Composer Coffee Break 9

In a response to the current Covid-19 situation, and to help support our composer community, I’m hosting a weekly Zoom chat on Mondays at 3pm GMT for us to get together and talk through some of the issues facing us. as a community.

The 9th session was on Mon 11th May 2020, with Lorne Balfe and Becky Bentham – here’s a video of what went on:

And here’s a transcript from the chat room:

14:59:03 From Jessica Henderson : Hi from Scotland ^_^
14:59:04 From Peter Flint : Hi all!
14:59:06 From Anthony White : Good afternoon Michael, hello from sunny Edinburgh!
14:59:10 From Will Wilson : Afternoon all, hope fellow Brits enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend!
14:59:10 From Catherine Hillier : hello hello!
14:59:14 From Sophie Lloyd : hello!
14:59:16 From Angelo Bibita To All Panelists : Hi to everyone!
14:59:17 From Frank Fogliano To All Panelists : Hello from Rome!
14:59:25 From Tom Rackham : Hi everyone!
14:59:27 From Andrea Possee To All Panelists : Hello!
14:59:33 From Andy Patterson To All Panelists : Hi Michael, Hi Lorne! Hi Becky!
14:59:34 From Esteban Cortés To All Panelists : Hi from México =)
14:59:36 From wendy kessell To All Panelists : hi from Australia 🙂
14:59:37 From Will Lyons To All Panelists : Hello!
14:59:39 From Sarah McQuaid To All Panelists : Hello! Thank you so much!
14:59:50 From Rich de Whittaker : greetings
14:59:50 From wendy kessell To All Panelists : thanks for doing these chats 🙂
14:59:54 From Laura Iredale : Hi everyone 🙂
14:59:56 From Neil Bruce To All Panelists : Hi everyone!! Hope you are all!!
14:59:56 From Charlie Jefferson To All Panelists : Hello from sunny Scotland!
15:00:00 From Max Perryment To All Panelists : Hello!
15:00:01 From Sam Griffiths To All Panelists : Hi everyone!
15:00:02 From Michael Hewitt-Brown To All Panelists : Hi all!
15:00:04 From Giles Thornton : Hello!
15:00:10 From Oscar Cusack : Good afternoon all! Tuning in from Dublin 🙂
15:00:12 From Jianguo Wan To All Panelists : Hi everyone
15:00:13 From Darryl O’Donovan : Hello there
15:00:15 From Philip Sheppard : Hello! Thanks for doing this 😉
15:00:18 From Michael Hewitt-Brown : OK!
15:00:19 From Ross Farley : Hey all
15:00:22 From wendy kessell : done 🙂
15:00:22 From Andrea Possee : Hello everyone! All the Scots are out in force 🙂
15:00:23 From Kusi Wey : Hello everybody
15:00:25 From Adam Price : Hi all!
15:00:27 From Uno Helmersson : Hello!
15:00:28 From Sam Griffiths : Hi everyone!
15:00:28 From Stefan Henrico : Hey all
15:00:28 From Adam Szklenar : Hi everyone!
15:00:30 From John Rushton : Good afternoon
15:00:30 From Owain Llwyd : yo!
15:00:31 From Neil Bruce : Hi everyone!! Hope you are well!!
15:00:31 From wendy kessell : hi 🙂
15:00:31 From anna phoebe : hellooo
15:00:32 From Esteban Cortés : ok!
15:00:32 From Mau Loseto : Hello everyone!
15:00:32 From Will Lyons : Whoops…Hello!
15:00:33 From Megan Cunnington : hello!
15:00:33 From Angelo Bibita : Hello!!!
15:00:34 From Jim Copperthwaite : Hiya Folks
15:00:35 From Matt Emery : Hi all 🙂
15:00:35 From Sarah McQuaid : Hello all! 🙂
15:00:37 From Benjamin McMillan : Hello!
15:00:38 From Michael Langley : afternoon
15:00:40 From daniel smith To All Panelists : Hi Dublin…shame about the Five Nations…
15:00:40 From Katy Jackson : hey all!
15:00:40 From Charlie Jefferson : Done! Hi all!
