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The Michael Price Trio had the honor to perform first. With Entanglement, Michael just released a very strong album on Erased Tapes. It’s a piece full of dreamy compositions, enriched with strings, including a quite prominent cello, as well as a beautiful soprano voice. My expectations were high. And I was surprised to notice that the compositions of Entanglement sound strong on stage as well, especially with Peter Gregson on cello and Ashley Knight as soprano. My personal highlights were The Uncertainty Principle, as well as the short improvisation by Michael Price and Peter Gregson. A brilliant and intense first gig!

October 2015



As if that wasn’t enough, the evening was opened by another of the formidable Erased Tapes roster, Michael Price, whose new album Entanglement was released not so long ago. Another pair on stage, Price was joined by cellist Peter Gregson and together, plus a little technology ‘magic’ they gave us an intoxicating mix of tracks from the new album, his previous string quartet set and the Stillness EP also released via Erased Tapes. Sandwiched in there was the wonderful Vocal cello piece, written for Gregson by Max Richter.Boyishly rather self-effacing and a little timid, the pair were an extraordinary and slightly unexpected opener for Dare. Price’s music is at once modern and timeless, ocassionally reminiscent of the wonderful Górecki, accessible but demanding.

April 2015