Editors rework | Marching Orders

“The raw materials were heroic, melancholic and bold, and somehow, during the process of taking the song to pieces and putting it together again, we opened up a space to be filled with Peter Gregson’s multi-tracked cellos. Setting the opening sounds at different distances in a landscape seemed to bring out the underlying melancholy even more, and give the spine-tingling vocal performance room to breathe. The foot-stepping loop at the front was a broken fragment of Tom’s voice through my favourite Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop. ” MP

Multi-tracked cellos – Peter Gregson
Mix – Joe Rubel at Pixel

B-side of Marching Orders (vinyl version) & bonustrack on the Japanese version of In Dream.
Limited Edition of 300 copies which were randomly placed in selected Oxfam charity shops in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

All rights reserved to Editors and Play it Again Sam.