Composer Coffee Break 8

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 8th session was on Mon 4th May 2020, with Ólafur Arnalds and Steven Price – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:56:02 From Myles McLeod : Hello!
14:56:03 From Alberto Matesanz To All Panelists : Hello!!
14:56:16 From Andrew Reaver : Hello!
14:56:22 From Darren Wonnacott : Hey Everyone!
14:56:23 From Darryl O’Donovan : Hello there
14:56:23 From Benjmain Symons : Good day
14:56:24 From Nick Skachkov : hello Michael!
14:56:24 From Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie To All Panelists : Hello everyone !
14:56:35 From Sonia Kiang : Hi Michael! Hi everyone!
14:56:36 From adam gibson : Hello All 🙂
14:56:38 From Alejandro Cuesta To All Panelists : hello!
14:56:40 From Kim Halliday : Hoy hoy!
14:56:42 From Owain Llwyd : hello!
14:56:42 From Catherine Hillier : hello hello!
14:56:42 From Alberto Matesanz : Changed it
14:56:43 From Mike Martin : Hey folks!
14:56:43 From Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie : 😀
14:56:46 From Raphael Costa : Good morning everyone
14:56:48 From Francesco Passanisi To All Panelists : hello everyone
14:56:54 From Tim Engelhard : Hi 🙂
14:56:56 From David Pinching : Good afternoon
14:57:03 From Mark Ayres To All Panelists : Hello!
14:57:30 From Mark Ayres : Done.
14:57:30 From Dan Watts : Good afternoon all!
14:57:31 From Sonia Kiang : Haha
14:57:33 From Will Wilson : Afternoon all
14:57:40 From Anthony White : Hello Michael, Olafur and Steve! A pleasure to be here!
14:57:50 From Archie Wingate : Afternoon everyone
14:57:53 From Jayla Damaris : Good morning from Toronto! Thank you Michael.
14:57:58 From Lillie Harris : hello everyone 🙂
14:58:03 From Jayla Damaris : 10 am 🙂
14:58:05 From Kim Halliday : 1957
14:58:08 From Elizabeth Li To All Panelists : hiii
14:58:09 From Nick Marsella To All Panelists : Good morning from New York 🙂
14:58:10 From JOHN ALTMAN : afternoon
14:58:11 From Jayla Damaris : LOL!!!
14:58:13 From Simon Woodgate : hello all 🙂
14:58:14 From Alberto Matesanz : Excited for this after the Surrey Uni Seminar 🙂
14:58:14 From James Moffatt : Hey gang! Shit weather in Liverpool…
14:58:19 From Simon Woodgate : from sunny sussex
14:58:20 From Rich de Whittaker : hi from Bermuda
14:58:20 From kim Moore : Hello everyone! from Glasgow!
14:58:28 From Eleonora Pesaresi : Hello from BErlin
14:58:30 From Dora Kmezic To All Panelists : Hi from Liverpool everyone 😀
14:58:34 From Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie : The whole planet is here then ! Hi from France.
14:58:36 From Jayla Damaris : Sunny and 9C here 😀
14:58:38 From Francesco Passanisi : my fault😞 hello everyone
14:58:40 From Sandy Nuttgens : Hello All!
14:58:43 From Matt Emery : Afternoon Michael! Hope your well & looking forward to this weeks chat.
14:58:44 From Ian Tipping : Hello everyone!
14:58:44 From Andrew Reaver : Hello from Ukraine!
14:58:44 From Rich de Whittaker : I am indeed
14:58:45 From Prashanth Murali : Hey! from India! 🙂
14:58:46 From Peter Flint To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
14:58:47 From Sonia Kiang : France here too:)
14:58:48 From Michael Denny : Hello from Kendal!
14:58:49 From Laura Iredale : Hi everyone!
14:58:49 From Oscar Cusack : Beautiful in Dublin! Taking this coffee break outside!