15:00:42 From Patrick Peeters : Hello from Belgium
15:00:42 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : hi!
15:00:42 From Hans Hess To All Panelists : Hello
15:00:43 From Léa Dupuis : Hello! Login from Montreal. New here. 🙂
15:00:43 From Neil Bruce : Stay alert!
15:00:44 From Sam Fuller : Round 9, ding ding ding!
15:00:46 From Carolyn Wall : Hi all! 🙂
15:00:49 From Mason Tikl : Hello, from far too early in Canada.
15:00:50 From wendy kessell : definitely!!
15:00:59 From Simon Greenaway : Afternoon all!
15:01:00 From Joe Galuszka : Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well!
15:01:03 From Kusi Wey : how are you Michael? Kind regards from Switzerland
15:01:04 From Jon Foster : Hi from Toronto!
15:01:04 From Helen Lynch : hi everyone. looking forward to this week 🙂 May have screamed when I saw the guest on the group.
15:01:11 From Megan Cunnington : hello!!
15:01:13 From Patrick Peeters : Belgium is ready
15:01:14 From Dora Kmezic : Hi everyone! 🙂
15:01:19 From Ani Ashok To All Panelists : Hello Michael! Thanks for hosting this. I’m a big fan of your work, and this is my first Composer Chat.
15:01:27 From Stuart Peck : Hello All! Hope we are all well.
15:01:35 From Michael Cristian To All Panelists : Thank you. Very happy to be here…
15:01:35 From Dan Watts : Afternoon all!
15:01:41 From Marie-Anne Fischer : Hello Everyone!
15:01:47 From Tim White : Good afternoon everyone
15:01:50 From Kusi Wey : Smile 😀
15:01:51 From Hannah Peel : Can’t believe this is week 9! Hello all!
15:01:55 From Kristen Gibson : Hi all!
15:02:00 From Samuel Read To All Panelists : Hello!
15:02:01 From John Altman : Afternoon all
15:02:03 From Helen Lynch : 😀 eeeep
15:02:09 From Xenia Horne To All Panelists : hello really happy to be here ✅
15:02:10 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Hi there!
15:02:11 From Simon Greenaway To All Panelists : Hello lovelies (only meant for your eyes!)
15:02:12 From Jessica Henderson : hahahaha
15:02:15 From Wouter Linart To All Panelists : hi all!
15:02:39 From Kim Halliday : Weed?
15:03:06 From Richard Wilkinson : Lorne’s building a seed bank for the apocalypse
15:03:17 From Simon Woodgate : Hi everyone
15:03:28 From Jelle Dittmar : Hi Everyone!
15:03:34 From Xenia Horne : done
15:03:35 From Roger Hooper : Hi, everyone!
15:03:39 From Owain Roberts : Hello everybody!
15:03:40 From John Altman To All Panelists : deliberate hi to all panellists
15:03:42 From Wouter Linart : hi all!
15:03:45 From Robin Schlochtermeier To All Panelists : Hello everyone! Good to be back
15:03:53 From Birger Clausen To All Panelists : Hey all!
15:03:57 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Hello
15:04:00 From Katie Jenkins : Hi all!
15:04:11 From daniel smith To All Panelists : I thought Lorne was David Balfe’s (Soft Cell) daughter…how wrong I was.
15:04:11 From Wilson Capitão To All Panelists : Hi!
15:04:17 From Richard Wilkinson : oh no!
15:04:18 From Charles Gaskell : 🙁
15:04:18 From Sonia Kiang : Hello!
15:04:30 From Richard Wilkinson : difficult second season to follow
15:04:33 From John McFarlane To All Panelists : dont mention the war
15:04:33 From Alex Kozobolis : hey everybody ! [said as dr nick]
15:04:39 From anna phoebe : hi Alex!
15:04:40 From Stuart Peck : Fatty Owls
15:04:41 From Catherine Hillier : This has been the highlight of my mondays each week!
15:04:43 From Bernard Duc To All Panelists : hello all, Bernard Duc here (no idea if my name appears)
15:04:47 From Jonny Colgan : Hi Dr Nick
15:04:47 From Michael Price :
15:04:55 From Richard Wilkinson : i hope they don’t recast Michael
15:04:55 From Alex Kozobolis : (hey Anna!)
