So true!
15:44:39 From RYAN VAIL : it makes more sense to self release unless there’s huge investment from the a label i find. But you do need to support the release heavily with content , tours and merch.
15:45:50 From Ian Williams : Nice to hear the politics of music being mentioned. With Spotify , Youtube etc paying such small rates we need to support movements that are happening. Take a look at @thetrichordist on Twitter, he’s in Camper Van Beethoven, he’s a professor and campaigner for fair treatment of musicians, and full of great info if your interested in this sort of thing (and you should be!)
15:46:51 From Charles Gaskell : “Find what you love and let it kill you” 😀
15:47:04 From Carlinaö Walton : love that quote
15:47:08 From Jayla Damaris : the Screen Composers Guild of Canada has been working on this with SOCAN too, but i’m new to the conversation about royalties, et
15:47:22 From Blake Neely : Haha, Charles!!
15:47:25 From Blake Neely : Motto to live by
15:47:46 From Matthew Whiteside To All Panelists : the Musicians Union are going to start campaigning for User Centric model as well. The more we shout about it the more likely it will be to happen as well
15:47:58 From Jasmine Rodgers : 👍
15:48:09 From Robin Schlochtermeier : Great work Tom!
15:48:17 From Kate Simko : Strong point by Tom
15:48:29 From Alev Lenz To All Panelists : so with you Tom!!!!
15:48:31 From RYAN VAIL : Totally on point Tom
15:48:35 From Jasmine Rodgers : what do you think about Bandcamp and other US based platforms?
15:48:35 From Carlinaö Walton : yes, Tom, yes. Why do we take that as the norm
15:48:59 From Alev Lenz To All Panelists : Wooooorrrd
15:49:10 From Richard Wilkinson : Where’s the ‘solidarity’ emoji?
15:49:10 From Izzy Flynn : how can we do something about it?
15:49:12 From Alev Lenz : woooorrrdddd
15:49:16 From Izzy Flynn : lets get plotting
15:49:23 From Alev Lenz : so with you Tom
15:49:27 From Ian Williams : Jayla – when you find out that Spotify are paying $3 million dollars a month on renting a swanky New York office, rather than paying a proper royalty rate…
15:49:31 From Simon Woodgate : Can’t PRS set the streaming rate?
15:49:36 From Matthew Whiteside To All Panelists : brief overview – current system is pro rata. Subscription money gets put into a pot and divided by all plays in a given period. User centric is your money gets divided by the plays you trigger as a subscriber. Basically if you only stream one track in a month in pro-rata you trigger c.0.004p payment. User centric =£7
15:49:37 From Ian Williams : Love Bandcamp
15:49:48 From RYAN VAIL : I dont think PRS can
15:50:00 From Carlinaö Walton : so we send blank sound files, blank Sibelius files. If they want to hear / use the music they value the product more and pay more. it is a finished product
15:50:08 From Simon Woodgate : who sets the UK broadcast rates? isn’t that PRS?
15:50:13 From Jayla Damaris : @Ian – everyone tells me not to start as a composer 0.0
15:50:35 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : which brings us also to the buy-out deals that force composers to give up their copyrights. It would be nice to talk about that, perhaps next time?
15:50:36 From Donna McKevitt : Composers have to stop writing for music libraries as well. Shooting ourselves in the foot.
15:50:45 From Carlinaö Walton : YES Donna
15:50:48 From Simon Woodgate : SPOT ON Donna!
15:51:06 From Jasmine Rodgers : I work with photography too and it’s the same thing. it’s wider than music it’s digital tech based
15:51:10 From Ian Williams : Layla – Do it, just don’t expect it to make you rich! Do it because you love it.
15:51:15 From Carlinaö Walton : yup. same for designers
15:51:15 From Simon Woodgate : buy out deals should be banned by PRS
15:51:18 From Simon Woodgate : somehow!
15:51:24 From Donna McKevitt : And lobby Moby to take down his Gratismoby site wtaf?
15:52:19 From Jayla Damaris : Yes, Donna! Agreed. A lot of them support themselves financially through libraries, so what’s the alternative?
15:52:32 From Simon Woodgate : Good man ,push those points
15:52:32 From Jayla Damaris : yes Blake!
15:52:40 From Carlinaö Walton : Chefs get validation from their accreditation. Michelin star. bla bla. People pay for the chef cooking the food, not the food.
15:52:45 From Dan Watts : Brilliant Blake!
15:53:17 From Ian Williams : Yes, Blake!
15:53:42 From Dan Watts : In ten years time, I for one, will be accepting our new Insect Overlords!