14:58:49 From Dora Kmezic : Done! Thanks 🙂
14:58:51 From Elizabeth Li : hiii
14:58:53 From Ross Farley : Hello from the exotic paradise of Ipswich
14:58:58 From Andrew T Mackay : Hi Michael. thrilled as ever to be in the presence of masters!
14:59:03 From Bailey : Hi, from Somerset (less exotic )
14:59:22 From Alejandro Cuesta : Hi from Madrid!
14:59:22 From Benjamin Dunkley : Greetings from sunny London
14:59:24 From Nick Marsella To All Panelists : Coffee in hand.
14:59:25 From Dominique Charpentier : Hi Michael!
14:59:29 From Ross Koopmans : Greetings from Victoria, BC, Canada
14:59:31 From Catherine Hillier : Hello from Stratford Upon Avon!
14:59:35 From Jasmine Rodgers : Hi all!
14:59:38 From Marie-Anne Fischer : Hello from Surrey!
14:59:39 From Scott Hallgren To All Panelists : Hello from Ohio in the States!
14:59:41 From Nick Marsella : Gotcha. Sorry about that!
14:59:48 From Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch : Hi everyone!
14:59:49 From Dan Watts : Currently very sunny here in Folkestone on the South coast.
14:59:52 From Daniel Coppens To All Panelists : Wonderful thanks for this opportunity DANIEL COPPENS
14:59:57 From Jayla Damaris : Victoria BC! Hello fellow Canadian
15:00:00 From Ellie Parker : Hi everyone X
15:00:01 From Owain Roberts : Heya from Hackney!
15:00:06 From Bibi Cavalcante To All Panelists : Hi from Brazil!
15:00:07 From Esteban Cortés To All Panelists : Hello from México =)
15:00:22 From Dan Watts : Week four!
15:00:23 From Stuart Peck : Hello all, hope you are all well.
15:00:25 From David Pinching : Woo hoo
15:00:34 From Myles McLeod : You should turn this into a song All Panelists and Attendees and let it run for the first 10 mins
15:00:35 From Quentin Leonetti : Hello 🙂
15:00:40 From Jessica Henderson : ^_^ Hello from Scotland.
15:00:40 From Nick Marsella : Woa, how do we sign up for that?
15:00:42 From Dennis Tjiok : Hi everyone!
15:00:46 From Joshua Batch : Hello!
15:00:52 From Doug Heaton : Greetings all!
15:00:55 From Michael Denny : Olafur – saw you in Kendal around 2008/2009 – Eulogy remains one of my fave albums, looking forward to todays chat!
15:00:57 From Simeon Walker : Hey everyone 🙂
15:01:05 From Rob Knight : Afternoon all..hope is everyone well.
15:01:10 From Ryan Majoris To All Panelists : If we signed up and didn’t hear anything, have we missed this one?
15:01:11 From Neil Bruce : Hi everyone, hope you are all well! Mentor program going fantastic! Just finished our chat before this!!
15:01:15 From Francesco La Porta To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
15:01:17 From Giles Thornton : Afternoon!
15:01:24 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : hey y’all
15:01:27 From Aramis Silvereke : Hello everyone! (-:
15:01:36 From Birger Clausen To All Panelists : Hi everyone !
15:01:36 From Myles McLeod : yayy
15:01:40 From Alessandro Sotgiu : Hello everyone!
15:01:44 From Eleonora Pesaresi : YAIIIIIIII
15:01:44 From Izzy Flynn : yayy
15:01:58 From Jakob Lindhagen : Hey everyone!
15:02:12 From Jayla Damaris : Haha!
15:02:28 From Raphael Costa : Good morning Steven and Olafur
15:03:03 From silviorelandini To All Panelists : Hi from Rome
15:03:21 From Aramis Silvereke : Sweden as well!
15:03:32 From Andrew T Mackay : FAMES in Skopje open on 8th May!
15:03:48 From Sam Fuller : Could have done with that! Amazon cancelled our sessions!
15:04:00 From Richard Wilkinson : FAMES and George Strezov’s lot are doing distant lineups I think
15:04:30 From Andrew T Mackay : @richard i’m doing 30 strings on three films starting 11th
15:04:40 From Richard Wilkinson : Ah lovely!
