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Just Jim

Just Jim is a 2015 British black comedy film written and directed by Craig Roberts in his directorial debut. The film stars Roberts as a lonely Welsh teenager who is given the chance to increase his popularity when a cool American (Emile Hirsch) moves in next door

“With his deadpan Keaton-esque demeanour, Roberts is already a singular screen presence, and here acquits himself confidently behind the camera, handling the film’s shifting tones with nicely cracked off-kilter humour.”

◦ Mark Kermode,The Observer

Just Jim soundtrack

The score follows the noir-ish, nightmare-ish world of the central characters, with surf guitar rebounding off intense strings. Recorded predominantly at Snap Studios in London, with a string quartet layered over a rock n roll band, a sense of impending doom is never far from this music, as shown by the 3 exclusive tracks selected below.

Emile Hirsch as Jim

Just Jim exclusive tracks

  1. Making Jim Cool
    Michael Price
  2. School Walk
    Michael Price
  3. Chatting with Dean
    Michael Price

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