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Eternal Beauty is a 2019 drama, written and directed by Craig Roberts. It stars Sally Hawkins, David Thewlis, Billie Piper, Penelope Wilton, Alice Lowe and Robert Aramayo.


The film will premiere in cinemas and on demand on October 2nd, 2020.

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1. A Walk and a Wedding
2. Eternal Beauty
3. Different Dose
4. Where Have you Been
5. Cannibals
6. Beauty Pageant
7. Marry Me
8. Pot Plant
9. Unpacking
10. Making you Better
11. The Other Side
12. Towards the LIght
13. Time to Die
14. More Friends Than You
15. Nice or Really Nice?
16. The End

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The Eternal Beauty soundtrack will be released on vinyl as a Dinked Edition exclusive to the Dinked network of the UK’s best independent record shops.

It becomes available to pre-order from October 2nd, coinciding with the cinema release and on demand première of the film. It will also be available exclusively on Bandcamp from the same date, before arriving on all other digital platforms in November.

The 16 track Première edition LP, exclusive to the Dinked network is a hand numbered edition on blue marbled vinyl and includes a signed risograph print postcard.

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“A step up from his directorial debut Just Jim, Craig Roberts’ second feature delivers a clear-eyed, compassionate view of a mental illness often botched by movies: schizophrenia. Anchored around a terrific Sally Hawkins as Jane, a fragile but functioning woman suffering from paranoid episodes, Eternal Beauty allies strong performances with imaginative direction, channelling the likes of Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry to bring Jane’s altered states to life.”

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Eternal Beauty Soundtrack

“Featuring a kaleidoscope of orchestral instruments and natural sounds, including samples of Sally Hawkins’ speech, and an Irish Nightingale, the score is a sometimes disturbing, but always tender accompaniment to the film.”

Recording Eternal Beauty at Abbey Road Studios

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Eternal Beauty Sheet Music

Eternal Beauty UK trailer

When Jane is dumped at the altar she has a breakdown and spirals into a chaotic world, where love (both real and imagined) and family relationships collide with both touching and humorous consequences. 


The reality we see through Jane’s eyes is a different vivid reality, heightened in the film by the stylized palette, camera work and intoxicating score – a reality that the film celebrates is as valid as anybody else’s and treats it with dignity, humour and affection.

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