15:05:00 From Dora Kmezic : that is sad to hear 🙁
15:05:00 From daniel smith To All Panelists : We barely get any in Leicester.
15:05:01 From Sarah McQuaid : Definitely perfect. Are all the sessions going to be up on YouTube in perpetuity?
15:05:14 From Kusi Wey : is it this dr nick? 😀
15:05:16 From Helen Lynch : Hop everyone is well 🙂
15:05:20 From Helen Lynch : *hope
15:05:22 From Andy McCrorie-Shand : hello all
15:05:44 From Giovanni Tria : Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well! 🙂
15:05:53 From David Pinching : Thanks Helen. Very well thank you
15:05:53 From Izzy Flynn To All Panelists : howdy
15:07:44 From Charles Gaskell : Extending post schedules could be useful in getting a better quality product
15:07:47 From ben mowat : Hello! 🙂
15:08:03 From Richard Wilkinson : Lorne’s Lego Batman score is an absolute knockout 🦇
15:08:37 From Octavia Romano : Yes
15:08:45 From Octavia Romano : no travel necessary
15:09:05 From Simon Woodgate : Charles Gaskell – certainly
15:09:12 From Sam Griffiths : Wow once a month! That jet lag, took me 4 days to shift the jet lag althogether when I went to LA
15:09:14 From daniel smith To All Panelists : Know it (Lego) was a big hit but it was too sweet for me).
15:09:18 From Michael Cristian : So much of what we do can be done virtually. I literally haven’t seen a client in years. Work through briefs and feedback.
15:09:23 From ben mowat : What’s the programme called?
15:09:48 From Richard Wilkinson : Evercast is $700 p/m 😬
15:09:49 From John McFarlane To All Panelists : evercast
15:09:50 From Charles Gaskell : evercast
15:10:06 From Philip Sheppard : I miss the travel so much..! More because that’s a lot of the social attached to it…
15:10:12 From Jim Lane To All Panelists : Still can’t stop listening to Fallout, such a great score Lorne!
15:10:28 From Fenton Hutson : Perhaps this whole virus means we won’t need to flock to LA anymore to get work 😀
15:11:34 From Michael Cristian : LA hasn’t really been fun for a while now…
15:11:50 From Dan Watts : Totally agree with that. Plus my house has never been cleaner!
15:11:51 From Jessica Henderson : im looking into moving from Scotland but not sure yet….
15:12:07 From daniel smith To All Panelists : I found L.A. a very dirty, scary town. San Fran.
15:12:30 From Simon Poole : Hey Michael Cristian! Are you in LA now?
15:12:36 From Vikki Flawith : morning from Canada’s west coast 🙂
15:12:45 From Jelle Dittmar : same!
15:12:46 From Michael Cristian : No…got back a few months ago before the shutdown
15:13:08 From Jim Lane : Greetings from Northern Virginia all!
15:13:54 From Charles Gaskell : “hollow piano and a twig” – inspirational!
15:14:15 From Neil Bruce : Twig music is my specialty
15:15:20 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Great to see Lorne here, talking about a hard worker 🙂 His music is everywhere!
15:16:00 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : @thevancomposer on Instagram is the man! does the whole mobile studio thing.
15:16:06 From Richard Wilkinson : Olafur’s is gorgeous. Love that one
15:16:18 From Simon Woodgate : no!!! I have glass in my main hall and it’s a nightmare for sound….
15:16:39 From Jelle Dittmar : Hey Gijs jij ook hier? 🙂
15:16:41 From Dan Watts : Disaster Area Studio
15:17:00 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Ha Jelle! Haha leuk man! Jazeker!
15:17:03 From Dan Watts : So black it absorbs the light!
15:17:08 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : correction that’s @vancomooser
15:17:15 From Lorne Balfe To All Panelists : black is the new black
15:17:46 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : correction on that correction that’s @vancomposer #canttype
15:18:10 From Vikki Flawith : How can we claim to be musical storytellers if we don’t have our own narrative, our own story,as artists?