15:04:42 From Laura Iredale : Saw Olafur last year in Leicester, so great 🙂
15:04:42 From Simo Alpha To All Panelists : Hello everyone!
15:05:05 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Hi, everyone!
15:05:12 From Richard Wilkinson : Paul Thompson’s remote orchestra attempt is here – 1st vlog:
15:05:26 From Adrian Leung To All Panelists : A few guitars about…
15:05:32 From Bailey : Olafur – I saw you in Bath in October ’18. Really great performance, thanks for coming, no one ever gigs here!
15:05:34 From Catherine Hillier : I saw Olafur in Birmingham Symphony Hall last year, absolutely incredible!
15:06:27 From John Rushton : Good afternoon all
15:06:59 From john meredith To All Panelists : Hey John , hey all. Nice studio space!
15:07:11 From Myles McLeod : lucky
15:07:19 From Rich de Whittaker : johann’s old studio,no?
15:07:45 From Adrian Leung To All Panelists : WOW
15:07:45 From Jessica Henderson : OMG SIGUR ROS
15:07:46 From Catherine Hillier : wow!
15:07:51 From Myles McLeod : mental
15:08:03 From Aramis Silvereke : Exciting!
15:08:03 From Fran O’Hanlon To All Panelists : Looks beaut!
15:08:13 From Simo Alpha To All Panelists : , i need some advice on how to make my music better.. any advice is welcome
15:08:19 From Anthony White : Wow!
15:08:22 From Allan Glen : Stunning looking studio
15:08:24 From Myles McLeod : sexy!
15:08:29 From Adrian Leung To All Panelists : Bigger than my flat
15:08:35 From Jayla Damaris : AMAZING
15:09:45 From Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie : Would love to know if Ólafur’s new studio is the one looking like a shed on some wall.
15:10:21 From Joel Pike : What a remarkable history in that space.
15:10:26 From Simo Alpha : , i need some advice on how to make my music better.. any advice is welcome
15:11:16 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Reliable remote controls for DAWs … then we can run around a bit! Still a bit under explored …
15:12:16 From Natalia Wierzbicka : That’s a great approach to working with the session players, certainly makes a difference to the auditory result! 🙂
15:12:24 From Lars Johansen : Awfully quiet today?
15:12:51 From George Webster : fascinating chat about space @olafur
15:13:29 From Dan Watts : Agree with Steven about that. Akin to buying a new piece of gear for a project. Always gets the creative juices flowing!
15:14:00 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Hey Steve. Giant Garden Sheds are where it’s at…
15:14:22 From Catherine Hillier : My dream is a garden studio one day!
15:14:54 From Jayla Damaris : HAHA love that lol
15:14:55 From Dan Watts : Hahaha!
15:14:59 From Eleonora Pesaresi : ahahahhahahha
15:15:26 From George Webster : yes!!
15:15:27 From Catherine Hillier : I agree
15:15:53 From Steve Luck : Hello from Newcastle everyone
15:15:57 From Anthony White : @Catherine, music and horticulture. A great mix!
15:15:57 From Mark Ayres : And here we are, all staring at a screen! 🙂
15:16:00 From Dan Watts : Couldn’t agree more! I’ve moved all my gear around so I’m never sat in one place just staring at the screen.
15:16:03 From Rich de Whittaker : your eyes love it too
15:16:23 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Hmm, it might be a good idea to start working outside my bedroom studio haha
15:16:30 From Mark Ayres : (And I have another three to my right, with a big editing project open. Such is life.)
15:16:35 From Mike Martin : There’s a freedom and catharsis you get from sitting down at a piano and nothing else.
15:16:59 From Mike Martin : I haven’t experienced it as easily with a MIDI keyboard and computer in the same space
15:17:01 From Dan Watts : @Mark. HA!
15:17:17 From Laura Iredale : The dream!
15:17:58 From Rich de Whittaker : loving Stratus Ólafur
15:19:03 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Broadchurch score for all 3 series is gorgeous.