15:53:53 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : i think that’s everyone’s wish.. Do what we love and live from it
15:54:01 From Jonny Colgan : Lol Dan
15:54:02 From Michael Langley : hahahaha @dan
15:54:21 From Giles Thornton : Party hard!
15:54:47 From Charles Gaskell : in 10 years time, they’ll probably just about be getting round to opening theatres / cinemas / concert halls without restrictions on audience size… 🙁
15:55:46 From Dan Watts : Collaboration is good for the soul!
15:56:30 From Frances Shelley To All Panelists : thanks everyone and hello and great to see you Anna !
15:56:55 From Anthony White : Well said Blake! Collaboration is key.
15:57:06 From Richard Wilkinson : For sure
15:57:06 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : yes!
15:57:07 From Jayla Damaris : yes!
15:57:12 From George Webster To All Panelists : agreed!
15:57:15 From Jessica Henderson : defo, collabs keep me sane.
15:57:17 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : Now I want to know what happened in Prague…
15:57:18 From Jayla Damaris : It’s beautiful <3
15:57:24 From Sonia Kiang : 🙂
15:57:28 From Aramis Silvereke : Thats great!
15:57:28 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : it’s motivating also
15:57:37 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : That was SOOOO good, thank you all 🙂
15:57:41 From Richard Hellgren : great chat!
15:57:49 From Giles Thornton : Quality chat. Party Hard. Thank you all!!
15:57:58 From Aramis Silvereke : Hey Richard!
15:58:04 From George Webster To All Panelists : so inspiring
15:58:05 From Tom Gray : Thanks all x
15:58:05 From Garry Judd : Thanks and cheerio all!!!
15:58:06 From Jessica Henderson : Thanks for your time <3
15:58:07 From Jayla Damaris : Thank you to all the panelists, and to Michael for moderating. very valuable.
15:58:07 From George Webster To All Panelists : going to write some music
15:58:08 From Hannah Peel : So good to see you all! Thanks again for a great chat
15:58:13 From Richard Hellgren : Hi Aramis 🙂
15:58:14 From Lorne MacDougall : Thanks again all!! 😀 xxx
15:58:16 From Blake Neely : Thank you all for being here!
15:58:17 From Anna Phoebe : That was fun! Hi Hannah 🙂
15:58:19 From Tim White : Thank you all
15:58:22 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Thank you to all panellists! Very insightful!
15:58:22 From Catherine Hillier : Thank you all!
15:58:23 From Roger Hooper : Thank you all for doing this!
15:58:25 From Dan Watts : Great stuff! Thanks to all panelists for their time.
15:58:27 From Richard Wilkinson : Next week: John Williams and Susan Boyle?
15:58:28 From Anthony White : Thank you all for your time!
15:58:28 From Adi Chase To All Panelists : Thanks!
15:58:32 From Stuart Peck : Thank you everyone!
15:58:43 From Darryl O’Donovan : Thanks guys, see you next week!
15:58:43 From Evgeny Teilor : nice talk!
15:58:47 From Pete Malkin : Thanks all! Great chat!
15:58:47 From Fran O’Hanlon To All Panelists : Thanks all!
15:58:47 From Charles Gaskell : Great chat – very different to last week, but just as great!
15:58:47 From Richard Wilkinson : Thanks all!
15:58:51 From Andrew T Mackay : thanks so much guys
15:58:51 From Carlinaö Walton : awesome, bye everyone. Great session
15:58:52 From Donna McKevitt : night night
15:58:55 From Peter Flint : Thanks everyone!
15:58:57 From Alev Lenz : fabulous chat!
15:58:58 From Aramis Silvereke : Thank you!!
15:58:58 From Nikki & Joe Davison : Thank you!!
15:58:59 From Robin Schlochtermeier : Thanks for your thoughts everyone!
15:59:01 From Sonia Kiang : Thank you!
15:59:01 From Ben Mowat : thanks
15:59:01 From Zinovia Arvanitidi : it was super once more!
15:59:01 From Alev Lenz : thank you !
15:59:02 From Jasmine Rodgers To All Panelists : thank you🤗
15:59:03 From Simon Woodgate : great once again
15:59:04 From Myles McLeod : cheers everyone
15:59:06 From Alexander Aleynikov : Absolutely thanks!
15:59:07 From Sebastian Szwarc To All Panelists : Anna has lovely voice
15:59:07 From Scott Hallgren To All Panelists : Awesome!!
15:59:08 From RYAN VAIL : Cheers
15:59:09 From Robin Schlochtermeier : Bye