15:18:28 From ben mowat : Thanks Charles
15:19:18 From daniel smith : I’m told you need part-time jobs – my CV looks like Frank Spencer’s holiday list.
15:19:37 From Carlina Walton : lol @ Daniel Smith
15:19:52 From Xenia Horne : People definitely expect us to be able to share a narrative about who we are and where ideas come from, what informs our work
15:20:21 From Nick Holywell-Walker : You have a standing wave around 275Hz Michael. Nothing serious, a bit more laundry or an extra box of ties ( unpacked mind ) ought to deaden it…
15:21:29 From Charles Gaskell : ha ha (@Nick)
15:22:18 From Nick Holywell-Walker : Oh, actually it’s more like 125Hz
15:23:11 From Richard Wilkinson : The machinations of working to picture, hit points, scoring the narrative stuff etc is such a different mindset to writing ‘art/commercial’ stuff away from picture.
15:23:20 From Richard Wilkinson : always impressive when people are equally adept at both
15:23:30 From Jason Huff To All Panelists : Have you ever walked off a gig Lorne?
15:23:32 From Carlina Walton : question: does your own internal chatter get in the way of composing?
15:23:42 From Xenia Horne : yes
15:23:58 From Xenia Horne : especially at the moment
15:24:21 From Carlina Walton : does it railroad your composing project off piste and you have to stop and do something else to shift the narrative of your immediate experience so that you can reapply yourself to the music narrative?
15:24:52 From Catherine Hillier : I am very much starting to realise this!
15:24:56 From Helen Lynch : What’s the diff between both soundtrack albums? 🙂 Aren’t they both compilations of cues?
15:25:13 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Ahh, the eternal struggle walking on the thin line between writing ‘your thing you love’ (your ‘voice’) and writing what the execs want 😀
15:25:35 From Peter Flint : That’s the magic of filmmaking!
15:25:43 From Mason Tikl : His Dark Materials anthology is the only show score I’ve listened to regularly for several months. I don’t anticipate that will stop anytime soon.
15:26:01 From Anthony White : Thank you for this sound advice Becky!
15:27:56 From Catherine Hillier : Brilliant advice Beck, I’m in the ‘younger ones wanting to break in’ category and this is really encouraging to hear straight from an agent herself that i’m on vaguely the right path!
15:29:14 From Anthony White : @Catherine, agree. In the same boat with you on that one.
15:30:06 From Catherine Hillier : @Anthony that’s good to hear. I’m glad you agree!
15:30:39 From Richard Wilkinson : deadlines are the ultimate answer to writer’s block
15:31:07 From Izzy Flynn : hahaha
15:31:29 From Simon Woodgate : Who’s been in the bed? Those lamps have moved
15:31:44 From Richard Wilkinson : *showers
15:32:10 From Charles Gaskell : and what is the flashing light behind Lorne
15:32:32 From Sarah McQuaid : Slightly different field but somebody once said to me “Nothing stimulates the creative process like booking studio time.”
15:32:51 From Richard Wilkinson : well put!
15:33:12 From Colin Carroll To All Panelists : Talking of reboots I loved Lorne’s reworking of The Sweeney.
15:33:39 From Léa Dupuis : true 😛
15:34:04 From Sarah McQuaid : 🙂
15:34:50 From Helen Lynch : Fallout is an absolute masterpiece of a score.
15:35:17 From Richard Wilkinson : great question
15:36:23 From Richard Wilkinson : yes! loads of stories like that
15:36:37 From Richard Wilkinson : on the Perspective FB group etc
15:36:43 From Richard Wilkinson : Bear McCreary’s done it
15:36:56 From Charles Gaskell : you mostly hear about these stories from those that have been successful
15:37:10 From Richard Wilkinson : Austin Wintory did exactly that and didn’t get the job
15:37:13 From Jonny Colgan : I think Pinar Toprak did that for Captain Marvel
15:37:14 From Richard Wilkinson : (star trek discovery)
15:37:20 From Dan Watts : Pinar Toprak did that for Captain Marvel.
15:37:24 From Richard Wilkinson : and Austin wrote a great blog going through the process
15:37:27 From Richard Wilkinson : really honest and open
15:37:35 From Jonny Colgan : Snap Dan!