15:20:01 From Joel Pike : AS a former ‘band’ musician, I’m wondering if Oli prefers live gigs and touring to recording and writing, as it’s something I love more in connecting with audiences but wondered if this can change?
15:23:42 From Charles Gaskell : Do people think that there is currently too much music in TV series? Too much music in films?
15:24:01 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Totally.
15:24:14 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Gotta be yourself.
15:25:17 From David Pinching : I never thought there’s too much music in TV & film.
15:25:34 From Jessica Henderson : Ólafur, I’d love to know your creative process when you sit down to write something new? I also write ambient, big inspiration!!
15:25:41 From Alex Kozobolis : @chares gaskell .. in short – for me, yes .. and often feels a lazy crutch for absence of directorial / editorial creativity + infantilising attitudes towards audiences who need to be told exactly what to feel
15:26:15 From Charles Gaskell : 30 minutes per episode is a lot of music. I doubt that there is 30 minutes of dialogue for example
15:29:02 From Mike Martin : This is resonating incredibly hard. Something I’ve tried to put into words for a while now
15:30:33 From Charles Gaskell : yes
15:30:37 From Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres : Yes. This!
15:30:44 From Antriksh Bali To All Panelists : true, that
15:30:48 From Alessandro Giovanetto : You two guys are legends. Every part of myself really wants to be as good and as successful as you are. Olafur, brother, I lived my early twenties following up your steps and those musicians we both love. Nils, Hildur, Sigur Ros. I opened for them in Greece, three years ago, wow. Saw you in Athens last year, now I am in Saudi Arabia 🙂 It’s a long way to the top, uh?
15:30:57 From Dora Kmezic : This is a really good point, I feel like they expect from composers to do the magic straight away
15:31:05 From Oscar Cusack : A helluva lot of truth being laid down!
15:31:10 From Jonny Colgan : Hildur’s work is a testament to that!
15:31:32 From Simo Alpha : how do you know how to chose and compose the perfect piece for the movie scene?
15:32:01 From Nick Marsella : On the topic of telling stories, have either of them considered teaching or taking on students? As a student in conservatory…it would be so refreshing to have composers like you two come and teach.
15:32:06 From Richard Wilkinson : trust is a big thing – lets people play and experiment
15:32:17 From Richard Wilkinson : good points
15:32:53 From Richard Wilkinson : micromanaging always kills creativity in projects
15:33:17 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : @Dora Yes I agree. It’s kind of the reality of the situation composers are in today, unfortunately. That’s another good reason why it’s important to have deep conversations with the director or producer if there is an opportunity to
15:34:40 From Elliot Woodward : Somebody tell FOX this
15:35:59 From Catherine Hillier : I love the idea of finding so many talented people to work with who are new and suited to each individual project, but to be able to build up a team of players who you can create lasting relationships with is so valuable
15:36:01 From Oscar Cusack : Wonderful point about building a consistent team
15:36:07 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : It’s interesting; in the way a filmcomposer reacts to visual content, a composer doing some autonomous work can react in a similar way to the presence of another composer/musician
15:36:55 From Dora Kmezic : @Gijs Absolutely, you have to be lucky who speaks the same language as you do! You can hear that long established composer-director relationships have the best results
15:37:03 From Anthony White : I feel that collaboration is more important now than ever. Creating music with new people and stepping outside one’s comfort zone!
15:37:06 From Dora Kmezic : To find*
15:37:13 From Charles Gaskell : Is “music editor” still a viable route into composing for media?
15:37:27 From Peter Flint To All Panelists : I had one of my scores mixed by Chris Benstead of Gravity and he’s a master of surround and sub!
15:38:18 From Natalia Wierzbicka : as a performer and a composer I find it truly rewarding collaborating with others! Great to see this ideology being popular 🙂 it’s great because you can contribute so much to each other’s project, learn from each other and support each other’s work!
15:38:37 From Myles McLeod : I loved that moment, the peacefulness and open space portrayed in Aeronauts when they are floating above the clouds was very effective.
