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Recorded over a 6 week period in 2016, Diary is a record of a time, and a place. The thirty improvisations, recorded at home, in the months before the birth of their first child become a daily record of changing moods, changing weather and the hopes and expectations of parents to be. The title of each track includes the date of recording and a name of phrase that reflects what the improvisation became.

Diary selected tracks

  1. To Begin - 23rd May
    Michael Price
  2. We Would Waltz - 3rd June
    Michael Price
  3. Song for A - 17th June
    Michael Price
  4. Together, For All - 1st July
    Michael Price

Together, For All - 1st July

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“By beginning a diary, I was already conceding that life would be more bearable if I looked at it as an adventure and a tale. I was telling myself the story of a life, and this transmutes into an adventure, the things which can shatter you.”

◦ Anaïs Nin

Diary on YouTube

The original filmed performances of all 30 of the Diary improvisations are available to watch on YouTube, including this compilation video of the entire project.

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