15:38:03 From Dan Watts : @Jonny Ha!
15:38:09 From Charles Gaskell : @Richard yes – but perhaps an exception? People mostly don’t like admitting to large financial mistakes
15:38:22 From Richard Wilkinson : here’s Austin’s article – really good read:
15:38:24 From Richard Wilkinson :
15:38:28 From Dan Watts : @Richard I didn’t know that about Discovery.
15:38:33 From Stuart Peck : Hey Jonny!
15:39:16 From Jonny Colgan : Hey Stuart 🙂
15:39:20 From Sarah McQuaid : Thanks for posting that link, Richard. Saving to read later.
15:39:33 From Carlina Walton : “The People’s Orchestra” would jump for a film score composer/arranger. Amazing film score-playing orchestra in the UK Midlands, (AM I allowed to mention them?)
15:40:07 From Richard Wilkinson : I’m sure that’s fine
15:40:12 From Peter Flint : Ooh exciting to hear about an orchestra in the Midlands!
15:40:19 From Catherine Hillier : Hes
15:40:25 From Catherine Hillier : *yes i agree!
15:40:33 From John Altman To All Panelists : I was asked to replace a ‘crap’ score by Jerry Goldsmith (producers’ words!) I politely declined
15:40:36 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : @Richard Ah great, will def take a read. What a shame he didn’t get the gig.. but it’s the right mindset of putting absolutely everything in a pitch what will still get noticed
15:40:51 From Philip Sheppard : I had a call come in – gutted I missed the question – what was it? seeing mentions about Bear/ Pinar etc? Sorry and thanks!
15:41:05 From Richard Wilkinson : yeah – he still made connections and got known more as an option
15:42:02 From Richard Wilkinson : @Philip – pitching for projects with liver orchestras – self funded
15:42:08 From Richard Wilkinson : *live!
15:42:10 From Dan Watts : @Philip Talking about spending your own money on an orchestra for pitching.
15:42:31 From Charles Gaskell : then q about assistant composers/ additional composers
15:42:53 From Philip Sheppard : Ahhhh! Thanks @Dan! and thank you Charles… all makes sense now!
15:42:55 From Carlina Walton : yes, that’s what’s so great about a Midlands’ based orchestra. A fraction of the cost of others.
15:42:57 From Valentino Favotto To All Panelists : …the problem is how to became an assistant composer….😁
15:43:17 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : Lorne I did not know you were previously an intern at RCP. I suppose that would explain why you were so open to interns sitting in and asking questions. When I was there I found you to be one of the most approachable composers and I appreciate that.
15:43:18 From Jayla Damaris : pinar was interviewed about it too. Here’s one:
15:44:27 From Helen Lynch : Are we talking about pitching here in the chat? 🙂
15:44:51 From Carlina Walton : sorry. got excited putting Midlands on the map. As you were
15:44:54 From Richard Wilkinson : mediation, translation, etc
15:45:13 From Fenton Hutson : @Helen yes – discussing also the teams that work for composers and who might break a way and who doesn’t get a chance etc.
15:45:43 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Haha should we give them their jobs back?
15:46:20 From Richard Wilkinson : friend of mine did one of the last sessions at angel 😢
15:47:07 From Helen Lynch : Synchron stage, Vienna. know them well 🙂
15:47:35 From Dan Watts : Air studios, Abbey Road, my spare room. All some of my favourite places to record.
15:47:54 From Richard Wilkinson : Lorne recorded some HDD stuff in Bulgaria I think – interested in the split between there and London
15:47:58 From Jelle Dittmar : I wish I could one day visit those studios
15:48:03 From Richard Wilkinson : *HDM
15:48:05 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : @Richard ooh what a lucky composer, I’ve heard plenty of stories from people who just missed the boat. Nainita Desai came this wonderful initiative building a sheet with all kind of contacts from musicians who can record remotely from homoe
15:48:07 From Dan Watts : I’ve only ever recorded in one of those three. See if you can guess which!
15:48:13 From Giles Thornton : Abbey Road Studio 1 is probably one of my favourite places in the world!