15:39:04 From Jasmine Rodgers : Can anyone suggest a good condenser mike for home studio recordings (not expensive?)
15:39:24 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : @Charles yeah it could be, however you’ve got to have a background in composing for media already to get on board as a music editor, I think. Music editors can have quite some responsibility.
15:40:04 From Adrian Leung : How does one become a music editor? Is it like a step up from being an assistant?
15:40:27 From Peter Jones : @Jasmine Aston Spirit, borrowed my friends and loved it so much I got my own
15:40:59 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : @Jasmine Blue Baby Bottle SL and Bluebird are excellent quality and a reasonable price
15:41:35 From Natalia Wierzbicka : Aston Spirit is very versatile and pairs up nicely with other mics!
15:41:49 From Erik Couttolenc : How can someone approach getting into an internship/assistantship?
15:42:04 From Will Wilson : The Spitfire Chamber Evolutions Collab is one of the best sample libraries ever produced
15:43:05 From adam gibson : @Jasmine, you can get loads of secondhand SE and AKG mics on eBay for Dirt cheap. I prefer AKG but SE mics are fantastic sounding for their price and good starting points in a mic cupboard
15:43:17 From Rich de Whittaker : I’m been loving the stratus piano’s in reverse as texture
15:43:21 From Richard Wilkinson : I have them too!
15:43:30 From Richard Wilkinson : Using them for my lockdown album 🙂
15:43:41 From Jasmine Rodgers : Thanks @Adam!
15:43:52 From Charles Gaskell : @Adrian I always thought as “Music Editor” as being a separate career to “media composer”, but Michael and Steven said that’s how they first came across each other
15:44:21 From Jayla Damaris : @Erik if you’re on Facebook, Daniel Ciurlizza posted a great process in Teammates ( Here’s the post:
15:44:39 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : The more composers talk about being inspired by tools like the Chamber Evolutions (which I absolutely love, great tools), the more respect I get for composers who had to figure everything out by themselves without any software. People like Arvo Part for example
15:46:05 From David Pinching : Ok, who else uses the Brian Eno/ Peter Schmidt dilemma cards?
15:46:32 From Richard Wilkinson : I love ‘em
15:46:52 From Stuart Peck : ‘Feels like recording’ Yes. This is it, certainly for me
15:48:02 From Vlada Kupriyanova To All Panelists : Arvo Part very authentic composer
15:48:10 From Richard Hellgren : arvo pärt is very algorythmic
15:48:12 From Nick Marsella : I LOVE that Olafur knows about this
15:48:15 From Erik Couttolenc : @JaylaDamaris Thank you very much, I will check it out
15:48:22 From Mark Ayres : 🙂
15:48:32 From Anthony White : Thank you for the link to the group @Jayla
15:48:59 From Joshua Batch : Thank you @Jayla!
15:49:05 From Mark Ayres : You have to set yourself up in a way that allows for happy accidents.
15:50:12 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Haha alright very good points 🙂 It might be about designing your own rules and restrictions first
15:50:29 From Mark Ayres : Both.
15:50:48 From Mhairi Hall To All Panelists : Australian/Irish guitarist Steve Cooney (genius) – created a new notation and rhythmic system, excellent for random ideas and taking you out the ‘rut’
15:51:19 From Nick Marsella : And yet, composition is also about creating a space for collaboration between people. It can’t be all about what we want, right?
15:52:05 From Charles Gaskell : It’s amazing how constrained the rules are in Pärt’s music are. It’s a bit like a Newton’s Cradle – once you set it in motion, the whole event can only happen one way
15:52:33 From Darcy Lewis : I think for film then definitely yes, but when recording your own work I believe that really it is about what you want. You want to fully endorse the work you’re creating and to own it
15:53:23 From Charles Gaskell : @Gijs, that’s how I took your comment
15:54:03 From Mark Ayres : I am really missing live work.
15:54:09 From Elias Tadeus To All Panelists : Hello mates! Thanx for such a great talk!
