Upright Vol. 1

Upright Vol. 1 is out now featuring the track ‘Splintered Sun – 27th May‘ by Michael Price.

Upright is a carefully curated selection of sheet music that brings together the best contemporary music for solo piano. It is irregularly produced and makes no profit. All the composers involved have donated their music for free and any profits go to Music For Relief, a charity that provides immediate relief in the wake of humanitarian crises and natural disasters around the world. musicforrelief.org/programs/

Upright Vol. 1 features beautiful music from 12 wonderful contemporary composers including Emmy award-winner Michael Price, Doug Thomas, Simeon Walker, Stefano Guzzetti and more.

The music has been transcribed by either the composer or the editor, and has been carefully edited for clarity, accuracy and ease of use, with helpful notes and links where you can listen to the full piece and, if you like, support the composer financially.

Buy Upright Vol. 1  through the link in our store here and get a 60-page PDF booklet of sheet music, as well as a 30-second audio sample of each recording.