Thirty Contemporary Pieces for Solo Piano

This new sheet music book presents music by 24 of the world’s foremost composers, featuring 13 previously unpublished scores. You can find The Attachment by Michael Price on there alongside Max Richter, Peter Gregson and more.

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Rembrandt Self Portrait (From The Price Of Everything) [Beal, Jeff]
Boysen Golden Times 1 [Lukas, Ben]
Eyes Closed And Traveling [Broderick, Peter]
Divergence [Cowley, Neil]
Zephyr [Cowley, Neil]
The Earth Prelude [Einaudi, Ludovico]
The Snow Prelude No. 2 [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Carriage Without A Driver (From Dracula) [Glass, Philip]
Etude No. 12 [Glass, Philip]
Outside, Alone [Gregson, Peter]
Chat Noir [Hauschka]
Craco [Hauschka]
Cambridge, 1963 (from The Theory Of Everything) [Jóhannsson, Jóhann]
Hope For The Hopeful [Julyan, David]
After The Storm [Lennox, Kris]
Mirage No. 3 [Liu, Bowen]
Darkest Hour [Marianelli, Dario]
Move [Muhly, Nico]
Dream In You [Nørager, Niels]
Opus 9 [O’Halloran, Dustin]
O’Halloran Opus 17 [O’Halloran, Dustin]
Stockholm [Parmenter, Melissa]
Farewell Theme (From Between Strangers) [Preisner, Zbigniew]
The Attachment [Price, Michael]
Taboo (Main Theme) [Richter, Max]
Andras [Richter, Max]
The Philosopher’S Hand [Riley, Terry]
May: Cumulonimbus (From Once Around The Sun) [Talbot, Joby]
Improvisation No. 2 [Watts, Sam]
Forgive Me (From Wolf Hall) [Wiseman, Debbie]