15:54:33 From Nick Marsella : But is the purpose of music and our role as composers really just to further our own ideas? I would argue the most powerful thing about music is creating community
15:54:54 From Rich de Whittaker : open invite to play in Bermuda Ólafur
15:55:09 From Aramis Silvereke : It is interesting that music often comes up when you put yourself in a situation where your mind is angeled towards that composing mindset. Would be interesting to hear how and when Olafur & Steven compose and from what mindset
15:55:34 From Darcy Lewis : Absolutely, it is important that it is about community but I think that ultimately, if you are making music, the music you are most connected with personally is the best tool for that
15:55:38 From Simeon Walker : Such an important discussion, this
15:55:54 From Dominique Charpentier : The composer is the God of his own universe and therefore he choses his own rules but he still has to decide them. Total freedom doesn’t exist, even for God ahah 🙂
15:55:59 From Darcy Lewis : And collaborations are probably a different matter and I am sure there are many other cases too
15:56:21 From Darcy Lewis : I am more playing devils advocate than completely opposing
15:56:42 From Jasmine Rodgers : Is anyone aware of the BrokenRecord effort to raise awareness about streaming costs?
15:56:51 From Jayla Damaris : You’re welcome, all
15:56:58 From Joshua Batch : Amen!
15:56:58 From Nick Marsella : YES
15:57:04 From Mark Ayres : 100%
15:57:04 From Natalia Wierzbicka : @JasmineRogers yes! Great thing to check out!
15:57:12 From Simeon Walker : Totally
15:57:13 From Nick Marsella : This is what I’m saying
15:57:26 From Jasmine Rodgers : Cool! 🙂 I’m on my work email so I don’t have emojis but thumbs up everyone!
15:57:33 From Anthony White : Thank you all for your time. This is such an inspiring conversation – thank you!
15:57:40 From Nick Marsella : Where there is community, there is music.
15:57:48 From Jasmine Rodgers : @nick so true
15:57:53 From Charles Gaskell : It’s funny the way I get comments fractionally before the video to which they apply
15:58:31 From Nick Marsella : What a powerful and humbling idea, right? I believe that is what will lead to the next musical innovation, not a pursuit of the art form itself.
15:58:52 From Andrew T Mackay : inspiring words! thanks so much guys
15:58:52 From Jasmine Rodgers : This is so great !
15:58:52 From Bailey : thanks everyone
15:58:53 From Jayla Damaris : Thank you kindly for your time and expertise
15:58:55 From Daniel Nolan : Great chat, thanks indeed
15:58:55 From Joshua Batch : Really wonderful talk today. Thank you!
15:58:55 From Nick Marsella : Thank you!!
15:58:57 From Catherine Hillier : Thank you so much!
15:58:57 From Adrian Leung : Thank you! Hope everyone’s well
15:58:58 From Ellie Parker : Thank youuu X
15:58:58 From Jessica Henderson : You guys rule!!
15:58:59 From Oscar Cusack : Thank you very much to the panel!
15:58:59 From Peter Jones : Thanks for your time
15:58:59 From Rich de Whittaker : cheers!
15:58:59 From Jessica Henderson : 😀
15:59:00 From Mark Fabian To All Panelists : Thanks guys, awesome chat
15:59:00 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : @Charles yes that’s a fair point. However Steven made another good comment, regarding the interaction that happens when you hear a sound, or a result or a ‘byproduct’. I just find it very mind boggling how people like Part design systems that actually work, without necessarily having heard a direct response from samples right away. Olafur made a very good point though about it’s all about designing the way you work 🙂
15:59:01 From Erik Couttolenc : Thank you
15:59:02 From Izzy Flynn : reach a higher level of consciousness, love that @olifur
15:59:02 From Connor FitzGibbon To All Panelists : Its been great to listen! thank you so much!
15:59:02 From James Moffatt : Amazing! Thanks gang x
15:59:02 From Charles Gaskell : Thanks Michael
15:59:03 From Aramis Silvereke : Thank you for creating a viral tribe here!!
