Editors Rework

This Rework became the B-side of Marching Orders (vinyl version) & a bonus track on the Japanese version of In Dream.


There was also Limited Edition of 300 copies which were randomly placed in selected Oxfam charity shops in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

Marching Orders (Michael Price Rework)

Featuring Peter Gregson on cello, and mixed by Joe Rubel at Pixel studios, the rework takes a large-scale, but gritty, orchestral approach to the track, with chugging, hard-played string rhythms giving out to soaring brass by the end.

Limited Edition 7" vinyl

Other Works


Michael’s most personal record to date.

The Hope of Better Weather

Solo piano album with guest remixes and re-works.

Eternal Beauty

dir. Craig Roberts

Berlin 1-3

with Peter Gregson

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