15:48:34 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : *home
15:49:05 From Jonny Colgan : I recorded at Air a couple of years back. Best sounding voice memo I’ve got!
15:49:21 From Dan Watts : @Jonny HA!
15:49:21 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : hahaha
15:49:38 From Helen Lynch : @richard Vienna 🙂
15:49:38 From Charles Gaskell : Is that Synchron in Vienna?
15:50:10 From Léa Dupuis : @Gijs van Amel Do you have a contact for Nainita Desai? I would like to submit my name. I work also as a flutist. 🙂
15:50:23 From Jayla Damaris : Here is Nainita’s: Here is Shie Rezow’s:
15:50:25 From Richard Wilkinson : it’s on the Ivors website
15:50:34 From Richard Wilkinson : there it is!
15:50:35 From Helen Lynch : @charles 😉
15:50:39 From Léa Dupuis : thank you! 🙂
15:51:01 From Rich de Whittaker : I once stumbled upon the studio where Tom Waits recorded ‘Mule Variations’…it was an empty room with a desk and an old radiator in it…
15:51:40 From Richard Wilkinson : I’m tentatively organising a session at Air/Abbey Rd but don’t yet know when that’s going to be possible
15:51:52 From Richard Wilkinson : hopefully towards the end of Summer
15:52:45 From Jason Huff To All Panelists : hahaha
15:53:08 From Donna McKevitt : Peter did a remote session for me the other week
15:53:12 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Yes on the Ivors website. I think you can add your details here
15:53:30 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : called “THE REMOTE RECORDING DIRECTORY”
15:53:57 From Charles Gaskell : @Michael haha!
15:53:58 From Richard Wilkinson : oh yeah! Thanks Lorne for that
15:54:04 From Richard Wilkinson : lovely gesture
15:54:52 From Jessica Henderson : midi files would be uber helpful!
15:54:55 From Nick Marsella : Haha I love tht
15:55:18 From Jason Huff To All Panelists : you also stated lack of counterpoint. lol
15:55:18 From Sam Griffiths : I’d love to dig into the midi files for His dark materials!
15:55:35 From Jason Huff To All Panelists : Dark Materials is fantastic
15:56:14 From Charles Gaskell :
15:56:24 From Neil Bruce : Amazing!
15:56:43 From Sam Griffiths : Thanks Charles!
15:56:55 From Richard Wilkinson : IMSLP is brilliant for score study also
15:57:12 From Richard Wilkinson : and John Powell sometimes puts up bits of scores
15:57:13 From Carlina Walton : Thank you Lorne for trying to help next generation. I didn’t want earlier post to be just about money. It’s about community. Sarah Marshall at is looking for your help. That’s it.
15:57:13 From David Wise : Thank you CCB – got to get back to it – all great insight. Appreciate your time.
15:57:14 From Charles Gaskell :
15:57:21 From Jason Huff To All Panelists : Much appreciated Lorne!
15:57:46 From Jessica Henderson : cheeeeers charles
15:57:48 From Charles Gaskell : Thanks Carlina
15:58:54 From Charles Gaskell : @Jessica – the takeaway is to follow Lorne on Twitter… 😉
15:59:35 From Bernard Duc To All Panelists : If it’s not too late for a question, could we discuss how composers work with publicists for communication? For example Lorne with White Bear PR
15:59:48 From Helen Lynch To All Panelists : yes!!! Go, Michael!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
15:59:48 From Richard Wilkinson : can we mention this (maybe next week?()
15:59:57 From Richard Wilkinson : super important for us musos
16:00:02 From Richard Wilkinson : also hear, hear Lorne
16:00:04 From Helen Lynch : whoops sorry. iPad glitched. .
16:00:21 From Izzy Flynn : Thank you all for sharing, you’re building something excellent . THANK YOU
16:00:23 From Stuart Peck : 100% Lorne!
16:00:28 From David Pinching : This is the best advice ever
16:00:31 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : So much wisdom there Lorne!
16:00:36 From Richard Wilkinson : 👏🏻
16:00:39 From Laura Iredale : Absolutely!
16:00:40 From Dan Watts : Well said Lorne!
16:00:44 From Oscar Cusack : Hip hip hooray!!
