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Songs for Eveline

Composed for his daughter, From Night and Sweet Joy are companion pieces to Shade of Dreams, the culmination on his recent album Tender Symmetry, recorded at historic locations around the country.

Songs for Eveline Track list

  1. From Night
    Michael Price
  2. Sweet Joy
    Michael Price

Recording Songs for Eveline

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“For a composer, writing music as a celebration for the birth of your own child seems like the most natural gift there could be. Less practical than woolly hats and blankets, but hopefully longer-lasting than flowers and chocolates. At a recording session in March 2017, at All Hallows Church Gospel Oak, the soprano Grace Davidson and a wonderful group of string players came together to record three songs, one of which, Shade of Dreams, became the final song on my last album Tender Symmetry; the other two became Songs for Eveline.”

◦ Michael Price


  • Music composed by

    Michael Price

  • Soprano

    Grace Davidson

  • Recording Engineer

    Chris Kalcov

  • Mixing Engineer

    Francesco Donadello at Vox-Ton, Berlin

  • Mastering Engineer

    Andreas “Lupo” Lubich at Calyx, Berlin

  • Technical Supervisor and Videographer

    Sam Ziajka

  • Photogrpahy

    Alex Kozobolis

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