15:59:04 From Nikki & Joe Davison To All Panelists : Thank you, very inspiring!
15:59:04 From Anné Kulonen : Thanks all, great session!
15:59:04 From Richard Wilkinson : Brill, as always. Thanks everyone!
15:59:05 From Alberto Matesanz : Thank you, it was amazing!
15:59:06 From Marie-Anne Fischer : Thank you, this was inspirational!
15:59:06 From Mike Martin : Thank you so much folks!
15:59:06 From Robin Schlochtermeier To All Panelists : Thank you for the really interesting conversation!
15:59:07 From Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie : Thanks everyone
15:59:07 From Alessandro Sotgiu : See you guys thanks!
15:59:07 From Eleonora Pesaresi : Thank you all and stay safe xxx
15:59:08 From Vlada Kupriyanova To All Panelists : Thanks!
15:59:10 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Thank you all!
15:59:10 From Giles Thornton : Thank you!
15:59:10 From Matt Emery : Cheers All
15:59:10 From Roger Hooper To All Panelists : Thank you, Michael, Olafur and Steven!
15:59:11 From Dora Kmezic : such a good chat, thanks everyone 😀
15:59:11 From Darryl O’Donovan : Thanks everyone!
15:59:11 From Daisy Chute : thank you!
15:59:13 From Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres : Thank you X
15:59:13 From Laura Iredale : Thankyou 🙂
15:59:13 From Richard Hellgren : womderful thank you!
15:59:14 From Jessica Henderson : Thank yooooou x
15:59:14 From Neil Bruce : Awesome thanks so much for that and your time!! See you on the road!! Stay safe!
15:59:14 From Adrian Leung : Thanks for organising Michael 🙂
15:59:15 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : Thanks so much. This has been wonderful 🙂
15:59:16 From Bibi Cavalcante To All Panelists : Thank you!!!! =)
15:59:16 From Dani Howard : Thanks so much!
15:59:16 From Jack Williams : danke
15:59:17 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Cheers all!
15:59:17 From Jason Kollar To All Panelists : thank you!
15:59:18 From Lillie Harris : thank you!
15:59:19 From Jakob Lindhagen : Thanks all!
15:59:19 From Mau Loseto : Thanks! Bye everyone
15:59:20 From Simo Alpha : , i need some advice on how to make my music better.. any advice is welcome
15:59:21 From Ian Tipping : Thanks Olafur and Steven – very informative!
15:59:21 From Owain Llwyd : awesome sauce!
15:59:21 From oliver weder : Thanks guys, so insightful!!
15:59:21 From Owain Roberts : Thanks! and thanks for asking my question!
15:59:23 From Myles McLeod : Thanks for bringing the community together Michael Take care chaps xx
15:59:25 From Richard Hellgren : hahahaha
15:59:27 From Jayla Damaris : hahahahahahahahaaaaa
15:59:27 From Aramis Silvereke : Hahahaha
15:59:27 From Alessandro Sotgiu : hahahaha
15:59:29 From Nick Marsella : lol
15:59:29 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Hahah
15:59:30 From Neil Bruce : 🙂
15:59:30 From nash ngondonga : thanks guys
15:59:31 From John Rushton : Thanks all, Off to do something boring
15:59:31 From Jessica Henderson : hahahaha
15:59:31 From Eleonora Pesaresi : ahahahhahhahah
15:59:31 From Mark Davis To All Panelists : awesome!
15:59:33 From Alessandro Sotgiu : good one!
15:59:34 From David Hilowitz : 🙂
15:59:34 From Mhairi Hall To All Panelists : Thank you!
15:59:35 From Fran O’Hanlon To All Panelists : Superb
15:59:36 From Mark Ayres : Applause.
15:59:38 From Raphael Costa : Thank you Michael. Another great coffee time!!!
15:59:39 From Andrew T Mackay : brilliant!
15:59:40 From Stuart Peck : thank you for your time today all !
15:59:41 From David Preston : thanks
15:59:44 From Benjamin Dunkley : Thank you!
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