16:00:44 From Neil Bruce : Couldn’t agree more on all those points!!
16:00:48 From Giles Thornton : Well Said!
16:00:48 From Carolyn Wall : Thanks so much for doing this – I’m so glad I joined in!
16:00:49 From Oscar Cusack : Hear hear!
16:00:52 From Peter Flint : It’s great to see that the industry is made up of humans!
16:00:54 From James Sanger : Next time Graham Norton goes for his summer break Michael could maybe step in 😀
16:01:01 From Anthony White : Thank you for all your time this afternoon Michael, Becky and Lorne!
16:01:08 From Fenton Hutson : Brought to you from Spitfire Audio
16:01:12 From Jessica Henderson : lololo
16:01:13 From Andrea Possee : thank you so much x
16:01:16 From John Rushton : Thanks all
16:01:19 From Giovanni Tria : Totally agree with you Lorne. And it’s great to hear what you do for the others
16:01:19 From Nick Marsella : Thank you all!!
16:01:21 From Jessica Henderson : Thank you 🙂
16:01:21 From Philip Sheppard : thanks all
16:01:22 From Robin Schlochtermeier To All Panelists : Thank you all!!
16:01:22 From Charlie Jefferson : These chats are such a tonic to the soul thank you!
16:01:22 From Katy Jackson : Thank you all!!
16:01:23 From Darryl O’Donovan : Thank you all
16:01:24 From Matt Emery : Thanks all
16:01:24 From Megan Cunnington : thank you so much guys this was wonderful!!!!!
16:01:26 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : Thanks from Nashville!
16:01:26 From Helen Lynch : Thanks, all. Enjoy the week.
16:01:26 From Xenia Horne : thanks so much
16:01:27 From Giovanni Tria : Thank you all!
16:01:29 From Léa Dupuis : thank you! 🙂
16:01:30 From Carlina Walton : thank you for validating and support
16:01:30 From Jon Foster : thank you!
16:01:30 From Catherine Hillier : Thank you so so much!
16:01:31 From Dan Watts : Brilliant again! Thank you all.
16:01:31 From Julian Guidetti : Thanks everyone!
16:01:31 From Gijs van Amelsvoort : Thank you thank you!
16:01:32 From Anné Kulonen : Totally agree, great sessions. Thanks all, another brilliant one!
16:01:33 From Laura Iredale : Thanks so much everyone 🙂
16:01:36 From Angelo Bibita To All Panelists : Thank you!
16:01:37 From Giles Thornton : Thanks all! 🙂
16:01:37 From Adam Szklenar : Thank you all!
16:01:38 From Rich de Whittaker : cheers ✨🎶
16:01:40 From Oscar Cusack : Thanks everyone!
16:01:40 From Kristen Gibson : Thanks all!
16:01:40 From Andy Patterson : Thanks Micheal, Lorne and Becky!
16:01:40 From Sarah McQuaid : Yes huge thanks! This was excellent. Looking forward to catching up with the previous sessions on YouTube.
16:01:44 From Neil Bruce : Thank you so much!! Great session and so valuable!!
16:01:44 From Jianguo Wan To All Panelists : Thank you so much!
16:01:45 From Stuart Peck : thank you all!
16:01:46 From AndyJoy : Amazingly inspiring. Thank you all.
16:01:47 From Sonia Kiang : Thank you so much!
16:01:48 From James Sanger : Thankyou everyone 🙂
16:01:48 From David Pinching : I have had a great time watching this interview. Brilliant advice
16:01:48 From Jayla Damaris : ThaNK YOU ALL!! truly VALUEABLE
16:01:49 From Andrew Swarbrick To All Panelists : Thank you. Very interesting!
16:01:50 From Giovanni Tria : really good! 🙂
16:01:52 From Ryan Harner To All Panelists : 😘
16:01:52 From Charles Gaskell : Thanks Becky, Lorne and Michael
16:01:54 From Megan Cunnington : thank you! 😀
16:01:54 From Valentino Favotto To All Panelists : Thanks a lot for all!!!
16:01:55 From Will Lyons : Thank you!!
16:01:55 From ben mowat : Thanks everyone!
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